Diversity and serenity within the city of Boston

This is a picture taken on the Boston side of the Charles river, looking towards the Cambridge side and in the direction of the famous Harvard University. As you look out into the river, you see the boats gliding along, with other boats docked and moored along the river, you sit on a bench along

You see Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire, I see….well here goes

   Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire is one of the most hiked mountains in the world, as someone who have hiked it many times, it is a very fun hike and a hike that is a prelude to bigger mountains, I have hiked many mountains here on my journey I walk on this planet

To look at something as an object, is not really seeing the true value of that something

” Within this Society of fast paced and wanting everything now, we all get caught up in the objectifying of everything around us, including of each other”. When we objectify we can’t really see the true worth of what we see, for instance when we look at each other, we judge each other by what’s

The true Beauty of anything is always on the interior

Within this Society of which we walk our Journey, we are all guilty of judging by the exterior and not truly seeing the true beauty of what we are looking at on the interior. The Human being is similar to the Oyster in the way of, we put up our crusty shells on the outside

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