Look beyond the Horizon, before you cast any doubt

         Today September 11, 2015, is a remembrance of something that we have lost total meaning of what it is. Fourteen years ago was a tragedy that took many lives here in America, with a lot of others being injured and still feel the affects of that day. 9/11/2001 was a day we all need to remember, so we can never forget our fellow Citizens who have fallen,   never forget that through hate, will bring sorrow to each of our lives, whether we want it or not,

When 9/11/2001 happened we all were saddened at the loss of so many, then became the Unity of which we all joined together as one, now fourteen years later, that unity has been forgotten and we all have wandered back into this world of hate. We hate on everything around us, cause it is the easy way out of any situation, to which we all are victims of being lazy within our lives. Hate isn’t the answer for anything, as it only makes worse any situation that has crossed our paths of our journey through life.

When 9/11/2001 happened there was a team within football called the New England Patriots, these Patriots have never won a Superbowl and throughout my life I suffered with many a fans, the same quote year after year ” wait til next year”. It was like it was supposed to happen, maybe Destiny? That this team called the Patriots would win the Superbowl that year for the first in Franchise history. When the Patriots won the Superbowl and with their magical name, the whole Country stood as one in unity and now fourteen years later, this hatred has returned throughout our Society, with it being even stronger throughout Patriot Nation.

The New England Patriots did nothing to breed this hatred toward them, except maybe they have won more than they have lost? Bill Belichek and Tom Brady have been the Coach and Quarterback throughout this incredible run of the Patriots, to which we here throughout Patriot Nation have really gotten used to the word “winning”. Just like the baseball team the Yankee’s when they used to win all the time, the Patriots are going through this same feeling of hatred and it is all because, people would rather take the easy road of hate, instead of stepping up to the plate and beating the winner, so they to can be a winner.

Spy gate, deflate gate, these are all driven by hate, towards one team called the New England Patriots, why? Simply because they win more than they lose. Spy gate should never of happened because all other Coaches have done it throughout the history of the NFL and if they say other wise, than they are lying to your face. Deflate gate? This was so over blown it is not even funny anymore, all in the name of hate, because the rest are too lazy to step up to the plate and beat the winners, so they to can be a winner. It is not for the New England Patriots to lay down for the the other teams throughout the NFL, it is for all their opponents they play, to step up to the plate and beat them, so they to can be a winner in the NFL.

The further we become removed of the day 9/11/2001, the further we slip into this world of hate. Simply because we are to lazy to do anything different, Sports when played correctly is suppose to help us all be stronger throughout our lives, team sports shows us that with unity any championship is possible and being a winner will come to all of that team. Without this unity you than have chaos and a hatred throughout the team, which then shows the rest of Society, that it is okay to hate on everything around you, instead of stepping up to the plate, becoming one in unity and truly being a winner of the sport you play, or even being a winner in life, as you walk your path throughout this journey of life.

” 9/11/2001 should be a date etched within our minds forever, so we will never forget this terrible tragedy”

” hate is never an answer for anything, as it only breeds chaos and much pain throughout all our lives”

” when we hate all we are doing is, taking the easy way out of any situation, without hate we become stronger and better standing in unity as one”

The Choices and changes throughout our journey of life.

The Choices and the Changes throughout our journey of life, to some they may be over whelming and get lost along their journey, they may also lose sight of who they truly are? Yet others may seem as if they have no issues with the choices and the changes? We all throughout the history of Mankind, have had to make many choices to which we then had to change, sometimes these changes don’t really show who we really are.

Since the beginning of Mankind, we have always had these choices and changes come to us, we all throughout Mankind have walked paths and it’s these paths that sometimes we find are not the right path? When we start out on our first path that we have been guided towards, we don’t realize that this is not the only path and we have to understand that it is our choice to either, walk our first path, or find other paths that may be better suited for who really are. When we come to the many cross roads along the path of our journey’s, we look to try to continue along the path we are on? what we don’t realize is, the cross roads is the chance for us to change direction, follow a different path, that truly allows us to be who we truly are.

