May the light of the path always shine bright.

Autumn Leaves          ” I will go anywhere and do anything in order to communicate the love of Jesus to those who do not know him, or have forgotten him”

****St. Frances Xavier****


We all walk a path through this Journey of life, whether we chose a path that has already been carved out, or whether we carve our own path, there will never be a wrong path, if only we learn to walk the path correctly, so we can walk in peace and happiness, sharing the love of God that is within us all, with each other as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

When we walk these paths through the journey of life, there will always be objects that come before us, for us to overcome, there will always be others who come along our path, that will try to sway us away from our direction, in order to bring us to their path and direction, as we keep our faith and trust in God and stay true to ourselves, as well as the path of righteousness that Jesus showed us, these people that come before us on our paths and the objects that come before us, will only be a temporary set back, as we will always move forward along our paths and become stronger, with more confidence, for whatever else that may come before us along our paths of this journey through life.

These paths we walk through this journey of life are all full of the unknown, we never know what is around the next corner? Although when we stay true to who we are and keep our faith and trust in God, no matter what lies around the corner, we can get through it keeping us moving forward and not becoming lost within our own selves, or even becoming lost within the clouds of our judgements. “God and Jesus will never steer us wrong, it is us as Individuals that steer ourselves in the wrong direction”. Trust in ourselves as well as the trust in God and Jesus, will always get us around each corner of our paths, along this journey through life.

The unknown along our paths of this journey of life is what brings us the most fear, which is why we tend to stay within ourselves and not reach out at the times we need it most. The deeper we get into this journey of life, we tend to lose trust in ourselves as well as all that is around us and this includes God and Jesus, we see all the ugliness around us, so we then stay within ourselves, to hide our pain and keep ourselves from further harm. When we lose this trust in ourselves and God, we then forget how to truly forgive ourselves, which then keeps us from forgiving anything that is around us. God will always have faith in us and will always forgive us no matter of who you are, it is us as Individuals that need to have faith and forgive ourselves, so we can walk our paths of this journey through life, with strength and confidence, as we all walk in peace and happiness always.

” God and Jesus will never steer us wrong, it is us as Individuals that steer ourselves in the wrong direction”

” The fear of the unknown is a scary thing for all that walk a path along this journey through life”

” Getting away from the trust in ourselves and in the trust of God, will always keep us from truly moving forward along the paths of our journey of life”

Get busy living, or get busy dying………..

As I watched the Espy awards last night, for those that don’t know? The Espy’s are awards by ESPN, voted on by us the fans of the sports, but as I watched and saw one of their own sports anchor’s get a Persaverence award, for his fight with cancer, he had been fighting this for seven years and I never knew of his fight, really got me thinking of life in genral.
The sports Anchor is Stuart Scott and he has been with ESPN for as long as I can remember, Kiefer Sutherland alias Jack Bauer of the series “24” introduced him to the stage, when he came to the stage and gave his speech, there was not a dry eye in the place, including me at home, it was strong and powerful, his quote pretty much says it all “you beat cancer by how you live, while you live”.
Watching this last night got me thinking of life in genral, we all walk a path in life on our Journey of life, there is no perfect path, nor is there any path without the bumps and the bruises, we all go through different life events, some more extreme than others, it is us as Humans that determine how these life events affect us, we can take the Stuart Scott approach and keep moving forward, while we fight through it and maybe beat the cancer totally, or we can just simply give up, to which we just lay there til we have taken our last breathe?
Some of us may not even fight, because our thoughts and our minds become so clouded, that we doubt even ourselves, we think that no matter what we are dying, so whats the use in trying to continue with life as I saw it and just wander til the day comes, when things happen to us as Humans and they will, part of life and what makes us stronger and better, is how we persevere and fight through the trouble times, life is very precious to each of us, we only get one shot at it, which is why we need to do it right with the life we are given and is why all our lives are well worth the fight.
When we stay true to ourselves even through the darkest times, we will find being true to each other will come with no effort, we will also find that being true to ourselves and acknowledge God in our lives, we will feel him in our hearts and our souls, as he guides us along our Journey of Life, it is when we lose this feeling, that the doubt enters our lives and we become lost in the clouds within our minds, which leads us to aimless wandering throughout our lives, which is why it’s more important for truely being who we are and walking our Journey through life with confidence, so we can be better and stronger moving forward.

