A Broken Society


Right now as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we are all part of this broken society. This tree has become broken as well, but by the looks of it may have been caused by a lighting, it is amazing though of how it fell and like, it stuck out it’s long arm, to break it’s fall, so as not too get hurt to badly. Now as the limb has snapped off this tree, true that will be the demise of the tree, it will be not repaired, to live on as healthy and strong, as it nonce did, but this society unlike the tree can be repaired and live on better and stronger, as it would take the biggest team victory, in the history of all team sports.

This society today is so divided and really for no good reason, as we are all so into ourselves, that we can not see clearly enough to see the divide. It pretty much starts with the fact of the two Political parties, one hand you have the Republicans and the other hand you have the Democrats, which whether you are an elected official or just an ordinary Joe of either party, we all think our views are the way to go and we will never come together to simply chat of these views to see really which view is best and which is just a crock of crap. not only are we all full of ourselves, in order to make out that our views are better, we will ram our views down each others throats, while saying the hell with your view it simply does not count. Then there is the denial factor, as through this denial, we not only have these warped sense of views, but we will not only “not listen” to anybody else, only because our lies have become truths to even ourselves.

All this divide thing has started many years ago, but most recently with the regrets and the not excepting of an Individual winning the election of the most highest office on the land, then the disrespect of the symbol of this country, by Individuals being paid big money to play a simple sport, to most recently a member of our country’s world cup soccer team showing disrespect of that symbol as well, then there are those out there protesting and as they protest, they have zero clue of what they are protesting, except the fact that others are out there with the same zero clue. Everybody wants their five min. of fame, but to go out and protest just to simply be out there with no clue of why, is no way to achieve that fame, as it will only make you look stupid to the rest of us, as we laugh to no end at you.

There are these three Freshman Congress woman, which I have no clue of how they got voted into office in the first place, maybe people of their district were paid to vote that way? But anyways these woman have done nothing but bring even more divide to the rest of the walls of Washington DC as well as the rest of us in this country. There are also some members of the house and senate that have been there way too long and they have gone over to the dark side, in other words they have gone to the far left side of the liberal agenda, to the point that they have lost all sight of true reality. These so called officials within Washington DC are so blinded by their own stupidity and lies, that they can not even listen to the voice of reason, let alone anybody’s else’s voice of who may be around them.

Have you ever walked the streets of a big city lately? Everybody has their heads buried so deep into their phones, it amazes me that they even have a clue of where they are going, let alone pay any attention of who else is around them, nobody gives each other the time of day anymore, as we have become a society of arrogance as well as a society of divide. With all this division we all want…..want…….want……., but seriously……. we all can not get what we want, unless we actually give to get the want. Forest Gump said it best, ” Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are getting”, this journey through life is very similar and when you just simply be who you are, even then you do not know what you are getting with each step of your path.


” When something gets broken you first decide if it can be fixed, then you work on the fix of that something”

” A divided society is a broken society, leading to everybody not being on the same page Nor will we bend over backwards for each other”

” Two political party’s are not in place just to argue and bicker with each other, they are there to keep ourselves honest not only with ourselves, but with each other”


The fruit of the vine like the branches on the tree

We within this Society and as we walk our paths of this journey through life, have simply for gotten what the true spiritual meaning of ” the fruit of the vine, like the branches of the tree”, truly means.

Just as Jesus Christ told his Disciples, ” you are the fruit of the vine, as the Earth becomes the work of Human hands”, We the people are the fruit of the  branches within the vine, that spreads out and brings the love of God and ourselves, so that everything around us can be at peace and flourish, throughout all our journey’s, as we walk our paths of our lives.

” The fruit of the vine and the work of Human hands”, this is a quote within the scriptures, that we all need to look more deeply into, so that we can not only understand it better, but so we can understand better of ourselves and all those around us.

Now that we are into the season of spring, let us look deeply into what spring truly means to us all, as we all go outside into our yards and tackle the clean up of winter within our yards, let us look deeply into that clean up, as we make our yards beautiful once again. This year seems like more branches and limbs have fallen from the tree’s than years previous, we all may complain of this as we work in our yards, then try to put the blame in places it really shouldn’t be. When the fruits of the vine and the branches of these vines lose their ability to harvest beautiful fruit, then their time has come to an end, so the fruit of the vines can stay beautiful for us once again. Just as we the people along our journey comes to a close and we breathe our last breathe, the branches of the vines also take their last breathe, so new and fresh branches can be born amongst us.

We don’t understand death cause we fear it greatly, death is part of us as Individuals, as well as everything we see around us. We and everything we see around us, are the fruit that the branches of the vines carries, this fruit is what brings out the beauty, not only in ourselves, but the beauty in everything around us. Jesus taught us this and then it was written in the scriptures, but we have long since for gotten this, as we walk our paths along our journey of life, within our community of the Society we all live today.

It is never too late to regain what the meaning of ” fruits of the vine and the work of Human hands” really means, Jesus is always with us even if we don’t truly believe, he is within our hearts and that warm feeling you feel deep inside, is the love of Jesus warming our hearts with peace and goodness, so we can acknowledge it and then share it, with all those around us, as we all walk our paths of our journey through life.

” The fruit of the vine is more than the grapes we see on a grapevine, it is God guiding us along our journey, to be at peace with ourselves and all those around us”

” may the peace of God be with you all, as we all share his love within us, to each other along our paths of our journey through life”