Jesus Christ came to us and walked his path of his journey of life, he showed us that there are many paths to get to the path of righteousness, just that we have to chose the right path, that will help us be true to who we are and not only believe in ourselves, but believe in Jesus and the Lord God. Life isn’t about separating ourselves from each other, it is about coming together as one, so we all can walk our paths of our journey’s, in peace while we share the love of God, Jesus and ourselves with each other.

When we make bad choices along our paths (yes we all do it), we then hide who we really are, so we can try to continue on our path, looking as normal as we possibly can towards others. When you have all throughout Mankind not understanding of the choices, now you have a Society trying to move forward by hiding within itself, now you have Individuals separating themselves from each other, trying to move forward as if they are normal and all others are different? Jesus didn’t come to us to show us how to separate from each other, he came to us to show Unity and that when we come together, we all can be better and stronger as we walk our chosen path along our journey of life.

Choices and Changes will come to all of us throughout Mankind, Jesus showed us that we don’t have to let these choices and changes define us, but if we better understand our choices, than the changes we make will always help us be better, so we all can be at peace, while we share our love of each other and we all can be stronger to handle anything that may come across our paths along our journey of life.

Jesus may have chosen his twelve disciples to help him spread his message from his Father the Lord God, but this message isn’t just spread from these twelve Individuals, the message is spread from each one of us, throughout the history, the present and the future of Mankind. Right now in the present we have wandered away from the message of Jesus, we have wandered away from each other and now we are wandering solely by ourselves, which is making us show our weaknesses, instead of being strong and who we truly are. To understand the choices we make in our lives, is not really that hard, we are the ones that make it harder than it has to be,  when we understand better the choices, then the changes we make will be better informed and help us be stronger, plus the changes will help us stay true to who we are, without hiding from ourselves or each other. We all walk our paths along our journey of life, when we stay true to ourselves and Jesus Christ, we will see that there are many paths to chose from and that we can change from path to path, which will help us all become one in unity, instead of drifting apart from one another, so we all can be at peace with one another, while we share our love with each along our journey through life.

” when we better understand the choices within our lives, the changes will become natural and make us stronger throughout our lives”

” Unity of one another will help us all be better and stronger, while we all make better choices to change what we need and walk our paths of our journey in peace and love”

Coming together in Unity should happen everyday on our journey of life


Unity is one of those words we take for granted, in this ” all about me” Society for which we live, we may come to together and show unity for short times and at different times along our journey’s, but at the end of the day within an ” All about me” Society, it is about me and for me always within our journey, when you put together a society of “all about me”  and combine it with a service oriented society, that is dependent on customer service, now you are stirring the pot with ingredients that do nothing but make the dish very sour.

To look deep within the word ” Unity”, you will see a bigger word of ” Unified” and you will also see that it has nothing to do with ” all about me”, when we are unified there is nothing that will stand in our way, as it is true there is power in numbers, when we become ” all about me” we become very lonely deep within ourselves.

As we walk our paths along our journey of life, there will be many changes that will come to us on our paths we chose, as these changes happen we then reject them cause they don’t revolve around us? Which then furthers our loneliness as we move further on our paths, when we unify with each other is when we accept these changes, so we all can move forward stronger and better along our journey’s of life.

To be Unified with each other in a Society, means we become stronger and better in everything we do, cause now we have many that help each other, instead of each of one of us butting heads in order to get ahead of one another, there are certain sports teams that have showed us this throughout all our journey’s, but three teams in my lifetime come to mind, these three teams also showed us that sports can be a great influence in all our lives, both these teams were not the best talented teams in their leagues, but they played with a strong heart, a will to win and for each one of their fellow teammates, the first team which holds a special place in my heart is the 2011 Boston Bruins, when you say “team”, this was a team that did everything on and off the ice for each other, they unified as one and won Lord Stanley s cup for all their hard work they did for one another, the other team that holds a special place in my heart, are the 2004 Boston Red Sox, forget about the not winning for 86 years, this was a team that unified as one to win the championship that year, they were not the most talented team or the most favorite to win, but they unified as one, brought the strength of each other together, for one common goal and that goal was to win it all, another team that has a special place in my heart, were the 2013 Boston Red Sox, this team not only won the championship for each other, they did it for an entire City, that was hurting from the Boston Marathon bombing, this team unified as one, with the goal of unifying an entire city and making it strong once again (#bostonstrong), these three teams showed us that, when we unify together, instead of being all about me, no matter what kind of change comes to us on or path of our journey of life, we will all be successful at everything we do, being unified shows strength, being all about me shows weakness, so coming together in unity will always be the strongest and best way, to walk our paths along our journey of life.

