It is never to late for a fresh start…

Autumn Leaves


” Ask and it will be given to you, search and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you”.

*** Matthew 7:7 ***


Through every ending we encounter along this journey of life, there is always a new beginning, we just don’t know it at the time. Just as the dawn brings a new day, it also shines on us in a new light, there is never the same dawn as there is always a new look to the dawn, just that we have to look deeply to truly see it. Things like when we change jobs in our lives, it is really one chapter in our lives coming to an end, so we then can start the new chapter with a fresh start, or maybe we move from one place to another, we then are ending one place in our chapter, so we than can begin a new chapter in a different place, we never look at anything as an ending or a new beginning, simply because we become consumed in what is around us and take for granted in what is truly around us.

This verse from Matthew is the word of God and when we have complete faith in him as well as ourselves, then all our endings will lead us to a new beginning, so we can be better and stronger moving forward. When we ask for something so we can receive, is how we pray to God and he in his own way will deliver it to us, sometimes it may seem as if he is not listening, but it is his way of making sure we are ready for what he is about to give us. Sometimes in life we have to look within life in order to find what we truly want, when we are younger we don’t know what we want to do, so we then have to go out and search, look deeply into ourselves and what is around us, so we then can find what ever it is we actually are looking for and with the faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, we will truly find whatever we are looking for. Whenever we come to a cross road and turn a new direction, we then create and ending, but as we make the turn we then start a new beginning, throughout that new beginning there will be many doors that may be closed along the way, but if we take the time to stop and knock on the door, we will find that they will open for us, just that we have to take the time to explore, as nothing comes easy and with the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus, these newly opened doors, will bring us good fortune, sometimes these doors may not open right away, but if we work hard enough, there will be no door left closed throughout our paths of this journey of life.

There are no certainties within life, we have to work hard daily on our paths of this journey, but with the work then comes rewards as, with the faith in Jesus and ourselves and a pleasant knock on the doors, there will be many doors that will open for us to learn from and become better and stronger along our paths of this journey, through prayer is how we chat with Jesus and even when we think he is not listening? He then comes to us in mysterious ways, sends us a sign for us to see and we will see the signs when we look deeply into what we see, so we all can truly see all the endings as a new beginning, as we move forward along our paths of this journey through life, while living happily and in peace.


” Through all our paths of this journey through life, there will always be an ending with a new beginning and a fresh start”

” The verses of the Bible are God’s way of communicating with us, we just have to look deeply into what we see, to truly see the messages of God”

” You need to search so you can find, nothing worth while will ever fall onto your lap”

” When we have faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, we will always have hope for whatever we end we will always see the new beginning”

” There are no certainties in life and we have to work hard so we can see the doors of life to open and prosper”



Walking along the shoreline of the beach

We walk the shorline of the beach,
not just for our excersise but for its beauty,
the sand beneath your feet so soft,
the ocean so deep and blue with tranquility’
the birds flocking for their daily meal,
as you walk with a feeling of serenity,
the beach we take for granted full of beauty,
the beach is flat unlike the mountains in aloft,
the beauty of the ocean has so much to teach,
the horizon seems so far but yet never ends throughout,
the sand beneath the feet is a different feel,
what a great way to spend the day along the shoreline of the beach.

To some the beach may be relief from the hot of the summer,
to others being in the sun makes them sick with pain,
we all take for granted the real beauty of the beach,
the real beauty are the living creatures around the beach,
they like us are on their Journey of the Earth,
we can’t see that cause we are blinded by ourselves,
look onto the ocean we see beauty from the sun’s reflection,
but the true beauty of the ocean lies within and deep into the sea,
the waves of the ocean are created somehow,
we just think its part of the ocean and surf them,
the beach and the ocean has its own tail, we have to look deep within and we can hear what they say.

Climate change/Global Warming

Climate change/Global warming, these have been going on even before Mankind exsisted here on Earth, they are ways that the Planet fixes itself of all the garbage through the years.
The Planet Earth goes through alot of changes, alot of these changes are natural and completely healthy, so we as Mankind can exsist here as well, all the plant life has there own way of contributing to this, as well as all the animals and creatures, the Sun even though it may be so far away, also has its contributing factors, to keep this Planet healthy.
What we tend to overlook is, we as people are what is wrong with the Planet by our greed, we vote in certain people to lead us in our Governments, they say what we want to hear, so they get the votes, but what they don’t say is all their hidden agendas, yes all our elected officials have them and if they say no they are lieing to you, what we as people need to do is, make a more informed vote, be smarter and really research the person/persons you are voting for, see what makes them tick and what they have done to get to where they are.
Our elected officials will stop at nothing, in order to get their agendas through, so they can collect big rewards from companies they support, these same companies will pay any amount, to be able to produce whatever they produce, just to save a buck now and put large amounts of cash in their pockets, at the expense of anyone/anything that gets in their way.
Everything today is done out of greed, this same greed is what’s destroying our Planet. Co2 in the air from our plantlife and all other natural ways is healthy for our Planet, but Co2 in the air unnaturally by our companies, our vehicles each time we start it up, or even flying in a plane on vacation somewhere, this is what’s killing our Planet, now our elected officials may say one thing, but what they say is usally agenda driven and for them to profit at our expense, we as the people of this Planet need to be smarter, make more informed decisions and just simply use more common sense in our actions.
This Planet is awesome and has alot to offer us, anybody that has traveled and really seen the beauty of this Planet, know’s exactly what I am talking about, Climate change/Global warming has been going on since way before Mankind ever exsisted, but our elected officials want us to think it is new, so they can profit from these companies they support, that do nothing but add to the problem, what we need to do is, only support companies that have the Planet’s best interests at heart, don’t operate in ways it adds to the Co2 already in the air, so the Planet can heal itself, as it always has throughout the history of the Planet Earth.

” Earth heals itself, we need to understand that moving forward”

” Elected officials have their agendas, people can change them with common sense”