The word of God never changes, only we change over time………



” Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away”

Matthew 24: 35

God’s Truth;

” There is security in knowing that God’s word never changes, what is true today will be true a thousand years from now, there is no surprise ending”


Within the society of today, there is so much said and so much that is said out of haste, it makes it very hard to distinguish the truth from nontruth, some may say the same lie over and over till all are on board with making it a reality? There are so many nontruths out there, it comes to a point you just do not know for who is telling the truth anymore and this practice couldn’t be more true with the so-called leaders of today, they want so bad to lead us in the wrong direction, that they have lost total sight of which direction to travel in. These so-called leaders are so threatened by God and Jesus, they will do anything to eliminate them from the lives of the rest of us and even without consulting us as well because the word of God is the truth, which has been tried and tested for all who have walked a journey throughout this planet of Earth.

To believe in the word of God and the journey of his son Jesus Christ, we ourselves have to have complete faith so we can then have true hope moving forward. Some have lost that faith which leads them to have no hope, so they then will say anything to the rest of us, in order for us to follow them and not the true word of God. Jesus came here and walked his path of this journey, to show us just how to walk while we shared our love of one another, while he led us to the path of righteousness. This journey really is not that hard, just that over time we the people have made this journey seem hard by our actions or should I say inactions. If you can not walk your path of this journey, without messing up another’s shine,……… Well then maybe you should stay hidden under that rock that you crawled out from.

I get the fact that we all have our own faith and beliefs, true there are many different religions out there with their own God’s, but there is one true God who not only created what is around you but also created each one of us as well. We are all entitled to have our faiths and beliefs of whatever religion we practice, but when we push ourselves on one another to have us like a religion to make it reign supreme………. This is not the vision God had for us, nor is this what Jesus taught us when he came to us and walked his journey with us.

The only light we of this society see today is, the light of selfishness until we totally get over ourselves, we will never see the true light of God and Jesus Christ his son. We the people of this society are what is wrong with this society and until we wake up into true reality and listen to the true words of God once again, then none of the ugliness, hatred, evil and corruption will go away, not just about listening to the words of God, but seriously having the faith  of these words, so we all can have the hope for all the good to come to us, so we all can move forward in true happiness and peace, while we share the love of Jesus in our hearts and souls with each other, as we then can see the light of the path of righteousness, that Jesus came here to lead us all to.


” When we see the true light of Jesus Christ, then we all can have the faith and hope needed to move forward better and stronger”


” In today’s society, there is way too much propaganda and not enough true reality for any of us moving forward in a healthy way”


” You need faith to have any hope they both go together like peanut butter and jelly, you can not have one without the other”



Take the time to stop and listen



time………… No one takes the time for anything anymore, everything is rush and I want it now. Family dinners? Nope a thing of the past now, as people don’t take the time to sit and eat anymore, well okay they are sitting at the drive-thru in their cars at the local burger joint. Family dinners had a whole different meaning back in the day, it was time for the family to bond and come together, to help build that strong foundation moving forward, it’s the family bond that gives you the strength and confidence to enter into a society of many and be successful. You always had family to lean on when things got a bit rough, they guided you, they gave good advice and always gave their unconditional love without blinking an eye. The family never judged and always supported no matter the circumstance, without family our paths through this journey of life, would be a lot rougher to walk, with a lot more scrapes and bruises, giving us more pain and hurt.

The only time you see a family sitting together for their dinner is on the television show Blue Bloods, I love that show and I love the family dinners.  In this society of broken homes and broken families, it is sad that the family dinners are a thing of the past, simply because it is these dinners, that bring us together instead of dividing us. As much as these so-called Politicians point the fingers at each other and say that the other is dividing us, it is the fast-paced society, the no more family dinners, and the broken homes that are dividing us greatly today. The problems of this society belong totally on each one of us, we are the problem and we are the solution to fixing the divide in this society and all we need to do is, stop, take the time and listen to everything that is around us.

