The Appalachian trail

The Appalachian trail, a trail that will test you, a trail that will have you see many things, a trail that has many ups and downs and in the rain, will have you trekking through a lot of muddy and slippery trails. This trail goes from Maine to Georgia and covers a lot of different terrain, there has been quite a lot that have started to trek this trail, but the number of those who actually finish the trail, diminish greatly. This is a trail that has intrigued me for a long time and is on my bucket list, maybe one day I will hike it from Maine all the way down to Georgia.

I have read a few books from Authors who have trekked the entire trail, all of which have their own outlook of the trail and maybe that’s what intrigues me the most? Some trek this trail cause they have lost there way along this journey through life, so they go and try to find themselves along the trail, some just do it cause it is there and they just want to climb, there is no wrong reason to trekking this trail, you just have to be prepared for whatever this trail will throw at you and enjoy every mile for which you trek.

The Appalachian trail, a trail rich in history, a trail that has been there as long as we have made America a home, this trail has gone through much change in the way of Mother Nature and the way she erodes the Earth, to make room for the new. Someone could of hiked this trail once when they were younger, then come back some fifty years later and find that a lot has changed because of erosion, as Nature will get rid of it’s old to make room for the new, just like as we age, from the young baby, to the old man/woman. Everything changes and Nature is part of the change like you and I.

There are some parts of this trail that have been kept up by the hands of Humans, yet there is a lot of this trail that is untouched by man, it is these parts that maybe intrigue me the most, as these sections you don’t see everyday, these sections are so far removed from any civilization, that the normal person won’t even think they exist. These are the sections you have to be prepared for the most, as they could be the homes of some Bear, Moose etc….. Now your the invader and within their territory to respect as you walk. Just as if you were at your home and you would want your visitors to respect your home and belongings, now you have to respect the Animals homes and their belongings.

A Survivalist  is someone that can trek anywhere and not only survive where they are trekking, but can also adapt to the area for which they are trekking. A Survivalist is not someone with a silver spoon you know where, it is someone that can adapt anywhere and with anything that they come across, in today’s Society a Survivalist is far and few between, as most today rely on their techy devices and their social media platforms. Out there on the trail you learn your direction by where the sun is at the time of day you look up, you know sun rises in the East and sets in the west, so there is your six o’ clock and twelve o’ clock on the dial within the sky, so where ever the sun is from that will determine direction and time of day.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, within this journey of life, there are many other journeys and the Appalachian trail is one of those journeys. We all have our own journeys for which we want to trek through, but the one on my bucket list for someday is, the Appalachian trail as this trail intrigues me in ways that, only a trek of the trail will truly explain. Now you need to be in pretty good shape to trek this trail, as you will be climbing mountains as well as walking through prairies, you will be trekking in all kinds of weather and need to be ready for it as well, okay there are some different kinds of shelters along the way, like a lean-to’s to climb into, or maybe a hut to seek shelter in, but a lot of the shelter you will be in, will be the tent you carry on your back, strapped to your pack. Life along this trail is quite different than life within any city and you can’t just flip open a phone for help when needed, you need to learn to survive, to make your life along this trail, go as smooth……as smooth can be, while trekking through a Wilderness, far away from your civilization home.


” Appalachian Trail is a trail many have started, but few have finished from Maine to Georgia”

” To survive is not just flipping open a phone for help, it is surviving a place totally out of your normal routine”

” There are many journeys within the journey of life, some of which many will not trek cause it is away from their comfort zone”

” To be one with Nature and it’s surroundings, you first have to respect whats inside of nature without stirring the pot to vigorously”


The Appalachian Trail

          The Appalachian Trail is one rich in history, as well as one of those hidden gems that to most, have no idea it is even there for our hiking adventure.  This Trail depending of whether you go from North to South or, South to North, Starts at Mount Katahdin in Maine and ends at Springer Mountain Georgia. Just a bit over 2100 miles and many States later and now you have succeeded with an accomplishment that nobody no where can ever take from your memory within your brain.

You have heard many people talk about a bucket list, A list that varies from Individual to Individual and a list that we each make up, as we try to accomplish this list as we walk our paths along this journey through life. The Appalachian Trail is high upon my list and has been for much of my journey here on Earth. Everybody has there own reasons for setting out to join the many before them that have Hiked this Trail, the most common reason for most that have Hiked this trail is, ones that have had suffered major trauma or a life event and are in need of finding their true selves once again. This Trail is not for the ordinary Hiker as it will test you in many ways, it builds stamina, character, as well as testing your will to achieve and finish a project that you have started. There have been a lot through the years that have set out on this Trail, only to not finish, as there also have been even more that have started and finished this journey of the Appalachian Trail.

This journey of the Appalachian Trail is more than just the journey itself, it takes a lot of planning even before you start the first steps along this trail, setting up drop spots for supplies as you can’t carry everything you need all at once, only because the Backpack would be too heavy and slow you down greatly each day, this journey takes approximately six months and that is if your only Hiking it in one direction, than you have too have a plan set up in advance to find a way back to the starting point. You have to plan for the weather also, as the Winter months in the North brings a big obstacle to over come, not to mention other weather events like heavy rain that will make each step you take as slippery as walking on ice in the Mountains of the North in New England. There may seem like a lot of planning ahead before you even start the hike, but once you have it all in place, it makes for a great journey and one you will never forget.

This journey of the Appalachian Trail is one that will test you in many ways, it is a journey full of serenity and peacefulness as well. This journey will definitely give you plenty of time to think and help you truly find of who you really are, some have taken to this Trail and kept a journal of their daily activities, then have turned it into a book and became an Author, which set them off and running along a new path along their journey of life, as what they thought they were doing before this journey was what they thought they were meant to do? This is what this Trail will truly do as you accomplish one step at a time. There is a lot of good books written from past Hikers of this Trail and no better to learn of this Trail, from someone that has really hiked it from start to finish. We all walk a journey through life, but this Trail from Maine to Georgia is truly a journey within the journey, as we all become stubborn and set in our ways, or suffer through a major trauma or a life event, this Trail will most definitely help you find the true person deep inside each of us, as it will change you into someone that actually cares and shows empathy for all that is around you, which is something within this Society we are all guilty of getting away from.   This journey of the Appalachian Trail is different from the journey of life, as the paths we take through life, are also different from the paths we take along this Appalachian Trail.

” The paths of the Appalachian Trail may not be the same as the paths through the journey of life, but they will help us find who we truly are along our journey through life”

” The accomplishment of the Appalachian Trail is like no other accomplishment we will ever achieve throughout our journey of life”

” One step at a time is what you do along the Appalachian Trail, the same we do through the paths of our journey of life”