Life of the great outdoors…….

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA               Life within the great outdoors has a beauty of its own and will take your breathe away when you see first hand. Whether your camping and I mean the real camping in a tent, so deep within the wilderness, that cell phone service does not exist, you have to raise your food high enough in the tree’s to keep the Bears from having an open invitation to eating it, you build a campfire to not only cook your meals, but gives you warmth from the night air, true it is work just to hike into camp, set up camp and gather wood for the camp fire, but when all is set there is no better way to relax, when your sitting around the fire and taking in the sounds of nature around you.

Hiking a trail or a mountain you have never been on and exploring the unknown, then seeing some breathe taking sights that normally you would never see, not only the scenery but the wildlife you come across on the path of the trail in which you take, like when I hiked up mount Albert in Leadville, Colorado. This was an elevation of 14,500 and the highest I have ever been, the journey on the trail to the top put me in a state of awe many times along my trek, not to mention the snow fall I encountered at the top in the month of July. Yes I was prepared for anything I may encounter, as it was only a day trip but I had a full backpack on my back, as I hiked up the trail I came across many buildings that were still standing strong from the days of yesteryear, as I approached these buildings I did stop to explore further, looked inside and was amazed at the workmanship of these buildings, plus how they were still standing through the test of time and the brutal weather that they endured. Hiking in areas we normally would never hike, helps us better understand that we are not alone and that others have walked their journeys here on Earth, it gives us a feeling of accomplishment, as well as getting us out of our comfort zone and as we accomplish one hike, we than want to hike more.

To some getting out of there comfort zone is to take a new route to work, that may be okay to see new things, but your destination is right back into your comfort zone where you feel safe, but to truly get out of your comfort zone, you have to explore new things, feel that feeling of accomplishment after you reached the summit, like I did when I reached 14,500 on top of mount Albert, see things you would normally never see, no matter what route you take to work. Plus to see the buildings that were built from the original settler’s and still standing strong today, now that will give you a whole new outlook on life today, they built these buildings with what was around them and not going to your local Home Depot, life today is in so many ways easier than back in those days, but yet we in our minds think we have it hard and we make our lives harder than it really has to be.

Life in the great outdoors has so much to offer, its not just going in the backyard and grilling steaks on the BBQ, its going out and trekking in areas you normally would never go, exploring and seeing things that you never seen, or even thought ever existed. When you explore the outdoors you not only learn and see new things, you also learn of yourself also, you find that there is a lot more than just walking your normal path of your journey of life, you also learn that no matter what event that life throws at you, you can overcome that event with the confidence to be better and stronger as you walk your path along your journey of life, just as the ones that came before us and walked their paths along their journey of life.

” The great outdoors has a lot to offer us, than just the rays of the sun and the stars of the night sky”

” To reach the summit of the mountain isn’t just about the walk to the top, it is more about the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the summit”

” The feeling of accomplishment is something we can get, not by just reaching the summit of any mountain”

True outdoor camping, to primitive for this Society?

       Camping outdoors within a sleeping bag on the ground, inside a tent with no running water and building a campfire to enjoy while the heat keeps the night chill away, this to some is a bit far fetched, only because it is not part of their pampered lifestyle.

       In the beginning of Mankind this was not camping, this was a way to survive, as they walked their path along their Journey of life, they had none of the what we take for granted today, we wake up in the morning and flip a switch to turn on the lights, go to the kitchen to start our coffee machines, go to the bathrooms and jump in the shower with running water, drive to work in our vehicles, instead of walking to get around, these are things we all take for granted on a daily basis, back in the beginning of Mankind, they had to learn everyday just to survive, make their shelters with whatever they could find off the land, use leaves or brush as their blankets, make a fire not just for their camp, but to cook and a source of heat to stay warm, they cooked whatever they could be successful at in their hunt, they learned to make weapons out of things around them, so they could have a successful hunt, everyday was alot of work just to survive and today we complain when we lose electricity and have no switch to flip for the lights.

        Camping is not what it used to be, now people say they are camping, but they have a trailer, or an RV with all the comforts of home inside, a generator so they can have a switch to flip for light, a water tank so they can take their shower, instead of jumping in the stream, a TV with a dvd so they can watch a movie, instead of truely communicating with each other, they think they are roughing it, but to truely rough it is going somewhere remote and sleep in a tent, build a campfire, to keep the nights chill away, roll out the sleeping bag on the hard packed ground within the tent, shut off the smartphones as their are no signals to play your games or make a call, which means take the time to truely communicate with those around you? Yes you have to talk face to face, as you can’t hide behind your devices, with this face to face communications, you may just learn something of yourself, or who ever you are with, true camping in the wilderness, under the star lit skies and on the natural carpet of the planet Earth, may be a dieing thing in this Society, but if we all took to this kind of camping from time to time, it would help us learn of ourselves, others around us, as we respect what we have now, not take for granted all the simple things in life and maybe even help us better understand everything around us, so we all can walk our paths along our journey’s of life in peace and be better and stronger moving forward.

           Camping to some means pack the camper, or the RV and go to a campground, that has a pool, and activities to keep you busy, along with wifi to keep you plugged into cyber world, but real outdoor camping involves, a tent, a sleeping bag, camp stove and grill, pop up canopies, a shovel to make a campfire pit, and a handmade porto-potty, you want to take a shower, just jump into the stream, it may be cold but your body will get used to it, you want activity just take a walk into the wilderness and learn of the planet Earth and what else it may endure, bring a fishing pole so you can fish the stream and maybe eat the fruits of your labor over the campfire you made earlier in the day, leave your devices at home as they won’t work in this remoteness and open your imagination to the real wonders this planet, plus open your mouths to real communication with those around you, as you may just learn new things of yourself and others around you, True camping to us now, may be a way to unwind from the dog eat dog world, but for the beginning of mankind, it was how they survived on their journey’s, it is very healthy for us to camp in this fashion, as we get back in touch with ourselves and our souls, it is how we grow to be better and stronger, on our paths along our Journey’s of life.

” Camping in the beginning of Mankind might of been alot of work and how they survived, but for us today it is good to get back in touch, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”

” You need not be afraid to camp in remote locations, just keep an open mind and get back to what made man strong and what helped them survive, to become what Mankind has become”