Victim of circumstance continued



May God bless the late Stuart Scott and may this quote live on with all of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

With that said………..You can take out the first three words of this quote, replace them with whatever life event you are facing and this quote will be a very powerful display of words. Just as Stuart Scott was a victim to Cancer, we all within our lives have fell Victim to something/someone.

There are many Victims created everyday all around us, we never hear from these Victims, simply because nobody ever want’s to admit of becoming a Victim and even worse, nobody ever wants to admit that they have any weakness of any kind. When we admit of our weakness or becoming a Victim of anything, we then open ourselves up to others for ridicule and being looked at as different as well.

When another person creates a Victim, they do so while hiding their true feelings, emotions and empathy. They don’t acknowledge these feelings simply because they don’t want any remorse for whatever actions they may take. They also don’t want to except any feelings of guilt, as their actions hurt deeply the Victim they are creating. A high percentage of Individuals that are creating a Victim, have also been Victimized at some point in their lives, which forces them to hide their true feelings and emotions and become someone which they truly are not. In this Society we all live, we can clearly see that there are a lot of Individuals around us, that are hurting and hiding deep within themselves, but instead of helping one another, we continue to ignore and turn the cheek to all that is going on around us, because we fear more of becoming the next victim, then we actually care for one another.

When an Individual becomes a Victim, there is so much going on inside them, that they then become lost within the clouds of their judgements, their thoughts become………….like a bag of jelly beans that are constantly being shaken up and a different color keeps spilling out, which the Victim then doesn’t communicate to anybody cause they don’t know how to communicate properly, for the mixing going on within themselves. They are afraid to speak to anybody, cause they become more afraid of what others will think of them? They then think of themselves as less than others and their self esteem becomes lower or disappears completely? They also lose the faith in themselves to even complete a simple task, which then gives them feelings of inadequacy, this leads to a whole host of other issues, which makes them even further lost within the clouds of their judgements.  When the Victim loses the faith in themselves, it is not just the Victim that hurts, it is also the inner child that hurts even worse, yes we all have this inner child and this child when we take care of it, helps us prosper and grow into a healthy and happy Individual along this journey through life. When we become a Victim we then go into this self pity, we get lost within the clouds of our judgements, we lose faith in everything we do, we fear the idea of communicating anything, cause we don’t want to admit to the victimization, we neglect the inner child within us, which then makes the hurt even worse than the being a Victim part. The biggest part of us hurting from being a Victim is, we totally forget how to forgive ourselves, not just forgiving ourselves, but forgiving that child within us, cause that child had nothing to do with becoming a Victim, of whatever you became a Victim of.

When that child within us hurts, we to hurt in many ways. We may not realize the why we are hurting, simply because we get lost within the clouds of our judgements and we do anything to escape the pain of our hurt. When we are hurting deeply inside, we then suppress all our feelings and emotions, deep within the core of our being, become someone we truly are not, so we can try to move forward and try to look as normal as we can, so others around us won’t see us as different, or see any of our hurt we feel. We have to learn to be better at forgiving ourselves, so we can forgive that child within us when things go wrong, when we truly forgive ourselves, is when we have complete faith in ourselves and whatever that may cross our paths along this journey of life.

” There is an inner child within us all, we have to nurture and take care of it as we nurture and take care of ourselves”

” There are Victims being created all around us, the ones creating the Victims have also been a Victim as well”

” A Victim gets lost within the clouds of their judgements so deep, that they then become someone they truly are not”


The 2014/15 Boston Bruins……

With the 2014 season in the rear view mirror, time to seriously look at this team, as the playoffs loom a short journey away for this year, last year was a great ride for all the players, coaches, management and the true Bruin fan, that is always behind the team win, lose, or draw, winning that covenant President’s trophy shows not only how good a team you were, but is a great reward for all the hard work throughout the season and yes this team worked hard while showing other teams, that they are a difficult win for them.

