Ashes to Ashes within a journey of life.

Ash Wednesday………. To some it is just another day, yet to others it is a day of reflecting, to check the inventory and the archives of our lives to date, take stock in where we are and see if we are still on the track we set out on, or did we waiver from that

Do things just happen, or are they meant to happen…….

We all walk a path through a journey of life, we are all unique to each other and with no two Humans being exactly a like, some may argue that Identical twins are a like but are they really? Twins are a like on the outside and our perception of them from the outside, but

True Faith is felt within, it’s never seen or heard, but yet it’s power is great

Throughout our paths along our Journey of life, we get tempted by many things, we have many life events happen to us, that change us in many ways, we feel many things and doubt even enters onto our paths, they say don’t sweat the little things? It’s these little things that are more important, which

The love of God is there for all to share

The love of God is always there for all to seek and share, we just have to want it and feel it within our hearts and souls. We all walk our Journey’s of life, we may take our own paths, but the journey is the same, every path is not the perfect path, as they

The Holy Trinty throughout our Journey

We all have lost sight of what the Holy Trinity means to our lives, the Holy Trinity is not about self and thinking of thy self, it is about Unity and sharing all our love with those around us and beyond. In this fast paced World we live today, it is very easy to get

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