A Society scorned….. is a Society in need of a major fix.

” When the Society becomes scorned with many troubles, the solution does not lie with the Society, the solution lies within the Society and with all who make up a Society”. We all walk a path through this journey of life, the path which we chose to walk comes with many obstacles to overcome, they

There is no easy path along this journey through life.

We all walk this journey through life, we find our own paths to this journey, cause this shows just how unique we are to each other. Each one of us wants to claim that the paths we each take, is better then the others? There is no easy path or a path that is better

Do things just happen, or are they meant to happen…….

We all walk a path through a journey of life, we are all unique to each other and with no two Humans being exactly a like, some may argue that Identical twins are a like but are they really? Twins are a like on the outside and our perception of them from the outside, but

To perceive is to see the exterior, as to look is to see the interior of what your seeing

When you perceive something you are looking at, you don’t really see what you are truly seeing. A perception of something you see, is at best an educated guess of what your looking at, you just can’t look at something, then make a perception of what you truly see, the only way to make the

The Human insight along this Journey called Life

Do we really and truly know the true power of the Human body? This is a question to some, that think they have the answer, as to other’s when things happen to us, we still ask why? The Human body is made of quite a few different elements, some of these elements we understand, but

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