The road to the future, for what does it truly hold?

         You know your getting old when you remember a movie from twenty six years ago as if it was yesterday. The movie was called Back to the future and one of it’s stars was Micheal J Fox, who played the role of Marty McFly. I was twenty five when this movie came out, I

Re-focus on what is out of focus……….

                    ” To focus on what is in front of you, puts other things out of focus when we don’t pay attention” With this picture and the flowers in the foreground, you can clearly see where the focus is, but to focus on whats in front, puts the background out of focus and hard to

The journey of life has many similarities, as we carve our paths differently.

           Just as we walk our Journey’s Jesus also came and walked his journey with us. There are no set paths, only paths carved by others, or paths that we may carve ourselves. We learn many things and make many choices along the paths we walk, when Jesus came and walk his path, we today

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