The Hatred runs so deep within this Society

My little buddy with his message for us all, totally needs to come back to remind us all, that we are not about this hatred that is around us, just that we have let it consume us so much, that we have lost total sight of who we truly are.

This Smollett case and the way it is being swept under the rug, is totally setting the wrong example for us all moving forward. It is not about having enough money so you can buy your way out of anything, what you need to do beyond having empathy and compassion is, look deeper into what you see beyond your actions, then maybe you shall see that you are not only hurting yourself, but you are hurting all that are around you, with the actions you take. We all want to make our lives through this journey better with each step, but when our steps are on the top of others steps, now you are invading another ones steps and bringing harm to them, as you move forward like nothing at all.

Hatred right now is controlling us all through this journey, it is controlling us so much, it has us all taking action without thinking through the ramifications of our actions, it has us all being blinded by the clouds of our judgments, which now we are all in the deep darkness of this hate, without seeing any light in front of us along our paths.

With this Smollett case, the facts clearly point out he had an agenda, with this agenda he wanted to further spread the hate of anybody wearing a M. A. G. A. hat, by having these two brothers beat him for wearing a M. A. G. A. hat, to simply try to cram his agenda, right down the throats of each one of us, without having a care for anybody around him. He says he was unhappy with the $60,000+ dollars he was getting per episode, on the show he was on? What about the millions of others that are scraping by on what they make and that’s with most working two and three jobs. Sometimes in life as we walk our paths through this journey, it is not about who you know and expect them to help you out of a jam that you created, you need to get yourself out of the jam you created, so you than can fix what you need to fix, to move forward better and stronger throughout this journey of life.

We all have our struggles, nobody is perfect either, we all go through so much and with others bringing to us things we don’t ask for, makes for much pain and hurt coming to us as well, we then take that pain and bury it deep within ourselves to try to escape the hurt it brings, which we then become someone for who we truly are not. When we become someone we are not, we then get consumed by all the hate that is around us and further the hate, instead of trying to be better than that, by letting the hate pass, without it hurting us and turning us bitter to all that is around us. It doesn’t pay to let the hate consume us, as not only do we bring much pain and hurt to ourselves, we bring much pain and hurt to each other, which does nothing but turn this into a divided society, then keeps us from walking our paths of this journey, in the peace and happiness we all so deserve.

” There is something fishy in the city of Chicago, I think they need to bury the fish to stop the stink, for us all to see the freshness of this journey”

” Nothing good ever comes out of hatred, we need to learn the error of our ways, to move forward better and stronger”

” We the people are our own worst enemy, from us comes the hatred and from us we can bring the peace as well”

” When something is swept under the rug, it is only hidden for a short time, then when it rears its ugly head it can be even worse if we only took care of it sooner”

People skills are natural, you need no skills at all

In today’s Society we all have lost sight of what true People skills are.

True People skills is something we all have within us, but with all the negative crap around us, around the planet Earth and even when we go to work, we get caught up with what we “think” is normal cause everybody else is doing it, through all the life events and world events that happen to each of us daily and with the Political correction that has engulfed this Society, we have forgotten and become lost at what true People skills really mean.

With the Political Correction in our Society, we have become afraid to say anything to anybody, for fear of offending someone, instead of being truthful and honest, we say nothing like it never happened, than we ignore and move forward like that person or persons don’t exist, eventually this way of walking our paths along our Journey of life, will only lead to a Society of Individualism and this Society is all the proof we need to prove this.

The life events that happen to each of us along our Journey, is in direct correlation with all the World events that is happening around the globe today, because we are in a Society of Individualism is the reason why others want to bring harm and hurt others, because of the fear of this hurt and harm, we further this Individualism, by keeping to ourselves and not properly interacting with each other, when we communicate better with each other as a Society, is when we as a Society are at it’s strongest and can be better to overcome anything, that may cross our paths along our Journey of life.

Social Media is another avenue that furthers this Individualism, cause now we can hide behind our computers and techy devices, we don’t have to interact “face to face”, which buries our People skills deeper inside us, to the point we become lost at something as simple as true communication and a simple face to face talk, when people are hurting they are afraid to communicate their hurt, cause their people skills are buried and they become lost within themselves, which leads to more hurt and pain, then they project their pain on others to try to ease their own, eventually you end up with a Society that is hurting deeply and will do anything to ease the pain, which leads to destruction of all that is around us.

People skills are a natural skill within us all, you don’t need to be taught them, you don’t need to read them from a book, all you need is to feel inside what is right and let them flow like water from a faucet, when you show true empathy of yourself and all those around you, is when the true power of the people skills are at its strongest and when we all communicate better with each other, leaving behind all the other crap that has engulfed everything within this Society, true People skills are an important part to each of us walking our paths along our Journey of life in peace, when we are happy and peaceful, is when we are at our best to be stronger for anything that may cross our paths along our Journey, so we can thrive in a Society which makes the Society better and stronger for all.

” People skills are there within us, we just have to feel them and they will work for us naturally”

” People skills are natural like water flowing from a waterfall”

” In a Political correct society it is hard to show our true People skills, cause we are to busy hiding within ourselves and avoiding each other without true face to face interaction”