Being divided is no way to move forward better

” Throughout the history of Mankind, we have worked together in unity, so we all can move forward better, what is stopping us today is, the “me” syndrome, the power, the control and the greed, with very little empathy of each other, leaving us all stuck in the same place with no where to go”

The Choices and changes throughout our journey of life.

The Choices and the Changes throughout our journey of life, to some they may be over whelming and get lost along their journey, they may also lose sight of who they truly are? Yet others may seem as if they have no issues with the choices and the changes? We all throughout the history of

Coming together in Unity should happen everyday on our journey of life

Unity is one of those words we take for granted, in this ” all about me” Society for which we live, we may come to together and show unity for short times and at different times along our journey’s, but at the end of the day within an ” All about me” Society, it is

The Holy Trinty throughout our Journey

We all have lost sight of what the Holy Trinity means to our lives, the Holy Trinity is not about self and thinking of thy self, it is about Unity and sharing all our love with those around us and beyond. In this fast paced World we live today, it is very easy to get

The Pentacost brings the Holy Spirit

The Pentacost is to bring awareness of something, that we have gotten away from over time. To believe in God with your heart and soul, is to truely believe in yourself, with the confidence to overcome anything, that may come before us on our paths, as we walk our Journey of life. The Holy Spirit

A Society of ruin and broken times

We in this Society of today, are living through a time of trials and turbulation, a time filled with hatred that if we just stay true to ourselves and show more empathy of each other, we can move past this with minimal damage to ourselves and other’s around us. Since the beginning of Mankind, Humans

Sports brings good to our Society, when done the right way

I am a huge Boston Bruins fan, been a fan all my life and I am a true die hard fan, yes I was disappointed at their game 1 loss to the Montreal Canadians last night, but instead of showing my stupidity on social media, I was more of a good sportsman and refused to

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