A Society in the haze that can’t see clearly along their path

           Yet another tragic shooting happening on our watch. Prayers to all the victims and their families of this tragic event.

Our Politicians every time this kind of tragic event happens, wants to further their case for stronger gun control? “It is not the guns that shoot and kill other people, it is people that shoot and kill other people”. When ever our elected Officials need to cut somewhere to balance their budgets, it is always Mental Health that gets the cuts and with such a depleted budget, how is it possible for all the Deranged Individuals to get the proper treatment?

We all suffer some life events, with some being more deeper than others, we try to move forward within our lives and not show a weakness to others around us, cause in this Society if you show that you are weak, you get stomped on like a herd of Buffalo moving along the meadow. Then with Mental Health not getting the proper budget they need, now it is up to the Individual to pay big money to get the proper help, so this leaves people to keep stewing within their own problems with no where to turn. When we try to suppress these life events deep within us to keep the harm from ourselves, only makes our troubles come out in other ways and most of the time, in ways that are not truly who we are. When we suppress our troubles of today, they then become bigger tomorrow and we lose a big part of who we are, not to mention losing our true empathy and remorse of ourselves and each other.

With all these tragic shootings happening on our watch, should be a wake up call to each of us to change our ways before it becomes too late. This is an election year for the President of the United States, with the current President calling for more gun control every time a tragic event like that of Oregon happens, you think we need someone that thinks much differently than what we currently have? We need to really research each candidate before we go behind the closed curtain of the voting booth, we need a President that has all our best interests and the interests of America deep within their heart, as well someone that will protect us from other tragic events that may come from abroad. We also need to get away from the names like the Clinton’s and the Busch’s, so we can get real change and change we all need to be better and stronger moving forward, along our paths of our journey through life.

Life events happen to all of us who walk a path through this journey of life, it is how we deal with these events that determine who we are and most of the time it is not truly who we really are. Mental Health doesn’t mean we are all crazy or sick, it truly means that we just need help to better understand what has happened to us, so we can fix ourselves and be better and stronger for whatever that may cross our paths in the future. The proper help don’t mean that you are weak, just that you want to be stronger than you are at time of need, There are a lot of things that will happen to us we don’t understand, we need to understand that it is not a sign of weakness to reach out for help, just shows that we are stronger than we actually think we are. We in this Society don’t have to be trapped within the haze of the events that happen to us, we just have to be strong enough to reach out for that helping hand when needed, so we all can walk our paths of our journey through life stronger and better, than all Societies of the past throughout Mankind.

” Tragedies happen for a reason, we just have to see the proper reason to fix all that is wrong correctly”

” Reaching out for the helping hand is not a sign of weakness, it shows we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for”

” It is not the gun that shoots and kills other people, it is people that shoot and kill other people”

John Lester to the Cubs……..

John Lester is one of those type of pitchers, you always wish him well, no matter what team he plays for.

John Lester came up through the Boston Red Sox organization, made the big club and never looked back, he had a major hick-up when he was diagnosed with cancer, but the Red Sox who teams up with the Jimmy Fund, was a great organization to be a part of, as John received the best of care and treatment, since his diagnoses he never looked back when he was in remission for the cancer, he also pitched a perfect game as a Red Sox and has had a great career to this point.

The hard work John has done to get into remission and move his career to where it is, deserves all the praise by all, with him signing with the Chicago Cubs for 6 years and 155 million, true there may be some in red sox nation that may not like the signing, some may say it is too much money for anybody just to play the game of baseball? In the case of John Lester, it is money well spent on a great guy and someone who has played the game the right way.

John Lester going to the Chicago Cubs was a no brainer for those who really know him, the General Manager of the Cubs is Theo Epstein, he was the one that put together the 2004 Red Sox and helped stop the 86 year drought of not winning a championship, now Theo is trying to end the drought of 105 years for the Cubs and it’s a great start bringing in John Lester, Theo and John have always been good friends and both respect each other, showing that this signing was bound to happen.

John Lester is arguably the best left handed pitcher in baseball and can be an Ace starter on any team, John’s journey through the majors has had its share of hurdles and some bumps in the road, but with his hard work he has earned all our respect and we all should wish him the best on his new journey, there should be no bitter words of John Lester, as anybody that does talk bitterly of him, does not really know what they are talking about.

John Lester…….. Good luck on your new journey, may you and Theo make good on your goal, of ending the Cubs drought of not winning a championship, even though I may be a Red Sox fan, my heart will always be with you for all the good years you gave us here in Boston, if chance should have it that the Cubs face the Red Sox in a World series, I may be torn between who do I route for? Even if the Cubs win and end the drought, for me there will be no loser and a goal achieved for both teams.

” Sports players that play the game right, deserve nothing but respect by everybody that watches that sport”

” When you work hard and do it right, whether in sports or life, you deserve all the praise and respect that comes your way”