True Change is dificult for all who walk a Journey through life

“Day one of all our lives brings this Journey through life we walk together. The only difference to this Journey is, us as an Individual and the path we chose along the Journey”.

“There is no perfect path, there is no easy path, as all the paths have their own twists, turns and cross roads”.

There are many ways for us to get tripped up along our paths of our journey, as we explore our paths we find many life events that may trip us up as well, the issue with these events is, they bring us into the unknown further than we like. When we get deep into the unknown we tend to lose our true direction along our path, which causes us to become someone we truly are not. Each path we choose has their own direction and to us it is unknown, we as Humans fear the unknown (it is natural), but we tend to forget that this fear may frighten us now, but as we learn of it can make us better and stronger, to continue on our path of our journey of life.

These life events will come to us in many ways, whether its natural and a part of life, or they are brought by another fellow Human within Mankind, either way they can bring us much pain whether on the exterior or the interior of our physical bodies, when the pain affects us on the exterior, yes they can leave a scar and hurt greatly, but the scars will heal over time, when the pain comes to us on the interior, they can and will leave a scar that will last throughout our journey of life. With these scars they can “determine where we came from, but don’t have to determine where we are going”.

Throughout our journey of life and throughout all the life events that will come to us at the cross roads of our path, the one thing we do most is, let the shame of the event control who we truly are, because of the shame we hide our true feelings and emotions deep within ourselves, we bury our true selves deep within and then try to move forward showing a fake side (living in fantasy instead of reality), not only to protect ourselves from further harm, but to hide the pain from all that is around us, we also numb ourselves to the point we feel nothing from anything anymore.

The Journey of life will do this to all of us if we let it, if we don’t truly understand what is around us and why, we will always fear the unknown around every corner of our paths. The best way to conquer any fear is, to stay true to yourself and keep in touch with your true feelings and emotions, don’t numb yourself to the pains of shame, or anything that pains us, we have to feel the pain so we can truly fix what is wrong and the scars that the pain leaves, will heal whether on the exterior or interior.

Yes any pain hurts, but the pains from shame on the interior hurts more than any pain we may feel, it is very difficult to take away the pains of shame and we as Individuals will do whats best for ourselves, only because we know who we are and until we give up and bury our true selves, is when the pain from any kind of shame will hurt us greater, we will never truly acknowledge this cause we have buried deep within our selves, the biggest part of ourselves and that part is, our true selves, our true feelings and our true emotions.

We all walk our own paths along this journey of life, the paths may be different to each of us, but the journey through life for all of us is very much the same. The life events, the twists and the turns along each path, has their own way of bringing this fear of the unknown to us, the cross roads of the path will bring the shame from the unknown to us and unless we truly understand the fear and the shame, the next path we take from the cross road, will be from our clouded judgement, to which will lead us to more shame and more fear, then we become something we are not, so we can move forward without the pains of the shame and fear.

When God created all of Mankind, he made us all unique to each other, so we can help each other on all our paths we choose, he sent his only son Jesus to us, so he can show us the true path of righteousness and that if we walk our paths correctly, we will all have peace within our lives, God left it up to each of us to find that peace and it is there, just that we have to weed out the crap, so we can see clearly the true direction to the path of righteousness. The best way for all of us to see the peace lies within our true selves, when we bury our true selves deep within, we will never see the peace of the true path of righteousness, we will never see clearly along any path we take, which proves further that, when we see the true peace along our path, we truly know who we are and we truly feel our emotions/empathy as we walk our paths along our journey of life.


The Season of Lent

The Season of Lent is the Catholic way of reflecting on the journey of Jesus Christ. All other Religion of faiths celebrate and call his journey by a different name, but the one common denominator is Jesus Christ himself. Jesus never discriminated anybody and treated everybody as equals, unlike the people of this Society today. We the people are whats wrong with this Drama driven Society and we the people can change this if we really focused our energy to it.

When Jesus walked his journey with us, he taught us many things and showed us just how special the true path of righteousness really is, he sacrificed himself so the rest of us can be at peace, this is how his father The Almighty God wanted it to be, so we the people can see the true positive, of what true change really is. True change sometimes can be difficult and bring much pain to us, but when we accept the true change, do the work needed to apply it, then yes we to can find that true path of righteousness that Jesus showed and walked with us.

