Who we Truly are…….


” Life isn’t as smooth as this water most of the time, but when we know truly of who we are, we to can see our reflection in the water like this Birch Tree”


Life isn’t always like we dreamed it to be, nor does it have a fragrance of a dozen Roses we bring to our Mom’s on this special day that we celebrate our Moms for all they have done for us. Life has it’s moments that trick us and test us, but if we only stayed true to who we are, just maybe our dreams could become our reality, with a fragrance that takes our breathe away, with joy and happiness everyday.

In the days of when Jesus came and walked his path of this journey with us, there were his Disciple that followed him everywhere,  these Disciples yes they were loyal to him, but they also had their own ways between them, like one wanted Greatness, one wanted Power, one wanted to be seated on the right, while the other on the left, even back then there were signs of Individualism, sound familiar? It should cause we within this Society are so similar to that Society of then, it is like looking into this clear, smooth body of water and seeing ourselves in the reflection.

In today’s Society we are way to bitter of each other and really for a reason that we can’t truly explain, we are so lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have lost truly of who we really are. I mean really we are discussing to pass a Bill into law, that will let People that want to change who they are, use the bathroom of who they think they are? Come on People we are better then this, All we really have to do is, use our Common Sense more and not toss it out like the days garbage. ¬† We all wonder today of what is happening in the World around us, but yet no one wants to take the first step to look into the water and see their reflection of who they truly are? We all walk a path through this journey of life, we may not see things the same, or maybe do things a bit different of each other, this is part of who we truly are and shows just how unique we are toward each other.

Life doesn’t have to be about using a bathroom that “You” think you should use and then force others to think in the same way you do, this is not how you get respect of those around you, respect is earned from your actions and knowing truly of who you are, then respecting all those around you, by not forcing what you think on to those around you. This Birch Tree right now can not see it’s own reflection, simply because all that is around it is so out of focus, that it has made the water a bit rough and whatever steps closer to look into the water, can not see a reflection of what they are looking at.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have a Mother that loved, nourished us, and cared for us not just as a young Child, but throughout our days of an Adult as well. The love that our Mother’s give to us, is the same love that God has put within all our Hearts, but when we don’t acknowledge that love, then our Hearts become cold, which makes everything we see become out of focus, which then becomes a factor of all the ugliness that we see everyday of our lives. To truly wish our Mother’s a Happy Mothers day, we also have to acknowledge the love of God within our Hearts, so we all can be truly of who we are, be full of joy and happiness always and as we step closer to the water, we than can see the reflection of ourselves and what is around us.


” A Mothers love comes straight from God himself and keeps us all focused on seeing the reflection of everything around us”

” When we force our views on each other without using our common sense, the reflection we will never see”


Political Correct is not truly who we are

“We in this Society try to be political correct to each other, cause we simply are afraid to be real with each other, for fear of offending one another”.

What these two words of ” Political Correct” really mean is, a way for us to bring a form of fake self to others around us. We have this notion that if we don’t be 100% true and honest toward each other, we think we are protecting others and ourselves from further harm? What we are truly doing with this political correction is, putting off further harm for a later time.

We are so consumed in not offending each other, that we have created this fear that shouldn’t even be an issue for any of us. The way we learn to be better, so we can be stronger as we walk our journey of life, is to make mistakes and learn from them, it is also for us to be 100% honest with each other, so we can learn from each other, and then we can limit the amount of mistakes we make in our lives.

When someone is physically or mentally challenged, we then become afraid to help or be associated with these Individuals, because we think others will look at us as the same, We let this fear control us to the point that, we become someone we truly are not. Being Political Correct is not who we really are, it takes away from us being compassionate of, not only ourselves, but of one another.

The Political Correction within our Society today, is what’s killing us and our Society right before our eyes. ” Honesty is the best policy”, this is a quote that has been around before a lot of us were born here on Earth, just that we in this Society and because we are afraid to offend each other, only think we are making all our lives better, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Sometimes in life we need to hear the truth, we need to be honest with each other, yes it’s true honesty and truth brings some pain, but when this pain comes to us in a way of healing, then it is pain we can deal with to fix what is wrong, so we all can move forward on our paths of our journey of life, to be better and stronger and live in peace, instead of walking on eggshells around each other.

To be Political Correct of each other is only procrastinating of one another, it is a way for us to be less honest of each other, so we can avoid any confrontation with one another, we would rather hide from each other, than look each other in the eye and be totally honest or truthful with each other. I understand that some things are better left unsaid, but when we use Political Correction to hide from one another and not be real with ourselves or each other, then this will bring greater pain to all of us as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

When we use Political Correction to hide and not be honest with ourselves or one another, all we are doing is not being true to who we really are. With Social Media in our lives today, it makes it even more harder to be real with each other, as we are now hiding behind our techy devices, instead of interacting face to face. I am not saying we should fight with each other, what I am saying is, we should interact more with each other face to face, be more honest and true towards each other, so this can help us be better as Individuals and more capable of handling, whatever life throws at us, when we are true to who we are, we will not have to use any kind of Political Correction at all, as our Society will be much better for it, which will help us be at peace with ourselves and all that is around us, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” life is about being true to who we are, not being Political correct and putting forth a fake self to hide who we really are”