Our forefathers are turning in their graves at the way we are screwing up this society, they worked hard setting things up and writing of the Declaration of Independence, so we of today could have it easier, instead we would rather get rid of the things in the past, simply because we would rather have our five minutes of fame, instead of doing it correctly.  I would hate to grow up in the household of some of these Politicians, as the pressure would be unbearable, there would be no proper discussions, simply because they would always end in an argument, just watch the Democratic debates and they will show you nothing but arguments and the attacking of one another. Don’t know about you but our current President is more Presidential than any one of these knuckleheads.

Time is precious but yet no one takes the time anymore, we are all so much in a hurry, that we don’t even know why we are hurrying? We get into our vehicles and want to do a hundred instead of doing the speed limit, while we are speeding down the roads, we then proceed to chat or text on our devices, then wonder why we are off the road in an accident? Everything needs to be done now and nobody has the patience to take their time and do it correctly. While we are always in a rush, we all have forgotten to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we take no responsibility for anything anymore and always point the finger of blame, even when we are the ones to blame. All these issues simply stem from the no more family dinners anymore, so not only to bond with those closest to us but build that strong foundation as we enter into a society of many, you think those in society that we do not truly know, really care for what we do? They could care less and would think nothing but to step all over you when you fall, as all this goes back to the no family dinners, for any of us to truly chat and have a good conversation, to not just chat, but too truly communicate properly with all those around you. We all walk a path through this journey of life and unless we do it correctly, the journey will be rough on us all, with no peace and happiness so we can simply stop, take the time and truly listen to all that is around us.


” When you take the time to listen and learn all that is around, you will notice things you normally would not notice”

” Family dinners are the key to all our happiness as we walk through this journey of life”

” Family is the strong bond that builds a strong foundation, so we can achieve all we can and be truly successful”

” Arguments don’t solve a thing, as a good discussion will help us all communicate better with each other”



Any words can be twisted, but the right words will stand the test of time.

” They were exceedingly astonished and said among themselves, ” then who can be saved”? Jesus looked at them and said, ” For Human Beings it is impossible, but not for God, all things are possible for God”.

*** Mk 10:26:27

“These words within the Scriptures, which are the Words of our Savior Jesus Christ. He spoke the words of his Father and Lord God our father, unlike other words these words have stood the test of time and have never been twisted for any needs. The book of the Scripture’s like the good book of the Bible, is now and always will be, the best books of our times”.


The journey of Jesus Christ was so long ago for us within this Society, it is understandable if we lost the faith in something we have never seen but only read about,   as within this Society it is only real if it happened to me, or we see something with our own eyes. A big reason why we have lost faith in Jesus Christ is quite simple, we have lost the faith and confidence in ourselves, for which we lost hope for our future, with our clouded judgements we can’t see clearly of the paths we walk along this journey of life.

Moses climbed the mountain not just for himself and talk to our father the Lord God. He climbed the mountain for each one of us throughout all the generations and Societies of the past, present and future. Moses brought back to us what we know today as the ” Ten Commandments”. These Commandments are the Laws from God himself, for each of us to follow, so we all can reach the path of righteousness as Jesus showed us, when we follow these Commandments with our body, heart and soul, we will always be rewarded with the highest of rewards, the true path of righteousness right into the eternity of Heaven or the promised land.

Within this Society and so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, I am willing to bet that the percentage will be high, of the people that do not truly know of the ” ten commandments”? This is sad and at the same time, understandable of why the divorce rate is so high, why we have so many stealing from their fellow man excetra…  Maybe it’s time for Jesus to do as his Father did, have his one and only son, to walk their journey with us here on Earth, except maybe in a more modern way that best fits within this Society of today.

This Society is troubled and broken and is in need of some major fixings, just like when things happen to us and we need to fix ourselves, our Society needs our help and needs to be fixed, so we all can walk our paths in peace, while we share the love of God ( that is within our hearts) with each other, so we all can be stronger and better moving forward along this journey of life.

” The words we speak may be twisted around by others and given different meanings than we actually meant? But the words from the Bible and the Scriptures have lasted through the test of time without any twisting”

” The words of the Scriptures are real and true words, the words we speak at times are exaggerated and get twisted, so we ourselves don’t look weak, or try to put ourselves above another”

” Words are a bunch of letters put together to make sense, the right words can leave an impression and stand the test of time”

What’s in a Birthday?

