The Journey is the same even as we put our own spin on it as we walk our paths



The Journey through life is all the same no matter of how you try to spin it, it’s ¬†our paths we walk through the journey, that makes the journey look unique to each of us moving forward, The journey may seem at times not too pretty, or maybe a bit rough? But that is totally on us as there will be some times that we get knocked down along the journey, there will be some times we will be bruised and hurt real pain, but it is totally on how we pick ourselves up from the fall, heal ourselves of the bruises, so we can continue moving forward along our paths, of this journey through life, not just to be better and stronger, but to also turn the dull and boring parts, into nothing but beauty all around us.

We tend to think of this journey as a race to the finish, but in reality the finish is the same for us all. just that we all want nothing better than to get ahead of each other, just so in our own minds, we can look as the best through this journey. Everything we do has to be fast and furious, but really…………. How can we then see all the true beauty around us, when we are moving at the speed of sound, instead of taking everything in stride and truly not just enjoying all that is around us, but taking the time to really look deeply into what you see. That’s the thing, we simply glance at what we want to see, instead of looking deeply at everything for which we actually see, so we than can be better and stronger moving forward, while we see all the true beauty that is around us, along our paths of this journey through life.

We are all so busy trying to get ahead of each other, that we just don’t truly see anything along our paths and when we do see something, we simply glance at it, instead of really looking at it with conviction. This journey may not be always a bed of roses, or smooth as silk, but when we walk our paths correctly and truly see what we are looking at, we than can come pretty close to the roses and the silk.

Walking our paths in some ways is similar to walking through a deep wooded forest, you just never know what lurks around the next corner? This is what makes the journey of life so intriguing, if you knew what was around each corner, then there would be no challenge to this journey, leaving us with no feeling of accomplishment, nor a chance to be better and stronger moving forward. When we speed through this journey, then we miss out on a lot of the journey, not too mention that we would never actually be truly of who we are and without being truly of who we are, then all that is around us would be fake as well, because we then would put forward what we think is reality, instead of actually true reality. As we walk our paths through this journey of life, we don’t have to do a hundred and only glance at what goes by, simply slow down the pace, truly see what you are looking at, challenge yourself to smooth out the path like silk, so it will then become as soft as a bed of roses, then as we truly be of who we are, we than can be at true peace and smile within real happiness, as we walk our paths of this journey, from start to finish.


” The journey of life may be the same for us all, it is the paths we walk that makes this journey look unique to us all”

” Through this journey of life it is never of how fast you finish, but on how you finish better and stronger moving forward”

” If we only took the time to relax more, we then would find that it’s not about the speed or getting ahead of one another”

” The journey of life should be of intrigue and fun, it should never be full of pain and hurt”





Branches of the tree’s are like the paths of our Journey throughout life.


Most who take pictures of the outdoors, look and say ” cool this would be a great picture”, but as I saw this and captured in a picture shot, my mind said to me ” now this is a great picture, that looks deep into the paths we travel, along our journey in life”.

What I truly saw as I snapped the picture was, a group of tree’s with colored leaves on them and in the center was a tree with the leaves that have fallen from it, showing all the different ways the branches grow, which got me thinking of all the different paths along our journey of life, true the paths are endless as we walk our journey’s and it is us as an Individual that chose a path to follow on our own journey, it is also true that the path we chose can change as we walk it, it can either sprout a new path or growth like a branch on a tree, or it can break off as the path gets worn, like the branch on an old tree.

In some ways the branches of the tree and we as humans, who walk a path on our journey, are similar, just as each branch has a cross branch from each other, so does the crossroads of our paths and move in a different direction from each other, each branch changes over time, much like our paths of our journey, some paths show erosion and wear over time, just as a branch shows how old it is, by how brittle it becomes and then breaks off to the ground below.

Change happens to everything and anything around us including us as Humans, most of the time we either don’t notice the change, or we just simply ignore the change, but a lot of the times we just don’t except the change and try to move forward along the paths of our journey, when we do this we simply miss out on all the true beauty within us and around us, on this God created planet in which we live.

Within this Society of fast pace and I need it now mentality, we over look all that is truly important to us, plus as all the different life events happen to us, they rob us of the true feelings in order to feel what is around us as well as not being able to truly see the true beauty all around us.

The branches of the tree’s and the paths of our journey’s, are very similar in the way they show us how to see and except change all around us, God created this planet this way, for us to see the real true beauty around us, but we are all guilty of not truly seeing the true beauty of God’s creation, as we live within a Society, that doesn’t take the time to stop and see all the true beauty around us all, through this Society we have become someone in which we are not, instead of truly being ourselves and showing each other the true beauty within us all.

” The branches of the tree’s are like the paths of our journey of life”

” the branches of the tree’s become brittle through time, like the paths of our journey’s become eroded through the time of mankind”

” does the picture in which you look at, really tell you what you see”