“Thanksgiving is a word that when pulled apart has two separate meanings, but when joined together makes for a special and joyous time for us all, as we become thankful for who we are and give ourselves to those around us”


Thanksgiving is a time for us all to take stock in our lives, be thankful for who we are and for who helped us get to this point on our path of this journey through life. When we are thankful for all we have and to who is around us, we then can truly give our love to all those around us and truly share the warmth of this love.

Thanksgiving has become one of the busiest travel holidays we know, with everybody traveling back home to their loved ones, or visiting friends for which they have lost touch with, we have all lost from where this Thanksgiving Holiday came from. The Pilgrims also traveled from where they came from to the new land, known as the North American Continent, they met the Native Americans here on this new land, as they greeted them and welcomed them to build their new settlement. The Native American showed the Pilgrims around their new home and the two shared many things with each other and to show just how thankful they were, towards their new friends the Native American, the Pilgrims took the fruits of their labor in their first crops for which they planted, invited their new friends over for a big feast, which today we know as Thanksgiving.

True today we all may gather with loved ones or friends we have lost touch with and have a big feast with them, but we have lost what the true meaning of what this Holiday truly stands for. Some of us may take to standing in a line way too early for a department store, so we can get the big deals of the start of the Christmas season (which this is another Holiday we have lost the true meaning of), instead of being truly thankful for who we are and for what is around us, not too mention for those who fought the good fight, so we ourselves can live here in the new land, safely and freely, to wander as we want to wander along our paths of this country and of our journey through life.

When we are thankful for all that is around us, shows that we respect and love all that is around us, like the Families which we are a part of, having a roof over our heads, that keep us fed and clothed each and everyday of our journey, being thankful towards God the creator of all Mankind and when we acknowledge him, he will guide us along this journey towards the path of righteousness. There is a lot for us to be thankful for, so we can walk our paths along this journey, but being thankful for all the right things and not just for the stores to be open, so we can shop and get the specials or sales?

As we all come together for yet another big feast, let us be truly thankful for who we are and for everything that is around us, so we can enjoy this big feast in happiness, while we enjoy the comfort and love of all those around us. Let us celebrate this Thanksgiving for all the right reasons and not just because we have to or are forced to come away from our little Worlds for a day, let us come together not just for a day, but for everyday of our existence, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Thanks/Giving…….. Two words put together with different meanings, that bring us all together in love and happiness always”

” The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to a big feast, which we know today as Thanksgiving”



That true Holiday Season we have since lost…….

The true holiday spirit should be of, we as Humans sharing ourselves with our loved ones and just being simply true to ourselves, it should not be of, competing with others to give someone the best gift?

This dog eat dog Society in which we live today, has made the holiday season become something it should never be and that is, the commercialization and buying a gift for everybody around you, the true holiday season is giving the best gift known to Mankind, which is the gift of self to our loved ones and those that we hold dear to our hearts, I get the fact all the stores need to make money to survive so they stay in business, but not at the expense of taking what is true to the Human Spirit and turning it into a competition of each other, all this does is turn us against each other and breed hate of one another cause we couldn’t buy the best gift this season.

Competition is good for all of us at the right time, it is what keeps us moving forward stronger on our path of our journey of life, but the true holiday spirit and season, should be all of us communicating with those we hold dear and the fact of giving ourselves to them, while showing more love of one another, family is how we started on this journey of life, it is where we learned how to treat our fellow man by showing respect and dignity of each other, it is where we built our foundation of life, which helps us achieve anything we set out to do in life, family is where it all started and where we should always turn to at the holiday season and not at the stores to stress out about buying the right gift.

Life is a journey for all of us, full of twists and turns, but somewhere along time we have turned away from the true holiday season, we have twisted our lives in a way, we have lost what is truly important to us, we have lost who Santa Claus really is and became someone in which we really are not, to be married as a man and wife isn’t like it once was and the sacredness of a man and woman together don’t mean the same today as it once did, which would explain all the broken homes out there today, I understand everything in life changes, but the expense of this change has taken away all our respect and dignity of each other.

The true holiday season is, the giving of yourself to your family and those you hold close and dear, it is not about competing with each other in buying the right gift, some of us may become very successful and be able to afford very expensive gifts, but that does nothing but breed jealousy between the people closest to us, even though we may not admit to that point, when we do become very successful, we forget how we got there then go somewhere exotic, instead of with our families during the holiday’s, this does nothing but break the true communication between us and those we have loved for so long and those who helped build that foundation, which helped us get to where we are, thanksgiving is about being thankful for who we are and what we have in life, like our strong family, Christmas is about being with that family and not only celebrating the birth of Jesus, but celebrating our birth into this life for which we live.

The Holiday season should always warm our heart with love for one another, it should never make us stress out every year, to the point we get sick of the holidays, I understand sometimes the holidays makes us sad, when we think of someone we loved that has been taken from our lives, but it should not make us want to ignore the holiday and the true spirit of the holiday season, this should make us want the holiday season to live on all year, as we show more love and happiness and the fact that we can live as that special someone would of wanted us to, the true holiday season is about sharing ourselves with those we love and hold dear to our heart, when we do this then the true holiday season will always live on everyday of our lives, on our paths of our journey of life.

” the true holiday season is sharing ourselves with those we love and hold dear to our hearts”

” thanksgiving is about being thankful for who we are and those who we love that helped us build that strong foundation that made us into who we are”

” Christmas is about being with those we love and hold dear in our hearts, sharing ourselves instead of stressing over the right gift we buy”