Celebrating a Birthday is a joyous time for all of us. It is a time for each of us to be thankful for the life we have been given.

To some a Birthday is just another day that they try to forget, only cause it brings much pain to themselves, the pain goes so deep within their core, that they don’t know how to escape it?

To some this special day of a Birthday only brings back bad memories of a childhood gone wrong for one reason or another, most of the time these memories have been caused by situations that was out of their control, but they still try to forget this special day, to hide and bury the pain deeper within themselves.

We all have these Birthdays, as it celebrates the day we were given life into this World, these Birthdays should always be special to each of us, for if it weren’t for the Birthday, we wouldn’t be here to celebrate them. Jesus the son of the Lord God, has a special Birthday we all celebrate together and that is Christmas day, Christmas is all about joy and happiness, celebrating with our Families together and celebrating a life or our life as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Sometimes in our lives we have these life events that happen to us, these events can be big or small, they can bring great pain to us as well, they will make us wonder why me? or why was I born if I am going to suffer this great pain? Hence why we try to dismiss any part of the word Birthday, then we suppress this pain deep within our core, so we don’t have to deal with it.

When we suppress any pain deep within us, what we don’t realize at the time is, this pain never goes away as much as we think it does, it only seems to go away cause we don’t acknowledge it, but if we acknowledged it and fixed what we needed to fix, we could move forward along our paths of our journey, really being able have great joy each and every year, of this special day of our lives, known as our Birthday.

Our Birthday is that day when we first took our breathe in the World we live, it was filled with joy back then, so why can’t it still be filled with much joy, each and every day of our lives, throughout our journey through life. These events will always happen no matter who you are? We just have to deal with them better, so we as Individuals can be better and stronger, so we as Individuals can have great joy each and every year when our day comes upon us, when we feel and show this joy, then we all can be at peace as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Birthdays are real and they bring great joy to us, Birthdays are not suppose to bring or give us any kind of pain”

” the words Happy Birthday means just that, Happy or Joy will come to us on our special day and beyond”

” Happy and joy will always bring a smile to your face, without these two words then we frown and become bitter of everything around us”

The light of the dark will always shine no matter what time of day.

“We the people of this Society, think of the light being daytime and the dark being the nighttime”.

To truly know what I mean by the dark, you need not look any further than the nightly news, We see daily all the ugliness going on throughout the World, groups like ISIS, all terrorism whether over seas or here domestically, all the tragedies happening to us from the weather patterns and big storms, then there are others throughout Mankind simply killing others just because they didn’t like the way they looked? This is just tiny compared to all the other darkness, that is going on around us everyday.

Darkness is a lot more than the sun going down for the night sky, to see the stars in the sky at night are beautiful, but “when you see stars from the darkness, this is not the darkness anybody wants to see”. When you look through the history of Mankind, we all have been through many of dark times, ” true there is light at the end of the tunnel”, but to see that light through the darkness, we need to stay strong to ourselves, not only believe in ourselves, but truly believe in the Lord God and Jesus, so they can be our guiding light through the darkness and really see that light at the end of the tunnel.

When we turn on the daily news and see all the darkness around us, or even within our communities, this is enough for us to stay within ourselves, not reach out to those in need, put forth a piece of us that doesn’t really show who we really are, just to try to protect ourselves from this darkness. We then move forward while we numb ourselves from everything around us, but as the darkness around us turns into light and happier times and because we numbed ourselves from everything, we then don’t change cause now this darkest of times has brought us a new comfort level, when we get into a comfort zone, it is very difficult to change and get out of one zone and into another.

True change will always make us happier and more peaceful, as we walk our paths along our journey of life. We neglect any kind of change, simply cause we fear the unknown, just like we fear the terrorists cause we don’t know who or where they are around us, or if they will try something the next time I fly? True change goes deep within who really are, it is getting in touch with our true feelings and emotions, showing more empathy and compassion of ourselves, towards all those around us, true change is getting in touch with ourselves and knowing what makes us tick, when something happens to us we know is wrong, we then look at the long term decision of it before we actually act upon it, as we see in the nightly news, nobody thinks of their actions and how they will affect them down the road, instead they take action, then after the fact get into a reactive mode, which only multiplies the problem, instead of being proactive, think through the action before you take the action, so not only make our own lives better, but make better of those around you.

