The True Christmas Spirit

           Just as this little tree is growing within this old tree stump, the True Christmas Spirit, grows deep within each of us, so we can become healthy, while we share the love of the Spirit with each other, moving forward throughout this journey of life. 

            The Christmas season is a lot more than just going to a store, fighting off the masses, just so we can buy the perfect gift, is there really a perfect gift? The only gift that should matter during this special time of year is, the gift of ourselves towards one another, especially those who are closest to us and are our Family, for whom we have a special bond, that we built a strong family foundation, that truly lasts the test of time. When you truly feel the warmth of the love of Jesus deep within your soul, then your heart will always be filled with this same warmth, especially when you truly have the faith in Jesus, as when he came to us, walked his journey truly showing us all that this love really exists. Jesus walked his journey with nothing but the faith of his father, the God that created us all, so we can walk our paths of this journey. With God our father, Jesus is our brother, teaching us that with faith, good will always win out over evil, leaving us all within peace and happiness always, throughout this journey we all walk. 

                  Now that we all decorate our tree’s, string the lights and get within the Christmas Spirit, Let us all truly feel the love deep within ourselves and not only share this love, but truly extend this love to last all year………….Every year. Through the love and faith in Jesus Christ, we all can walk in the peace and happiness always. The true Christmas Spirit doesn’t have to be just part of a season, as it can be very much a part of the journey we all walk, the Spirit lives within each of us, just we have to truly feel it, with complete faith in Jesus as well as ourselves. If we can beautifully decorate the Christmas tree within our homes, then we should easily, decorate the tree of love within us and feel it’s warmth every day of every year, throughout all our paths of this journey through life. 

                     Christmas is not that time of year to be spending within a store and waiting for inspiration to strike for the perfect gift. The perfect gift is already within us, maybe let the inspiration strike with a special hand crafted, made by yourself gift, that will Trump any gift, within any store. Inspiration can come from anywhere and when it does, plus when we just let the inspiration mix with the love within us, then we can create anything, that will totally help with spreading this Christmas cheer, not just throughout us all, but throughout all our paths, of this journey through life. 

” The true Christmas Spirit lives within us all and all we have to do is, truly feel it” 

” May we all truly feel the true Christmas Spirit and spread it totally throughout our paths of this journey through life” 

Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring, as we all wait for that special person to visit us all” 

” Santa Claus lives within us all, as we truly feel the warmth of love and unleash it to all for who is around us” 

The Eggshells of life

The Eggshells of life is a part of each and every one of us, it is how we deal with every situation and all our life events that we may encounter throughout our Journey of life.
These Eggshells will pop up when we least expect, they mostly pop up when we experience unknown territory along our journey, because it is when we experience the unknown, that we are most vulnerable and subject to pain that we may not be able to explain.
These Eggshells can hurt us in a couple different ways, one being physical like stepping on them literally, the other is mental, which affects us in ways we can’t explain, they effect us by our minds and our psychological sub-conscious, the sub-conscious is a part of our mind, that will control every fiber of our being if we let it, which is why we need to understand it, so we can control ourselves and not let it control us.
Alot of us through our lives, walk on these Eggshells in our everyday lives, cause we don’t want to understand certain things we do daily, we don’t want to upset those around us, cause we fear they will get violent, or maybe lash out at us, to give us more pain than we can handle, sometimes we may have so much pain in our own lives, we tippy toe around these eggshells, as to not create even more pain, as we walk on these Eggshells we tend to shut ourselves down emotionally, to protect ourselves from further harm.
Eggshells are two things in our lives on our journey of life, the actual cracking of the egg, to have whole eggs for breakfast, or the walking on eggshells that affect our psychological sub-conscious, when we are walking on eggshells, we are only protecting ourselves from any further harm that may come to us, but as we walk on these eggshells, we are not being true to ourselves and when we are not true to ourselves, it is very hard to be true to all that is around us.
Eggshells may not hurt us that bad physically, but when we walk on the emotional eggshells, they hurt us very deeply inside and affect everything we do, as we walk our path of our journey of life, when we stay true to ourselves and all that is around us, these eggshells won’t be as sharp and won’t harm us so deeply inside.

” Eggshells are a part of life, they can only harm us if we let them”

” Staying true to ourselves and all those around us, will make the edges of the eggshells not as sharp”