There are shows…then there is NCIS

tunnel vision

Navel Criminal Intelligence Service, aka…NCIS. A law enforcement agency within the Navy, but also the best show on TV also. These Writer’s that write for this show, are the best writer’s of any show. They know just how to engage an audience, captivate the audience, not too mention, know how to keep you in complete suspense from episode to episode. The Writer’s for this show also have a great grasp of reality, as they show this with each episode they write. The last episode they were so in touch with true reality, they have written it into an episode, by having one of the characters suffer grief from the death of a spouse, not just a normal death, but a death from a virus that has engulfed us all today, by showing what so many of us are going through, when a loved on dies from this virus, and does so private, that the immediate family, can not have a funeral for the person. We all have suffered a loss of a loved one, at one time or another, but if you do not grieve correctly, or you do not have proper closure, then no matter who you are, you will suffer even greater in the long run, till you face the grief head on.

The Writer’s of NCIS has taken many plot twists, and spun them as close to reality as you can get, without actually being reality. These Writers definitely have their fingers on the pulse of the heartbeat of reality. As an inspiring writer myself, I would love to be a fly on the wall, within the room of these writers, These writer’s know how to captivate an audience, which is what a true writer can do, unlike the so-called writer’s within the walls of the fake news media of today. Some of the Actor’s from the beginning of the show have since left, most of us have wondered how they will continue with new Actors in place, but they have done a great job with that, plus with the true fans still chatting of the ones past. For a great show to survive with longevity, even when some Actor’s have left, as long as some key parts stay and the Writer’s stay the same, with their great content, this is how the great shows stand out from all others.

The Writer’s of NCIS are so creative, and are so in touch with reality, each episode never becomes boring or stale, they keep the fans on the edge of their seat with suspense, they make sure the fans have a box of tissues by their side, they take what is happening in todays society and write them into their plots, then the Actor’s as they totally believe in what they are reading in the script, act out their part, like they are walking their path through this journey of life, with the rest of us on their side. NCIS may be a real Agency within our Government, but the TV show NCIS, is as real as the Agency, with the Writer’s doing what they do best, to keeping their audience captivated from one episode to another.

True feelings and emotions, we all have them deep within, and is what the Writer’s of NCIS write with. when you tear up from a television show, you know you have just watched a great show and will remember each episode, plus when the repeats air on another station, you stop and watch with vigor, just as if it were the real show live. This is what makes a great show, now there have been a handful of other shows as well, but these Writer’s of NCIS, are second to none and show this from one episode to another. When a writer of anything can captivate you, can make you tear up and show emotion, this what a great writer is, another great writer who knows how to captivate his audience is, Stephen King. I don’t know if you have read any of his books, or seen the movies? but he to knows how to draw you in, with feelings of a different kind.

Just like in the business world like owning a restaurant, it is the server’s who sell the place, the cooks who make it reality for the owners, well on a good TV show, it’s the Actors who sell the show with their acting, so the Writer’s can do what they do best and captivate their audience. The Writer’s of NCIS are like no other, they are so in touch with reality, its like we all are living reality through them. I know that all good things do end, but it will be a very sad day, when this show is no longer around. Gibbs is the main character and has become like a father to us all, so hopefully he lives a long and great life, as when he does go, then we all will be grieving, as we have lost our favorite Actor, that has become like a father to us all. Then we all will be suffering a great loss, much like the last episode, as Jimmy lost his wife to this virus, and now has to try to move forward without her, and in a way unimaginable, alone with no funeral to honor and respect her, in the proper way. Death is a very sad thing we all deal with, not just in our own way, but death is something that, when not dealt with properly, will change us into something we truly are not. Nobody ever wants to lose a loved one, but we all go through it at some point, and death is part of each of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” There are many alphabet agencies within our Government, but none better than NCIS”

” There are Writers then there are great Writers, who make you truly feel your true feelings and emotions”

” There are tv shows then there is NCIS, which is a show that is leaps and bounds above all the rest”

The true world that is Hollywood……

Just like all Mankind and everything around us, Hollywood has changed and in a way that promotes a fake reality. Hollywood creates these shows and movies, hires all these Actors and Actresses and gives them a script to become someone in which they truly are not. Hollywood in a lot of ways is just like the news media and do nothing but create much drama, to an already drama driven Society.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good shows and movies out there, with the show NCIS being the best show of them all and as close to reality as you can get in a show, but the majority of Hollywood is nothing but a fake reality and does nothing but, forces us to¬† try to be like what the actor’s portray in the movies. Real Life and Life in Hollywood are very different from each other, but Hollywood wants to suck us in, so we spend our hard earned money and Hollywood lives the good life of leisure.

Ultimately it is us the fan that buys into Hollywood and if we don’t buy in, then Hollywood can’t live their plush and lavish lifestyles. Not to mention they can’t sell their warped portrayal of what they think life should be, just like a Journalist gets a scoop on a story, then writes that story in their own words to try to create the most drama, Hollywood does the same thing in how they write their movie scripts, then the Actor acts and reads from that script, while becoming someone they totally are not.

Every year you have the Oscar’s, these are awards for the the best movie, Actor’s, Actresses ect…. throughout the year. This award show is put on by Hollywood as the grandest of grand with a huge amount of money spent on this yearly event, they also sell it to us as, you have to watch it so they can show off what they think is the best trophy ever? Then you have Actor’s and Actresses instead of just accepting and saying thank you, they use it as a platform to get political of whatever they feel to be political about, Politics has no place in Hollywood and vice versa, it seems like everything Hollywood does, they have to spin it in a political way? If Hollywood wants to get political, then put your money where your mouth is and spend some of that big money, to help Society grow and end homelessness throughout this Country, instead of lining your own personal pockets and living the plush, luxurious lifestyle, while others throughout this Country live on the streets with nothing to show of their existence here on Earth.

Hollywood is in the business to make movies, they employ a large diversified work force, this work force then has to do what the employer wants or they won’t be employed any further, just as you and I in our jobs do as well, but what Hollywood tends to forget is, if they don’t have this workforce or the consumer who views their product, then there is no drama to create, let alone not having huge amounts of money to live their plush and luxurious lifestyles. Now you also have some Actor’s who have made huge amounts of money through Hollywood, then they think that they are on a pedestal above everyone else, because of their great wealth? They use Hollywood as their “soapbox” to force their views on the rest of us, they think we have to listen to them cause they are more wealthier than us, I have news for them, money don’t make you better than the rest of us, but if you put your money where your mouth is, just maybe the rest of us will look at you differently?

Hollywood with all its drama and fake reality, is not what this Society needs right now, this Society we live today is a “broken society” and to fix it we all have to be on the same playing field, the money that is being spent foolishly and selfishly throughout this Society is nothing but wasted money, if Hollywood and other Corporate companies and even our Government, would spend the money more wisely in areas that is needed most, just maybe this Society would be a better place for all that walk their paths along their journey of life.

” Hollywood is about making movies, it is not about being political or standing on top of the soapbox to force their views on others”

” Hollywood makes a huge amount of money, if they spent that money wisely and not foolishly, just maybe we could live within a better Society”