Even through the darkest of times, when you truly believe in yourself as well as God and Jesus, you will always see the light at the end of the tunnel, true we may have to sacrifice something we love, so we can truly change from what we were, to who we really are, we will have to change from being reactive to proactive on our journey of life, yes this change can be tough at times, it may try to make us doubt ourselves? But as we stay true to who we are, be more proactive with strong communications of everything around us, totally believe in God and Jesus, no matter what that may cross our paths, we will always see the light in the darkest of times. Throughout Mankind there is nobody that traveled their journey without seeing this darkness, you just have to stay true to yourself, believe in God and Jesus, so not only we throughout Society, but we ourselves can walk our paths along our journey of life peacefully and become better and stronger no matter what may come across our paths.

” True change makes us better at everything we do, without it we fall short of truly being true to ourselves”

” Even through the darkness the light can shine bright, belief in yourself along with God and Jesus, will never let the light become extinguished”

The life and times, of quite simply…… itself.

What really is this word life all about? Life is a very powerful and diversified word, it never discriminates of which it also adjusts and  changes to whatever we as Humans want life to hold for us.

There is no “Standard operating procedure” for this word life and no textbooks for us to study as we go, one persons life is never the same as anyone else, there is no wrong way to live our life, just that we have to adhere to the rules put forth by our peers within our Society and from our forefathers of a time we have forgotten.

Most of these rules were well thought out and will always stand the test of time, there are some rules that are in need of some updating, but when you update rules for your own needs, this is how we all as Humans become lost and lose our true identity of ourselves, but the biggest rule for any of us is, the simple art of just using our own Common Sense. This common sense is not really a rule, we all have this within us, but when we use it then life itself won’t seem as hard, as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

Common Sense isn’t all that Common within our Society, as we all have buried it deep within ourselves, simply cause we have put ourselves above all else and have shut out everything that is around us. Because our life has revolved around us only, then our Common Sense now becomes “Me Sense”, showing just how shallow our Society has become.

Life is always open for all of us to explore everything we need to explore? Life may be different for each of us, but each of our lives are special and unique in their own way. Just because one life may seem better than another, when you use your Common Sense you will find, life itself isn’t about being better than another, but about making ourselves better, to be stronger as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

We are all here to walk a journey through life, why not make the journey happy and peaceful for all? Instead of being so miserable in our own lives, that we make the lives of those around us even more miserable, simply because we don’t use this common sense, nor do we even know how to understand better of it, so we each can be better and stronger as we live our lives for the respect of each other, as we all can be happy and at peace throughout our journeys of life.

” Life doesn’t have to be harder for some than others, if we all use our common sense just maybe all our lives will be better and peaceful, throughout the journey

” Sometimes we make our lives more difficult than they actually have to be, common sense will ease a lot of our unwanted pains”

A Family’s bond equals a solid foundation

As we live and survive within today’s Society, there is one important factor we all are guilty of taking for granted and that factor is quite simple, the fact that we all take advantage of our own families.
Each one of us are born into a family, it is here we learn the fundamentals of life while we help build a foundation, that will never crack throughout the test of time.
The problem lies within ourselves, as when we grow in our lives and transition into the World around us, depending on how we are brought up, whether it’s a broken home, solid home life, or how ever we have been raised, it is how we interperet our lessons, as to how or what kind of life events have happened to us throughout the beginining of our Journey.
When bad things happen, we then try to hide whatever harmed us to avoid further harm and to protect ourselves, it then clouds our judgements, which leads us to make bad choices in the future and as all these bad choices start to compound, we don’t realize alot of times until it’s too late, that we are hurting ourselves even further.
A Family is a small group of Individuals within a Society, that creates a bond and a solid foundation out of love for one another, when that bond and foundation are created correctly, there is nothing throughout the test of time that will crack or break it, which helps us as Individuals get through anything that may come across our path, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, but unfortunately we as individuals misinterpret and take for granted our own families when life events happen, not only leading to a broken self image, but leaks into a Society as well, causing a Society to become broken.
A Family is the most important part of all our lives, it is important to get it right and form that solid foundation, create a bond so strong that together with the foundation, will help us grow and prosper within a Society, which will help a Society become stronger and better, never under estimate the power of a good family, cause this power will help you overcome anything/everything that may come across your path, on your Journey of life you walk.

