Is it really what it seems

We grow into life onto a path of a Journey,
We get taught by so many things on our path,
We may see things one way then get taught another,
Life is full of perception but distorted many ways,
Some see a glass as half full yet others see it as half empty,
To truely see our paths before us just feel it in the heart,
Sometimes life will challenge us but our hearts will help us,
Our heart does many things only it is felt and not seen,
The heart will never lead us a stray we just have to feel it,
We get taught from one perception that leads to many,
These perceptions may seem real but only the heart is truely real,
True perceptions can not be seen only felt deep within the heart,
As we walk our paths along our journey of life, ask ourselves if what we see is. seen or is it felt within our hearts.

“Perception is what we see and tell ourselves is real, our heart than feels what we see to except it as actual reality”

“Our lives along this path of life, will get distorted from time to time, but the feeling within the heart will always guide us to rightousness and true perception along this journey God has set us on”

Is the glass half full, or just see it as half empty

This question of glass half full/glass half empty? Has been in our lives for many many many years, it is a question that only us as Individuals have the true answer for, in the way we percieve everything/anything around us.
The way we percieve things around us, not only affects us, but also affects other’s around us, with this perception and how each of us do it, makes for alot of perceptions, you think the way you percieve something, is the same way people around you percieve it also? If you think the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to change the way of your perceptions.
A perception is like our feelings, how we act, or how we see things, they are all different and with the amount of people in this Society, you can see just how complicated it can be, when other’s don’t percieve something as we ourselves do, we then form this opinion of them and create this hate of them, instead of looking deeper and understanding what or how they percieve differently than we ourselves do.
Whether you percieve the glass as half full, or whether you percieve it as half empty, really means nothing in the grand sceem of things, our perceptions of everything around us may be different, but if we only look deeper into the perception, look deeper into our fellow Man/Woman, we will have a better understanding of life and how everything around us works, the Human body and all it’s parts may seem very complex to us, but it is the perception of how we look at things, that is the most complex and what forces us to be superficial, instead of looking deeper so we can better understand everything/anything around us.
We have all heard of the term the “Mind’s eye”, perception is the eye of our minds, our mind’s are the most complex thing here on Earth, as nobody knows what is in the mind of another, which is a good explanation of why we percieve everything differently, cause our perception is a product of our mind, the Mind is a powerful force within each of us, it can control everything we do if we let it, so the best way for us to take back control, is to look deeper into the perception, instead of being superficial and rationalizing everything around us, so instead of looking at the glass as half empty, just fill it back up and percieve your thirst as being quenched.

” is the glass half empty, or half full, it doesn’t matter if we truly understand”

” Look deep into the perception, so we can understand better of how we see things”

50 years old/a half century??? you pick

In reference to yesterday’s blog on Birthday’s, this got me thinking again, as we turn 50 years old, are we 50 in years, or are we a half century old?
Any way you look at it, we as Humans will always have our own perception of it, when you look at it as a half century, we all know that two halfs make a whole, so then you can say that this is the half way point to a century, meaning that we have reached our mid-life, with that said we can definitly take stock of our life to this point, by looking into the inventory of our lifetime, to see what we have done wrong as well as done right.
We all know that God forgives no matter what your wrongs have been, so why can’t we as people do the same of each other? It is because we fear God as he created us, so we then take that fear and use it on one another, jealousy, greed, hate, are all just words, but they are words we have come to know and use against one another, these words did not exsist before Mankind, a time where Earth wasn’t even a habital Planet for us to exsist, yes this did exsist and we have to drop our ignorence in order to be able to except the truth, the real truth is something we all struggle with, cause we are to ignorant to except.
Whether we are 50 years old, or we are a half century, this is the time to take stock in our lives, look at our inventory, see what we did right as well as what we did wrong, so we can correct our mistakes moving forward, look at it as our second chance, when we truly believe in the Lord God with our heart and soul, we will see he does forgive us of our wrongs, so we can move forward with strength, as our second half century will be better then the first, one day at a time along our Journey of life we all walk.
The Journey of life for some is shorter then others, we will never find the real reason for it, so we need to except it and live our lives without regret, live our lives for good and not evil, so not only we will feel good of ourselves, but it also makes our lives easier when done right, when we feel good of ourselves, it then becomes infectious and spreads throughout Society, but when we are weak and turn to hatred, is when we create this false happiness, which ends up destroying ourselves and all those around us, we walk this Journey on Earth whether long or short, it is up to us, on how this journey ends, so we all need to do it right, believe and trust in the Lord God and he will guide us to the path of rightousness, along this journey of life.

” we all walk a journey through life and it’s us who control our own journey”

” whether 50/half century we all percieve in our own way”

” God forgives us of our wrongs, no matter how wrong they are”