” We can get busy living, or we can get busy dying, the choice is our’s to make”

” Staying true to ourselves will help us see clearly, anything that may cross our paths, along our Journey of life”

Betrayal and Trustworthyness

These are two words within our dictionary that have different meanings, but yet bring strong feelings of emotion to each one of us, as we walk our Journey of life.
Both of these words can also be tied together, as they both lead into each other, Betrayal is when someone you have a trust for, goes behind your back and does things that affect you emotionally in every way, or even when you confide in someone and say things you trust they won’t repeat, but yet they go ahead and chat behind your back, even when you go for employment, you trust in that company to find you work, than they go and hire someone else for that position in place of you, in this Society both these words affect each one of us everyday.
It sucks that in today’s Society, you can’t develop a trust with anybody anymore, cause you just don’t know if you will be betrayed and left in an emotional wreck? So instead of facing it, we then hide this pain and build an invisible wall around us, to help protect ourselves from any of this distrust/betrayal, which is a big reason why, we in this Society have become so full of ourselves and a very lonely Society.
The best and healthiest way to combat these two words are, face them head on, confront these people whether a company, or a so called freind, don’t confront in a violent way, but a smart way that makes them out to who they really are and you yourself, come out smelling like a rose, so we don’t have to hide away our true feelings and be the true person we really are, we as Individuals have created all this crap of these words, so we as Individuals can end this crap, then all of us can walk our Journey’s in life, in happiness while our Society can grow further in the same happiness, without any idea of what being betrayed is, as we all know what true trustworthyness really is.
Trust is a word that we all take for granted, it is a word that we also have forgotten it’s true meaning, cause we only use it for personal gain and could give two cents on the feelings of those around us, trust may be a word, but it is a word with more than a meaning, as this word affects the true feelings of each and every one of us as a Human Being, when we get back to the true meaning of this word, than maybe we will see all this hatred in our Society disappear, so we all can walk our journey’s in happiness and strength, it is up to each one of us as Individuals, that determine how our Society grows, when done correctly our Society will grow with strength and happiness.

” trust and betrayal may have different meanings, but they both are intertwined with each other”

” being betrayed is a feeling that hurts deep inside each of us”

” trusting in someone is the same sacredness than, having a believe in our Lord God and his son Jesus Christ”

STOP!!!! Take the time to notice what’s around you

In this Society we live today, nobody actually takes the time anymore to look around and enjoy what is around you, the old expression of “dog eat dog world”, really takes on a different meaning today.
The way we as Humans have evolved over time, is the reason some individuals have gone nuts sort of speak, everyday we hear through the Media that somewhere, someone is shooting up other people, Common sense will tell you the bottom line of this, may be easier to see if we just stop and look around, to see where we have gone wrong through time.
These Distraught Individuals have become “distraught” because we have let them be this way, in this Society if you are different and confused, other’s only make fun of you to the point of, you have no choice but to pull back and isolate yourself, from the rest of the Society, any kind of isolation in any way by a Human Being, is not in any way a healthy way for us to move forward on our journey.
When we are isolated our mind then plays tricks on us and we start talking out loud to nobody, the deviant side of the mind then becomes the dominate one, as now we think deviant thoughts and ways to get back at those who have harmed us, we don’t think of the ramifications of our actions, just an action that harms those individuals that have harmed us, we don’t let any other thoughts enter our minds, other than the thoughts of evil and not good, we then enter into denial, which takes away the difference of right and wrong and helps us not to think of these actions further.
Empathy? when we are isolated we have no empathy, we have no feelings and simply objectify everything/everybody around us, the empathy is still there, we all have it, just that we suppress it so deep inside ourselves, it is like it don’t exsist, when we get to this part of isolation, is when we become a danger to ourselves and all those around us, we than will stop at nothing to make other’s feel pain, as we try to make our pain go away, we all go through troubling times, but we all don’t let our minds wander in deviant ways either, but there are Individuals that do and we need to be aware of them, instead of turning our backs and making fun of these individuals, we need to reach out to them, make them feel loved, like God does to all of us everyday, not only will this heal them, but will heal all of us, moving forward on our Journey’s through life.

” Time to take the time to notice what is around us”

” We all hurt, we all feel pain, it is what we do with it that helps us overcome with strength”

Rumor has it, we do get caught into it

We walk this Planet on our Journey of life, throughout the time of Mankind, we do so pretending we know it all, but do we really?
We are smart, we are unique in our own way, with all the different paths to chose from, we then chose our path to walk our journey’s, the journey is a long one and sometimes we get caught up in the trials and turbulation of this journey, we tend to second geuss ourselves and those around us, which then leads to kaos and not accepting who we really are, so as we meet others on our path, we then become someone we are not, to show we are strong, just to hide our weakness.
We hear things that are not really true, as these rumors are just that, chat about anything that gets other’s to believe in something that just don’t exsist, these rumors only become reality only when we don’t believe in ourselves, when we truely believe in ourselves and other’s we meet on our journey, these rumors won’t even exsist.
Rumor’s are a way for us to hide from reality, as we think they are protecting us from harm, but the true reality is, rumors make our reality and our journey’s even harder than they have to be, the easy way is to stay true to ourselves, then other’s can’t hurt us or bring harm to us in any way.
The trials and turbulation of walking our journey’s, are what keeps us strong from all harm, all we have to do is, stay true to ourselves, believe in ourselves and the harm won’t come to us.

” Rumors are just words, that deter us if we let them”
” Being true to ourselves, will keep us strong from all harm”