” to show unity is to bring many together, as all about me only shows we are weak and think we are stronger than everybody else”

” when change happens it is better to unify, than being all about me, as being unified makes us stronger and better, which will help us accept the change to be better”

The Holy Trinty throughout our Journey

We all have lost sight of what the Holy Trinity means to our lives, the Holy Trinity is not about self and thinking of thy self, it is about Unity and sharing all our love with those around us and beyond.
In this fast paced World we live today, it is very easy to get lost, lose your sense of direction on your Journey you walk, then get left behind as other’s go rapidly by, because the World has become so fast paced, we have no time to stop and look around at what is most important to us, which has forced us to only take care of ourselves and we haven’t even done a good job at that, this is everything that the Holy Trinity is not about.
The Holy Trinity is about Unity and sharing our love together, not just with those close to us, but with all that walk their Journey’s here on Earth, we in this Society have wandered away from this Unity and have lost the True Holy Trinity, the Trinity is not something we see or feel, it is within each of us and when we let it show, is a force that can unite anything and everything that it may encounter.
In this fast moving Society we live, it has many ups and downs, hurdles and turbulation, there are many mistakes made, but what we tend to forget is, through these mistakes what guides us along our journey is the way we learn from these mistakes, it is very easy to get lost as other’s have put forth in front of us, all these rules and regulations they have created, that try to keep other’s away from them, it makes our Journey that much harder, but instead of getting lost and giving up, we need to be more focused, more creative and totally believe in ourselves, dig deep within our souls, let loose our Holy Trinity, so as to not only unite with our true self’s, but unite with those around us, so we can be stronger and better moving forward on our paths, as we walk our Journey of life.

” Holy Trinity is togetherness and unity, when unleashed is a force like no other”

” take time to look around, see what is around you, then move forward with the power of the Holy Trinity”

The Pentacost brings the Holy Spirit

The Pentacost is to bring awareness of something, that we have gotten away from over time.
To believe in God with your heart and soul, is to truely believe in yourself, with the confidence to overcome anything, that may come before us on our paths, as we walk our Journey of life.
The Holy Spirit has always lived inside us and will never leave us empty, God created this Planet along with us as Humans and to make his job easy and fun moving forward, he gave us this Holy Spirit, in the name of our “Higher Power”.
This Higher Power is a way for God to guide us, as we walk our journey and find the true path of rightousness, what has happened to this “higher Power” over time is, us as Humans and the way we have evolved, we basically have evolved into a being who thinks, there is no one smarter than “me”, with this “me” attitude we then forget that there is true power in numbers and “unity” is the key to our success on all our journey’s.
This Higher Power within all of us, only works when we stay true to ourselves and the Lord God and truely believe in him and ourselves, without this believe, we are not complete and will always feel empty, with incompleteness, we may not see God, or hear him speak, but he is there as we are his investment on this Planet, deep within our souls, is this higher power, called the Holy Spirit, just waiting for us to unleash it and forever be happy.
Within our Society of today, if we really look at it, it shows just how shallow we have become, very few of us really dig down deep to find this higher power, to get in touch with this Holy Spirit, cause if we did we would find that, yes there is strength in numbers with this unity and that being all about me, only breeds lonliness, hatred and weakness, with the Holy Spirit we can achieve anything we set out to do, no matter what hurdle is put in our way.
God created us here on Earth, with this Holy Spirit or higher power, for us to be unique of all the creatures, with a free spirit to think and act, by being safe and making good decisions, he put this higher power/holy spirit within us, so when we stay true to ourselves and believe in him and ourselves, he sends us messages for us to see, that will guide us to the path of rightousness, as we walk our Journey in Life and we can only see these messages, when we dig deep and truely feel the power of the Holy Spirit/higher power, then we can unleash it and live in unity instead of isolation, with happiness and strength.