I have been a true fan of the spoked “B” pretty much my whole life, I to was influenced to play the game from a guy named Bobby Orr, when all of New England opened new rinks to handle the huge draw of young children wanting to play the game, Bobby Orr wasn’t just a great hockey player, he changed the game moving forward into the future, the famous words of “Sanderson to Orr”, then Orr flying through the air as he put in the game winner and the famous, ” do you believe in miracles” from the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team, will always be etched in my brain, to me the two best quotes in sports, well……. now I have a third with the late Stuart Scott of ESPN saying at the Espy’s, ” you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner of which you live”.  Stuart Scott was an inspiration while he was fighting the ugly disease of cancer, now his inspiration will live on through the rest of us, as we move forward on our paths of our journey of life.

This season’s Boston Bruins have been like a huge roller coaster ride, with more downs than there are ups, to me a big part of it has to do with injuries at the beginning of the season to key player’s and key core players at that, then the trades of Boychuk and Thorton,  not to mention of Ference when he was let go to Edmonton, these three guys were part of the core of this team, now they may not have been the most talented, but what they brought to the team was Identity and Identity is something no player anywhere can bring back, the Identity I am talking about is, team first on and off the ice, like a family and having each others backs, when you have 22 guys (including the goalies) taking the ice every game as one, with no I am better than you attitudes, now you have a team that plays together, a team that it doesn’t matter who scores, just that they score one more than the other team to win the game, this makes for a very difficult team to defend, by any team that they may be up against, this was the Identity of the team last season and this is whats missing from this seasons Boston Bruins, they had this in 2011 as well and yes they won Lords Stanley cup that year, can this team rekindle this? You bet they can, they just have to have others step up, much like Ference did with the Jacket through the playoffs, when they won the cup.

This seasons Bruins have lost their team Identity and because of this some of the core players have lost their Identity of who they are, a guy like Milan Lucic who is the best power forward in the game and when he skates, hustles, be physical and gets to the net, good things happen, plus when he does this the rest of the team feeds off this energy and the team picks up their energy, Chara and Seidenberg are known as the best shut down pair of defense man in the league, but they both haven’t been close to years past, the best move the Bruins made was trading Joe Thorton and building a team around Patrice Bergeron, as Bergy is the best two way player in the game and this season still holds true for him and his number will be the next to the rafters of the Garden, you also have an awesome goaltender in Rask, he has played like a World class goalie, but since he was awarded with the big contract, he hasn’t lived up to that contract yet? Lets not forget the Coach in Claude Julien, who in my mind is the best Bruins Coach of my lifetime and would put him next to Bill Belichek as the best Coaches for Boston teams in my lifetime so far? Claude’s style is defense first and keep everything to the outside, not allowing anything up the middle of the ice, controlling of the neutral zone and letting your goalie see all the shots, it takes all the players of the team to buy into this system and when they all buy in, now you have a winning combination.

This seasons Boston Bruins will always bleed black and gold for me, can they turn this around and make a run in the playoffs? you betcha they can, they just need to all buy into Claude’s system like years past, the core of this team to play like they can, while setting a winning example for the new members of this team and re-claiming the Identity, that makes them a very hard team for any team to play against, plus they need Marchand to play better and stop taking dumb penalties that hurt the team, I know it’s part of his game to get into the heads of other players on the other team, but he needs to tone that down, play smarter and let his skill dictate his game and not his reputation like it is now, someone on this team if they haven’t done it yet, needs to step up like an Andrew Ference and bring this team together like a family, maybe another jacket to pass around at the end of each game, so each member of the team recognizes each other as not just a team, but a family on and off the ice.

” The Boston Bruins bleed black and gold, like a family on and off the ice”

” The Boston Bruins are to hockey, what the New England Patriots are to football”

Cancer is a disease that affects us all………

We all as Humans within this Society, have in some way or another, been affected by this dreadful disease of Cancer, we have known someone or we ourselves have had this disease.

With all this technology of today, it seems like this dreadful disease has stricken even more than throughout the history of Mankind, this Cancer can strike us in many ways and it’s not limited to any certain way of affecting us, you would think with all the great minds out there working on this dreadful disease, just maybe they would have a cure for it? Maybe this disease isn’t meant to be cured? Maybe this disease is only meant for us to better understand it? Showing us that we are not perfect and this journey called life, will throw anything at us around each corner we turn.

