NCIS…….Naval Criminal Intelligence Service,

NCIS is the best television show on TV today. The Writer’s who come up with the ideas and write the show, are the most creative crew and know how to keep their viewers in suspense from week to week or season to season.

Mark Harmon, a.k.a. Leroy Jethro Gibbs has the lead role in this show and is also the Executive Producer, but let’s not forget that he is also a great actor, his supporting cast around him are more than fellow actors, they together have formed a bond, like the foundation of a real life family.

NCIS is one of those shows that doesn’t come around all that often, it is a show that has story lines, as close to reality as you can get from in front of a camera and last nights episode proves just what I am saying. Last nights episode is a to be continued to next week and possibly the start of the season ending show? Which I can’t even imagine just how much this season ender might blow us all away. they have done it in the past with other season enders and left us hanging all summer, til the next season started, I must give 100% credit to the Writer’s of this show, as they truly know how to write and keep their Audience coming back for more.

Last nights episode of NCIS, was about Terrorists and how they recruit children, brainwash them to do their dirty work, so the Terrorist can stay hidden like the true Cowards they are. This is a growing problem within our Society today and shows just how in touch the show NCIS is with reality. The Terrorists of today are more brutal than those of the past and the fact they have no empathy or remorse for anybody/anything around them, shows just how brutal they are. they use Social media to recruit the children and the weak minded into their sick and twisted ways, they do what ever they need to do in order to put the fear of God, into each and every one of us. Most of us don’t see the true makings of what the Terrorist really is, cause we simply don’t want to know, so we can try to keep them at a safe distance from ourselves and think that if they aren’t bothering me, than a Terrorist really don’t exist.

A Terrorist is nothing more than a Bully, that will put fear into you, so the they can have all the power and control of everything around them. Both the Terrorist and the Bully are nothing more than a Coward, that has buried their true feelings and emotions so deep within themselves, that it is like they don’t exist, so the Terrorist/Bully can proceed on their quest of, controlling everything around them. The Terrorist is so afraid of us, that they look to recruiting children, brainwashing them to do their dirty work, cause they can’t face anybody that is strong and can stand up for themselves, you see Terrorists wearing hoodies and scarfs to cover their faces, which proves even more, just how much of a Coward they really are.

This TV show of NCIS, is as close to reality as you can get in a television show. The Writer’s do a great job in creating a script, that not only keeps it’s audience in suspense and keeps them tuning in from week to week, but they also come up with story lines that keeps us all in tune with, what is happening within the Society we live, not to mention they also tug at our emotionsĀ  from time to time, showing what the true meaning of having true empathy is. Love this show NCIS and hope this show never ends, as we all need a person like Gibbs and his gut, keeping us informed and caring enough of us, so we all can make well informed decisions, as we all walk our paths along our journey of life.

” NCIS may be a TV show, but it is a show that is as close to reality as you can get”

” Gibbs has his rules for his team on the show, he don’t write them down, just has them use their common sense to figure them out, so they can make good informed decisions in their jobs”

” The Gibbs rules are not anything special or set in stone, just wants you to use your common sense and all his rules are what we all should already live by, as we walk our paths of our journey of life”

The life and times, of quite simply…… itself.

What really is this word life all about? Life is a very powerful and diversified word, it never discriminates of which it also adjusts andĀ  changes to whatever we as Humans want life to hold for us.

There is no “Standard operating procedure” for this word life and no textbooks for us to study as we go, one persons life is never the same as anyone else, there is no wrong way to live our life, just that we have to adhere to the rules put forth by our peers within our Society and from our forefathers of a time we have forgotten.

Most of these rules were well thought out and will always stand the test of time, there are some rules that are in need of some updating, but when you update rules for your own needs, this is how we all as Humans become lost and lose our true identity of ourselves, but the biggest rule for any of us is, the simple art of just using our own Common Sense. This common sense is not really a rule, we all have this within us, but when we use it then life itself won’t seem as hard, as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

Common Sense isn’t all that Common within our Society, as we all have buried it deep within ourselves, simply cause we have put ourselves above all else and have shut out everything that is around us. Because our life has revolved around us only, then our Common Sense now becomes “Me Sense”, showing just how shallow our Society has become.

Life is always open for all of us to explore everything we need to explore? Life may be different for each of us, but each of our lives are special and unique in their own way. Just because one life may seem better than another, when you use your Common Sense you will find, life itself isn’t about being better than another, but about making ourselves better, to be stronger as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

We are all here to walk a journey through life, why not make the journey happy and peaceful for all? Instead of being so miserable in our own lives, that we make the lives of those around us even more miserable, simply because we don’t use this common sense, nor do we even know how to understand better of it, so we each can be better and stronger as we live our lives for the respect of each other, as we all can be happy and at peace throughout our journeys of life.

” Life doesn’t have to be harder for some than others, if we all use our common sense just maybe all our lives will be better and peaceful, throughout the journey

” Sometimes we make our lives more difficult than they actually have to be, common sense will ease a lot of our unwanted pains”