What is in a Purpose???

” We have different gifts, according to the grace given us” Romans 12:6 Purpose, it is that thing we never think of, but it is what drives us along our paths, throughout this journey of life. We all have a purpose as we walk our paths, just that some don’t understand and never find their

Re-focus on what is out of focus……….

                    ” To focus on what is in front of you, puts other things out of focus when we don’t pay attention” With this picture and the flowers in the foreground, you can clearly see where the focus is, but to focus on whats in front, puts the background out of focus and hard to

Many varieties of everything along this Journey through life

           Within this picture you can clearly see all the many varieties of plant life, along side this cascade of water, that carves it’s path on it’s journey. Plants are living and breathing, just as we throughout Mankind do as we exist on this journey through life. The Plant world also comes with many varieties,

Nectar the fruit of the flower, Bread of life is the food of our soul.

“Just as the Bee’s swarm around the flowers gathering their honey, the bread of life is within our hearts as Jesus fills it with love” Everything around us and everything within us, serves a purpose in all our lives as we walk our paths along this journey through life. It is up to each of

To find our purpose is a great delight.

When God told the Prophet Isiah that he was his delight, it took some time to figure out exactly what he meant, we are all in the eyes of God his delight and when we find our true purpose in life along our journey, we to will know just what God meant by ” your

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