” being safe and making good decision, keeps us in touch with our higher power”

” we all have this higher power/holy spirit, we just have to look deep within our souls”

A Society of ruin and broken times

We in this Society of today, are living through a time of trials and turbulation, a time filled with hatred that if we just stay true to ourselves and show more empathy of each other, we can move past this with minimal damage to ourselves and other’s around us.
Since the beginning of Mankind, Humans have evolved greatly, in some ways we have hurt ourselves beyond our beliefs, if you think our fore-fathers throughout Mankind, didn’t have struggles like we have today, you are greatly mistaken, the only thing different is they had no media like we do today, to exploit our troubles even greater.
We all go through some kind of Life Event, whether these events are small or great does not matter, what matters is how we handle them when they happen, we are living in a Society that if you show weakness, you are ridiculed so much, that you simply just suppress your true self, put forth a fake self, to keep from feeling further harm come to you.
This is why our Society has grown into an “all about me” Society, if something major is happening in another part of the World, we don’t care cause it don’t effect us here, we ignore these things and only keep the focus on ourselves, Societies of the past have failed with this mentality and you think we are smart enough not to go down this road again?
Each Society throughout the history of Mankind, goes through the tough times as well as the good times, we are no different then the other’s, we are supposed to be smarter and more technology bound than the other’s, but in a way we have gone backwards instead of forward, it all starts with ourselves as individuals and how we learn from our bad choices, or the life events that have happened to us, instead of supressing or ignoring these things, we need to face them head on, battle our fears, so we can conquer them and move forward stronger, so other’s around us will see this and want to do the same, when we all do this is when our Society goes from broken and ruined out of hate, to a strong and happy Society out of love of one another, which helps a Society grow and makes all of our Journey’s well worth the trip.

” Society only grows strong, when the people within it grow together in unity”

” overcoming fears is half the battle, maintaining these fears will conquer them”

” we make choices daily, they don’t have to define where we are going”

Sports brings good to our Society, when done the right way

I am a huge Boston Bruins fan, been a fan all my life and I am a true die hard fan, yes I was disappointed at their game 1 loss to the Montreal Canadians last night, but instead of showing my stupidity on social media, I was more of a good sportsman and refused to comment on any of those ridicoulous posts.
Now if you do not know what I am saying, twitter blew up last night, with stupidity and racist remarks, people calling out a certain Canadian player and using a certain word, this is uncalled for and only shows not just stupidity, but the fact that we in this Society are arrogant and all about me, maybe not all of us, but enough that it makes all of us look bad.
When sports is done the right way, just look no further then the 2013 Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox, both these teams played last year the right way, went deep in the playoffs, the Red Sox finished it off with a championship and the Bruins fell 17 seconds short, but what was more important is, both these teams played not just for themselves and their organization, but for an entire City, showing unity and a never quit attitude, after a time when the City was devastated after the Marathon bombings, showing us all what #bostonstrong really stands for.
When sports are played the right way and we as fans follow our teams the right way, it is the most beautiful thing, as it not only unifies, but gives us a feeling of pride, not just of our team but more importantly, for ourselves, so we can walk our Journey of life, with the confidence and strength, to be happy and show love of one another, instead of the hate and sadness that we see today.
Sports is a powerful tool when played the right way, to be a winning “team” you not only play for yourself, you play for your teammates, which brings that unity of a group together, that same unity then consumes all the fans and when done in the right way, is the most beautiful thing to watch. Unity and sports are there to be played correctly, so we all can prosper as a Society, when we prosper the good for all of us will follow, it’s when we don’t prosper that the bad then consumes us, so as a Bruins fan, Let’s go Bruins!!!! As a fan and a member of Society, let the “good” times roll!!!

“Sports is one tool to use, let’s do it right so we all can prosper in our Society”

“When there is hate, just simply ignore and don’t respond, as this hate will then just die away”