Let this Christmas season bring more love to all of us around this Planet……

Christmas is not just the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is for us to let our love of one another shine brighter than any gift we give, or even the brightest star that guided the three kings, to the stables of Jesus birth. When we do this for the spirit of Christmas, there is no reason we can’t do this everyday of the year.

Where ever you look throughout this planet Earth, there is a lot of anger, innocent killings of our fellow man, people taking to the streets to make their voice heard and causing unwanted destruction of everything in their way, leaders of the countries thinking their agendas, are the most important agendas throughout this planet? We the people of this society are all to blame for this chaos we see everyday around us, cause none of us are showing our true love of each other, instead we do nothing but become bitter and angry of each other, for the reason that we don’t want others to think we are weak.

To show our true love of one another, does not show how weak we are, it only shows how strong we really are, cause it takes a lot more work to show this true love, than to show our bitterness and anger towards one another, when we show this anger and bitterness, all we are doing is taking the lazy way to walking our path along our journey of life.

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, Christmas day is for us to remember his journey, seeing the true love he shared with everybody along his path, while showing all of us that, when we show this true love ourselves, we to can walk our paths of our journey, in happiness while we become stronger and share our love with each other, instead of all the death and destruction that is around us.

When Jesus walked his journey, he did so with only the clothes on his back, showing that when we show our true love of each other, we don’t need all of life’s extras to be happy and that these extras along with greed, is what breeds all this death and destruction around us, when we show this true love of ourselves to each other, there is no room for any hate, bitterness or destruction on all our paths of our journey of life.

The true meaning of the Christmas spirit, is always inside each of us, in the form of the Holy Spirit, this Holy Spirit only shines the brightest, when we love ourselves and take this same love and share it with each other, no matter who you are on this planet, this Holy Spirit is inside you, just that we have to acknowledge it, so we can let it shine throughout all our paths along our journey’s of life.

Now as we celebrate Jesus birthday this Christmas season, let us all acknowledge this Holy Spirit and let it shine the brightest it has ever shined, as we share our love of ourselves, to each other, so all our paths along our journey of life, will have happiness out weigh all the hatred and bitterness that surrounds us now, Merry Christmas to all, as we all love each other and as we love ourselves, on our paths of our journey of life.

” the true Christmas season lets our love of one another, out shine any gift we may buy for each other”

” to celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas, is to also celebrate our true love of selves and each other”

” the Christmas season shouldn’t just be one time of year, it should last every day of the year, every year of our existence, on our journey of life”

There is Beauty in everything that is around us………


To some that look at this picture may only see what is in the picture, but to truly see what is the beauty of this picture, you have to stop and really look at each individual item within this picture, this is what Mayor Tom Menino did everyday of his 20 year tenure within the city of Boston.

Each one of these items within this picture has a purpose, not just of itself but for each other, as well as us as Human beings, you have a blue sky with clouds, that bring rain and sunshine that help feed all this plant life, you also have a body of water that holds and stores this rain and within this body of water, there is more plant life as well as different kinds of Amphibious animals that also live and breathe on this planet Earth, that we all share.

There is so much beauty around us, it is just that we don’t take the time to stop and look around at it all, Mayor Menino did just that as he walked the streets of Boston, he also didn’t over look one thing, in order to help another, he showed so much diversity for everything in which he looked at, true we as Human Beings are very unique in our own way, but we are all very similar in that we are Human Beings and walk a path along our journey of life, Mayor Menino saw all the uniqueness within us all and took action to help us all thrive to be better, so the city of Boston can be better for all that come walk their journey’s within it.

Mayor Menino’s funeral was done in a very special way, with close to 1000 people within the church it was full of people from all walks of life, it showed people coming together to celebrate the life of a great man, not just people but a huge diversity of people from, big named politicians, big named sports stars, to just ordinary people from a neighborhood, all coming together for a common cause, this was what Mayor Menino was all about all 20 years of his time in the city of Boston, this was a man that didn’t judge you by your appearance, only saw the good deep within everybody he looked at, every thanksgiving he would go serve the homeless at the shelter, before returning home with his family for his own thanksgiving dinner, he would always travel into the neighborhoods and listen to the people, then took care of what he needed to so the people would be happy everyday, this was Mayor Menno doing what he loved to do.

