Is this really what we want for a legacy…..


” Political Correction is killing us all from the inside out, time to end it and move forward not backward”


Last night I watched an episode of the show FBI, with the way these storylines are written I am pretty sure the writers are one and the same as the show NCIS, they are both just a show, yes, but the storylines of each show are as real as it gets. Last nights episode was on Gangs and how you have to keep proving your loyalty and the fact that, once you are in the Gang……….. It is for life and the only way out is within the walls of your coffin.

Seriously is this what we in this society have become? Is this just how cold we all have become toward one another? We the people of this society are all to blame for this bitter cold, the time is now for us all to look within the eyes of this hatred and ugliness, so we all can fix what we need to fix, then all of us can finally be at peace, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

We the people are all equal to one another, true there may be some differences but those differences are only showing just how unique we are to each other. We as of late are taking these differences to another level and a level that is doing nothing but bring out more ugliness and hatred, then you add in this Political Correct World for which we live, now you have a recipe for disaster for any society, whether before or after us as we live today. These Leaders of these Gangs, or whatever group that is bringing out this ugliness, all have their own issues that for them to move forward, they have buried deep within these issues, in order for them to come across as powerful to those around them, by burying these issues all they are doing is becoming so cold within their hearts, that they have no care for anything or anyone around them. Whether these groups are abroad like the cold souls of ISIS, or whether they are Domestic, they are all still a Gang of Terrorists that only have one thing on their agenda, which is the fact that they want nothing but bring terror to all that don’t follow their ways.

All Terrorists are nothing but a Bully and a Bully is nothing more than a hurting soul, hurting so badly that they have buried deep within themselves a huge part of who they truly are, only because they are trying to end their pain they are in. The fight is real for us all and truly there are no winners or losers, simply because we are all so involved whether we want to admit it or not. We are all so involved in this fight, the time is now to stop turning a cheek to this problem, time to stand up and look directly in the eyes of this ugliness and truly fix what we need to fix, so we all can move forward better and stronger, as we walk this journey through life.

Terrorism is a form of modern-day Bulling, we all have dealt with the schoolyard Bully as we grew up, then why have we let this modern-day Bully go on for this long? I tell you why we all are the problem as we have turned the cheek for too long, time for us all to wake up out of our dream world, time to get back to being true of who we are, the one that feels the warmth of the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts, then shares that love with each other. We all have been hurt in some way shape or form in our lives, so now a part of our hearts have become so cold, that we have shut ourselves off from each other, to keep the harm from coming to us. We need to dig down deep within ourselves and we will find what we need, to fix all that is around us, it starts with each one of us as an Individual, find that inner child within to help him grow in a healthy way, as then we can grow in a healthy way, which will help this society grow in a healthy way as well.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the season of being thankful for where we are and how we got to where we are, we all come home from wherever we are to be with our loved ones, some never come home for whatever the reason? Being truly thankful for all we have comes from each of us being true to who we are and who we are is never, having a cold heart and within all the ugliness, hatred and corruption around us. To be truly thankful for who we are is to be truly of who we are, so we all can move forward in happiness and peace, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” My little buddy with the quote of my lifetime and a quote that we all should breathe each waking day of our lives”


” The Gang war is real and we all are to blame for the formation of these Gangs”



Celebrating Memorial day

Throughout the history of the United States of America, there has been wars and conflicts, some right here in our Country and some around the World, some of these wars have a purpose, yet some could of been avoided with good communication and talk, none the less they have happened and those who served have paid the ultimate price and need to always be remembered for their heroic and brave actions.
The men and woman who served this great country of America, have done so by volunteering or from a draft, these men and woman were someone’s child, brother, sister, mother or father, as they sacrificed for our country, so did their families, so each and every one of us, can be free to do whatever we want and live the American Dream.
When the wars are done and our men and woman of our armed services come back here, nothing will ever be the same for them, whether they come back here with missing parts, or whether they come back to be buried on our soil, they will always need to be in our thoughts, not just on Memorial day, but every day 365 of the year.
While serving our country and living in a hostile place, they do so with the attitude of, ” either shoot to kill, or be killed”, this will mess up anybodies head, whether weak or strong, which is why out of respect for our Hero’s, we always need to be there for them, to help them transistion from a life of being hostile, to a more civilized life.
These hero’s may never be right in the head, which makes it that much more important, to help them always without turning our backs on them, or worse yet, taking everything around us for granted and forgetting those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so we can live our lives as we do everyday of our lives.
We all walk our Journey of life, we may take different paths, but we all walk our journey’s on the same Planet, which makes it even more important for us to coincide together, so our journey’s will be that of strength and happiness, while showing our love of one another, when we do this we will see there is no room for hatred, we will all help each other instead of turning our backs on each other, then our Society will be great once again.

” either shoot to kill, or be killed mentality”

” let us always remember our Hero’s, throughout our history”