We explore…that is who we are.

             We are Explorer’s, that is who we are. Before North America became known as the United States and Canada, it was an area of unknown, people of other Countries had no idea of what was here, so a few set voyage to come here and explore, to see what this uncharted territory had to offer? Some set sail and became lost as their navigation wasn’t like that of today, yet others made it here and then went back to report of their findings.

North America……. the uncharted land, yes today that may be a hard pill to swallow? But do your homework and really learn of this great Country in which you live. When the first Explorer’s came here, they found that there were people living here, they are known to us today as the American Indian. These Indians roamed this land freely and went about their business without worrying of what they were doing, or did they have to worry about offending anybody? It is us the White man that came to their area and forced ourselves and our ways on them. this was the start of what changed North America forever.

To some they may say they made this land better than it ever was, yes America did change and yes there are a lot of great changes that made life better for all, but yet when you think about it, there were a lot of changes that made all our lives very difficult and in some way, made it worse than it ever was. A lot of what happened back then, still stands tall today and the biggest part that hurts us all the most, is the stepping on each others shoe shine, the pushing of your ways and beliefs on each other, When you look back at the Indian way, true maybe they did everything the hard way, but that was the way they did it and they were very happy with it. Now instead of roaming the land freely, now we have to watch where we step and cut through all the drama and red tape that is around us today.

Drama……… that is for another blog. with all the drama today we are afraid of offending each other, so we stay within ourselves and can’t even say a simple hello to each other anymore? God says “love thy neighbor”, within our Society today we don’t even talk to our neighbor, let alone wave a simple hello to them. This is how much this planet has changed since before the time that North America wasn’t even a Country as we see it today.

Everything around us including us as Humans will change, it is how we accept it and how we react to it, that determines who we become and how we walk our paths along this journey called life. Life may throw us many curve balls, yes we may swing and miss quite a few of them, but when we stay strong and true to ourselves, we will hit the curve balls out of the park, a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. Yes we are and always will be explorers, even though as we look around and think there is nothing else to explore, think again the exploring will never end, we will always have challenges, which we will have to explore, in order to be able to walk our paths along this journey, in peace and to be better and stronger as we move forward always.

” the exploring may never end, but we as Humans explore and that is who we are”

” to move forward in life, you always need to explore new roads and paths, all while staying true to who you are”

Telemarketers and Scammers need to get a real life………..

Telemarketers and Spammers are getting real crafty in the way they get your attention these days, they try to come across as the IRS or even as law enforcement, just to get your attention and force you to give them your hard earned money.

These Individuals most likely make very little money and work for commission on how many people they can scam? Which proves the creativity they come up with, just to get your attention and money.

You get calls like an official IRS agent calling you and threatening you with a lawsuit? Sorry but the real IRS don’t call and threaten you like this, you get calls like, you have papers you need to sign and they will be delivered to your home? Sorry but if someone needs to serve you papers, it is done through the local Sheriff or the Constable, other calls like they are pretending to be a law firm and at the end of the call they say “YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED”? Sorry but a real law firm don’t call you in this fashion.

Buyer Beware, this is an old school term that we all should be aware of, not just for shopping, but for all the telemarketers and spammers out there, that will do anything to get your attention and money, it is really sad that in this society, there will always be some that will stop at nothing, just to screw others out of their hard earned money and scare them into believing the worst or even worse, making you look over your shoulder all the time and who knows, maybe some old timers have become so nervous, that they have had a bad heart attack from these type of scams?

I am sure there are some that have bought into these scams and lost some big money, they worked hard at saving? the majority of us though probably have seen through these scams and just delete, so they won’t worry their fool heads off? But still it is just sad that some will take advantage of others, just for their own personal gain,  we all walk our own paths in life, but we all still have to walk this journey through life, so why not make the journey full of happiness for all, instead taking advantage of each other, which does nothing but further all the hate we have now in this society, there is an old saying in life, “never mess up another persons shoe shine”, meaning if you can walk your path along your journey, without messing up anyone’s shine, then when your journey is done, you will have nothing but peace, serenity and happiness, on your next journey wherever that may be?

God didn’t create this Planet and all Mankind, for us to take advantage of one another, yes he wants us to be better and stronger from each society, but to truly be better and stronger, we all have to work together, show more love of ourselves and each other, when someone is down on their luck and have fallen, reach out and help them, instead of just turning your back and walking away, or taking advantage of them when they are down, we all walk our own paths, but the journey is the same, let’s make the journey fun, with happiness and love of each other, so we all can walk our paths in peace, where ever our paths may take us.

” Never step on another persons shoe shine, as your own shine may be the one that gets scuffed up”

” Taking advantage of someone when they are down, is the lowest form of walking your path along your journey of life”

“Empathy in life goes a lot further than any hatred and it don’t cost anything, as it is inside all of us, we just have to let it out and it will bring much happiness to all our lives, along all our journeys”