Most all politicians will say what you want to hear just to get your vote, not Mayor Menino, when he said something he would back it up with actions, because it is what he loved to do, most politicians when they get elected, stay within their office and forget about the ones that put them there, they become engulfed in a world that they portray which is usually a world of make believe and then they keep it going, by becoming something/someone in which they are not, Mayor Menino was real and genuine, which is a trait that today’s politician doesn’t have, Mayor Menino also treated everybody with respect and dignity, which are two things we all as Human Beings are guilty of not doing amongst each other, which explains all the bitterness and hatred that surrounds us today.

Let us all learn from the ways of Mayor Menino and let us all truly see the message he left us from his funeral, when we do it correctly and treat everybody around us with respect and dignity, no matter who or what is around you, all our paths along our journey of life, will be better and stronger moving forward, diversity is all of us as Human Beings, as we are all unique in our own way, but yet very similar as Humans and until we all acknowledge this, there will always be bitterness and hatred around us, it is all up to each of us, to not only love ourselves but to love everybody around us, not just for show or to portray a fake self to others, but to be real and genuine, so the true love pours out of us, even without us truly knowing it is flowing out of us, so all our paths along our journey of life, is full of happiness and strength.

” to be real and genuine will always help us love and see the true beauty of everything around us”

” Diversity is each of us as Human Beings, we may be unique in our own way, but we are all very similar as well”

” respect and dignity will make us all happy, as it keeps us all strong on our paths of our journey of life”

Change happens everywhere and to anyone


Throughout the history of the planet Earth, change happens whether we except it or ignore it.

Now that we embark into the season of fall, it is a time for all the plant life to exhale, while their leaves change to a beautiful bright color and get ready to drop their leaves, for the bitter cold of the winter, this is a change that happens every year of the history of the planet Earth, unlike some change that happens all around us, this change will happen whether we except it or not, some may say they don’t like it cause it brings the cold of the winter, some may like the colors and enjoy this time of year, while most become bitter and complain of the cold nights, as they go into their shell of hibernation into their own little world of reality.

Just as the plant life changes from season to season, we to as Humans change in our own way, some change may be drastic as other kinds of change are minimal, change is good when done for the right reasons, but when you resist and fight the change, is when it becomes hard and difficult, small change like buying a new car, or eating a new dish, are easily excepted and come with no resistance, but bigger change like a new lifestyle, or maybe selling and buying a new house in a different area, is the type of change we resist the most, only because we are entering an area of unknown and when enter into the unknown, we are scared which breeds negativity to everything around us, Life events happen to all of us throughout our lives, when these events happen and brings a change to our lifestyle, is when we resist change the most, we fight it to the point of exhaustion, then we build a wall around ourselves to protect ourselves from anything that may come to us, even if what comes will help us greatly in excepting the change.

Change will come to us in many ways whether we except it or not, the best way is to except it so we move forward in a positive way, instead of being negative of everything/anything that is around us, negativity brings a whole other element to change that makes us feel more pain than we really need to feel, the way this Society is with all the hate in this world today, only shows just how negative we really are, how we are letting the bad changes take precedence over the good changes in our lives, how we all are living in our own little shells of our own realities, along our paths of our journey’s of life, the more we stay in our own shells and try to keep from further harm, the more the harm will stay with us and bring us further pain, whether we want it or not, God didn’t create us to live in our own shells, he created us to be free to do what ever we wanted, as we walk our paths of our journey’s of life in peace and love of one another, to coincide with each other, so we all can be better and stronger along our journey, God brought this change to us, in order to help us stay stronger and be better along our journey, so we can live with love and peace, instead of hate and destruction that consumes all our lives at this moment, it is not to late to break our shells and except whatever change that comes to us, we only have to except it, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life, within peace and love for everything/ anything that is around us.

” Change happens everywhere and anywhere, all we have to do is, except it to move forward along our journey of life, with peace and love for all that is around us”

” The four seasons of the calender year involves many changes, just like many changes comes to all our lives throughout the year as well”