With the recent passing of Stuart Scott, who was an Anchor for ESPN, on the sports news show of Sports Center and his recent award for the perseverance person of the year at the Espy awards, just might show others that it’s not about the Cancer, but the way you live while you have been stricken by this dreadful disease, attitude through anything that may come across our paths of our journey of life, is and always will be the key  for all of us and Stuart Scott showed us that, through his battle from this dreadful disease.

Cancer of any kind is not pretty and the loss of my Uncle from Colon Cancer, showed me just that, he was my Mentor and taught me how to be successful at Ten pin bowling, as he was very successful himself and a very good Bowler, I still think of him as I truly miss his lessons, as we would spend a whole day in the alley’s when he would come visit.

Cancer is not pretty, it also affects each of us, whether you have it or not, we can either let the Cancer win, by not battling it and living our lives in a way of feeling sorry for ourselves, or we can take the Stuart Scott approach and beat this disease with a great attitude, not stopping and truly living our lives showing the respect and dignity of ourselves, towards all that is around us so others can live with that same respect and dignity, which will spread throughout Society and create a stronger and better Society, for all of us to walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Cancer is a dreadful disease that affects us all, we don’t have to let it beat us by putting ourselves in a sour attitude”

” having a great attitude along our journey of life, will always make our journey well worth the trip”

” We can either get busy living, or we can get busy dieing, the choice is for us all along our journey of life”

The Sports world lost a great guy today.


” Life may not be a sport, as sports isn’t like real life”

Stuart Scott had a way about him, that never put himself above sports, when he interviewed some of the Worlds biggest sports stars, he did so while treating them with the up most respect and dignity, when he sat at the big desk of Sports center, he had this way about him that made it interesting to listen, even if you didn’t like the sport he was talking about.

While watching this last Espy award show and when ESPN honored Stuart with this award, listening to his speech and this Quote which will become one of the best quotes in sports, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, as well as viewers at home, Stuart showed us in this speech that sports is just a game, but it’s a game that can inspire anyone’s life if done the right way, we all walk a journey through life, there are tough times within life that could get us down and out if we let it, when we are down and out, we look to anything for inspiration, to help us get back up and move forward better and stronger, we all have our favorite sport, we also have our favorite player/players of that sport, of which we usually turn to sports to help pick us up, when a player plays the sport they love and does it the right way, without the greed and crap getting in the way, they help us see sports in a different light, a light that inspires instead of creating hate and when our team and players win, we then get inspired by that and this helps us overcome the odds in our lives, to move forward with strength, to be better than we are now.

There were many of us sports fans watching this Espy award show, to which we all saw Stuart Scott inspire us all with his words, even the sports players in the audience were tearing up with his words, everybody came together for a moment, to show support for Stuart and all who suffer this terrible disease of Cancer, which makes me think why we cant keep coming together and inspire each other to be better and stronger, as we walk our journeys of life everyday of our lives, sports can do this when played correctly, there have been many sports stars in the history of sports that have inspired, but none better than Stuart Scott did, on the night of the Espy awards.

Right here in the area of Boston, Massachusetts we had a guy named Bobby Orr, who not only changed the game of hockey and the position of Defense man, but also inspired a lot of young children to play the game of hockey, to which many Arena’s were built to handle the growth of Hockey in the area, this gave hope to a lot of children to better themselves and try to get into the NHL, like their Idol and favorite player that was Bobby Orr, this is what sports can do when played the right way.

Stuart Scott may you rest in peace, thoughts and prayers go out to your loving family, you showed us that no matter what happens to us in life, when we have the right attitude and do it correctly, then not only will we treat others with respect and dignity, we will also have respect and dignity of ourselves, which is the key to walking our journey of life, to be better and stronger everyday and this will also help us help each other throughout their journeys as well

” sports will inspire when played correctly and done in the right way”

” lets not look at sports for the wins all the time, as when you lose with dignity you will always be a winner in life”