Don’t forget the Corpus Christi…….

Corpus Christi…… To some it is a vacation get a away, a place for ourselves to unwind, relax and re charge, so we can be renewed along our path of our journey.

Corpus Christi yet to others…… Is a total spiritual feeling we have with God and Jesus, that is not just deep within the core of a few, it is deep within the core of each and every one of us.

We celebrate this Corpus Christie today, not just within the churches we visit, but within the entire Catholic community and beyond. What is the Corpus Christi? It is the most Holy body and blood of Jesus Christ. This is what’s given us at the table of the Lord God, being the Alter that is within our church we attend weekly.

“Most of us go to church every Sunday and God welcomes us all into his house, asks us to come to his table, so we can all share this Corpus Christi”

As we all celebrate this Corpus Christie and acknowledge the most Holy body and blood, of our Savior Jesus Christ, please look around you….. really take a good long look around yourselves, so we can acknowledge all the crap going on around us and take the necessary steps, so we can all truly feel this most Holy body and blood and have complete faith in ourselves, as well as Jesus Christ our Savior.

Just as the Pope said in his message to us this week, he said “there is too much unnecessary shootings and hatred of each other going on around us, there is too much Individualism and not enough sharing of each other”, this all comes from not knowing what the words of Corpus Christi really means, it also comes from not taking the time in our lives to do new things, or learn new ways of these new things that we let pass us by. Our paths along our journey of life is full of many things, to which we never allow ourselves to search them out, nor do we allow ourselves to have complete faith in things we can not see.

Just because you can not see something, doesn’t mean it does not exist. They say there are many nutrients and vitamins in the fruits and vegetables we eat? Have you actually seen these nutrients and vitamins? But yet we all believe in what we hear, cause we all want to be healthy. The Corpus Christi and Jesus Christ are very much the same, we in this Society have never seen them, so we need to believe with our hearts and souls, so can celebrate this Corpus Christi today and truly except the most Holy body and blood and cleanse ourselves of all the bad, so the good will shine in us all…always.

We see all the shootings and hatred around us everyday, so this becomes our reality, we don’t see Jesus Christ so to some, they don’t believe and have a hard time in having true faith in anything in their lives.

” just because you can’t see something, does not mean it does not truly exist”. This is why when God created Mankind, he did so for us all to be unique to each other, we in this Society have taken this uniqueness and spun it in a direction, that has turned us all against each other, as you can see by all the unnecessary shootings and hatred that surrounds us today. What we truly need is to, see what the Corpus Christi really is, except the most Holy body and blood within our hearts and souls, so we than can share this with each other, so all our paths along this journey of life, can be walked in peace by all, while we all become stronger and better, to achieve anything that may cross our paths.

” The Corpus Christi is more than just a place, it is the most Holy body and blood of Jesus Christ, for all of us to share and spread it throughout, with each other”

” To truly believe in the most Holy body and blood of Jesus Christ, we first have to look deeply into what we see”

To stand alone, doesn’t mean to be lonely…..


When we take a trek through the outdoors, do we see what we are really looking at?

At first glance of this picture, you see a single tree, with no fellow branches and no leaves, at first glance you think it is cool? then you see bigger trees in the background that are full of life and very vibrant, smaller trees and plant life in the fore-ground, with a little stream that has an Otter swimming in it, still thinking how cool this picture would be, but then as you look deeper into the scene, while taking in the serenity and peacefulness of what your seeing, makes you think of all life of your own and others around you.

Life is full of so much beauty and we as Humans throughout Mankind, have taken so much of it for granted, we look at things superficially without really looking deeper at what we see, we look at scenes like this picture and only see what we see, but we never look at these scenes as the trees and plant life are also living and breathing on this planet, much the same like we as Humans, just as the plant life changes, we as Humans change as well, just that a lot of times we resist the change and the plant life goes with the flow of nature, so they can rejuvenate and be better, to be once again vibrant on their journey here on Earth.

We as Humans throughout our Journey’s, go through more changes than we want to acknowledge, we get lost along our Journey from different life events that happen to us, sometimes these events are minor, but a lot of times they effect us in ways we can’t explain, so we then bury them deep within us, to hide the pain and harm that has come to us, then we move forward on our journey, while we become something we truly are not and resisting change in any way, to keep harm of any kind from bringing us pain again, this resisting of change is also known as “denial”, we deny these events so we can try to forget them and keep the pain and harm from hurting us anymore.

This tree in the middle of the picture, is a living breathing part of the plant life here on Earth, true it looks lonely there in the middle of such vibrancy,  but it is far from lonely if you look deeply into the picture, as even the trees and the plant life will have many changes like we as Humans, all change is good when it is done in the right way, change only becomes bad when we don’t acknowledge it and make the changes for the wrong reasons, we as Humans have all been this tree at some point in our lives, just that we become depressed and isolate ourselves from everything around us, the tree excepts the change so it can once again become vibrant like all the other plant life around it.

” change is good when done correctly, change is bad when we don’t except it and become something we are not”

” don’t just see the beauty of the outdoors, look deeply into what you see”

” there is so much to learn from the outdoor world, we just have look deep into it and not just see what is in front of us”

To look at something as an object, is not really seeing the true value of that something

” Within this Society of fast paced and wanting everything now, we all get caught up in the objectifying of everything around us, including of each other”.

When we objectify we can’t really see the true worth of what we see, for instance when we look at each other, we judge each other by what’s on the outside instead of really getting a true judgement of what’s inside all of us, we all put up this fake portrayal on the outside, cause we all try to protect ourselves from further harm that may come to us, yes it’s true. we all have been harmed at some point in our lives and is why we move forward with this rough exterior, with this rough exterior always comes with a softer side that is deep within us, just that we don’t show it and hide it in order to protect ourselves from further harm.

Nobody ever wants to show weakness, cause in weakness comes further harm to us, so we hide within ourselves to protect ourselves from this harm, then in a Society of fast paced which all of us are guilty of, we don’t take the time to look deeper inside each other, to better understand each other, instead we judge each other by appearance and objectify each other to minimize all our deeper pains, through all this judging and objectifying, nobody is truly being themselves, nor are we being true to each other, we all hurt deep inside and by whatever has happened to us as we grew into this Society, but instead of hiding within ourselves and compounding our problems, we need to learn and better understand the effects of judging and objectifying has on each other, so we all can be better and stronger on our paths of our Journey of life.

The biggest thing that needs to change in this Society, is that all the advertising companies use sex as a way to get your attention and sell a product, they create an ad with a person wearing the skimpiest of clothes to try to get your attention? all this really does is add to us objectifying each other even further, we look at the person as an object, instead of looking deeper and seeing this person as a person, that has feelings and emotions and a family as we all do.

Another way that we have become a Society of objectification, is the true face to face contact that has been taken from us by all the social media sites out there, we all hide behind our computers or our techy devices, instead of actually going out and being social and chatting with each other, we have lost the true meaning of what “being social” really is, because when you type a text, or a message to someone, you just can’t see the true feelings and emotions that the person is showing, nor as that person can’t see your true feelings and emotions as well hence the term “fake reality”, we may say it is more convenient to just text or message someone, but in reality it is nothing but pure laziness and a lack of respect of each other, that does nothing but lead into our objectifying of each other, so we don’t look at each other as a true person, with true feelings and emotions.

” To view something as an object, you can’t truly see the true beauty of what lies inside what you see”

” Social media can’t be truly social, cause you can never see the true feelings and emotions of what your seeing”

” The judgement we make on the outside, will never be the same as what we see on the inside”