” power of family is so strong, nothing will ever defeat it”

” foundation of family will never crack, when the individuals inside it believe in it’s strength”

STOP!!!! Take the time to notice what’s around you

In this Society we live today, nobody actually takes the time anymore to look around and enjoy what is around you, the old expression of “dog eat dog world”, really takes on a different meaning today.
The way we as Humans have evolved over time, is the reason some individuals have gone nuts sort of speak, everyday we hear through the Media that somewhere, someone is shooting up other people, Common sense will tell you the bottom line of this, may be easier to see if we just stop and look around, to see where we have gone wrong through time.
These Distraught Individuals have become “distraught” because we have let them be this way, in this Society if you are different and confused, other’s only make fun of you to the point of, you have no choice but to pull back and isolate yourself, from the rest of the Society, any kind of isolation in any way by a Human Being, is not in any way a healthy way for us to move forward on our journey.
When we are isolated our mind then plays tricks on us and we start talking out loud to nobody, the deviant side of the mind then becomes the dominate one, as now we think deviant thoughts and ways to get back at those who have harmed us, we don’t think of the ramifications of our actions, just an action that harms those individuals that have harmed us, we don’t let any other thoughts enter our minds, other than the thoughts of evil and not good, we then enter into denial, which takes away the difference of right and wrong and helps us not to think of these actions further.
Empathy? when we are isolated we have no empathy, we have no feelings and simply objectify everything/everybody around us, the empathy is still there, we all have it, just that we suppress it so deep inside ourselves, it is like it don’t exsist, when we get to this part of isolation, is when we become a danger to ourselves and all those around us, we than will stop at nothing to make other’s feel pain, as we try to make our pain go away, we all go through troubling times, but we all don’t let our minds wander in deviant ways either, but there are Individuals that do and we need to be aware of them, instead of turning our backs and making fun of these individuals, we need to reach out to them, make them feel loved, like God does to all of us everyday, not only will this heal them, but will heal all of us, moving forward on our Journey’s through life.

” Time to take the time to notice what is around us”

” We all hurt, we all feel pain, it is what we do with it that helps us overcome with strength”

When you look at something, do you really see it

In the World of fastrack and all about me, do we really notice what is around us each and every day?
When we care of only ourselves and try to keep up in this dog eat dog world, we don’t really take time of who and what are around us, or where we are really going, we take for granted of all the good around us and let the bad consume us.
God worked hard to create this Planet for us to enjoy, how do we repay him? We walk our Journey’s for ourselves, while we neglect to notice all the true beauty around us.
Day after day we complain and become more and more bitter, of anything and everything just because we do not stop and really look or appreciate what is around us.
As winter leaves us and spring takes over, stop the bickering of the foul weather, or the little things and look at all the positives, God makes it rain to cleanse the Earth and all it’s creatures, so freshness will grow for us to enjoy, just take the time to look around, see the new buds on the trees, the grasses becoming green again, the birds coming back to us in the north, all the beauty of the Earth being re-born right before our eyes.
When we stop to smell the roses sort of speak, it is then we begin to appreciate what is around us, really see what we are looking at and don’t let everything just pass us by, cause eventually one day we will all have feelings of regret, for not paying attention of what is around us.
God is with us always, in many ways as we walk our Journey’s, we may not see him cause we don’t take the time to look for him, we all get consumed in this Society for all the wrong things, because we do not take the time, some of us may have a longer Journey than other’s, but if we do not take the time to enjoy the Journey, than all our Journey’s will be a wasted Journey.

“The further you look back, the farther you will see”

“Time will cure all wounds, we just have to stop and take the time so we will mend”