Within the season of Lent and all the names that other Religions call their remembrance of the journey of Jesus Christ, is a special time for all Catholics and other faiths around the globe, with the Catholics celebrating Lent, other faiths should celebrate with us, by respecting our views and beliefs, as we Catholics do of them during their celebration of the journey of Jesus Christ. This celebration and respect of each other is one of the things Jesus taught us as he walked with us, it is we the people that have wavered from the teachings of Jesus.

There is always going to be life events and other things that will happen to us throughout our journey of life, these events will and can control every fiber of our being if we let them, they will also bring us much pain and anxiety and we will do anything to try to stop the pain, but what we forget is, when we suffer great pain, Jesus suffers great pain with us, Jesus came to us to teach us many things, he will never leave us alone even if we feel like we are alone with no where to go? The power of Prayer works in ways we can’t explain, but God and Jesus do hear our Prayers and are always with us, within the hearts and souls of each and every one of us.

Now as we celebrate the journey of Jesus Christ, let us all remember and reflect on the lessons he taught us when he came and walked his journey with us. Let us all truly feel the warmth of his love for us deep within our hearts and souls and as we feel this warmth, let us then share this warmth of his love with all that is around us, there is always going to be temptation in our lives, as Jesus also had to deal with this, temptation only shows that Satan is alive and well within our Society and the group ISIS is prime example of this, but during this time of Lent and reflecting on the journey of Jesus Christ, we to can resist this temptation as Jesus did, by staying true to self and the Lord God, who created us and all that is around us. When we stay true to ourselves and feel the warmth of Jesus love within our hearts and souls, then share this warmth and love with all those around us, this shows our father the Lord God, that yes we did listen and learn from Jesus and with the power of prayer at our disposal, helps us communicate better with God, as well as with each other within this Society, So as we all find this true path of righteousness, let us all share with each other, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, while we become better and stronger throughout the evolution of Mankind and God will then be happy of all of us, as his vision of Mankind will than become a true reality

” The Season of Lent may be a Catholic celebration, but the true celebration is that we all learn from the journey of Jesus Christ and show his love with all, no matter what faith of religion you belong to”

” Jesus never showed discrimination of anybody on his journey, this is only we the people that shows this towards each other”

Another Christmas that has come and gone along our journey

Now that Christmas has come and gone and is another memory in our past, let us not forget the other 364 days within the year til the next Christmas, let us not forget what Christmas really means to each of us as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also we as Humans sharing our love of selves with each other, it is being with family over all the commercialization hype that surrounds each Christmas season, but more important it is us as Humans excepting Jesus Christ in our lives, so he can guide us to the true path of righteousness, the path that is full of good and love, all paths throughout our journey have their own twists and turns, but the true path of righteousness when followed correctly and believe in Jesus Christ will always lead us to good, while the love of ourselves flows from us and spreads throughout all Society.

A lot of times we get caught up in the flow of society and what we think is the normal, just because those around us may be doing what they think is right, don’t really mean it is truly right, some may look at those who except Jesus and look at them as weird,  but the really weird ones are the ones that don’t truly believe in Jesus Christ, Jesus is the son of God, who created this planet and all of Mankind, Jesus came to us and walked his path of his journey, just like all of us do in our lives, the difference is that he showed us just what the path of righteousness is all about, he showed us just how our love of ourselves can spread the good throughout any Society and those who rebelled against this love, are the ones that bring this hatred and evil to any Society.

We all suffer a loss and grieve in our own way, we also suffer different life events that come to us along our paths, when these things happen to us, we then pray to Jesus to help us through these tough times, but when he doesn’t communicate back with us, we then lose this faith and belief in him and God, what we don’t realize is that Jesus doesn’t talk directly with us, he sends these signs for us to see, but we never look for these signs cause we don’t understand of what to truly see, cause these events have clouded our minds in ways we don’t understand, we then try to move forward on our paths in ways we think is the right way, but what we are really doing is becoming someone we truly are not, only because we have lost that true connection of Jesus Christ and what the path of righteousness really is.

When we have total faith and belief in Jesus Christ, understand what to see when he sends us these signs, we will always know where this path of righteousness is, it is not just any path of which we choose, it is a path that keeps us in touch with our true selves, lets us feel the warmth of Jesus within our hearts and souls, which is his love filling our bodies, so we than can love ourselves correctly, when we love ourselves then this same love spreads throughout our Society and all the good flows through the Society, like a mountain stream flows down a mountain constantly and fluently, we all have certain events happen to us along our journey, when we understand better of the why and never lose the faith and belief in Jesus, we will always know where to find the path of righteousness, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace and love of one another.

” Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, being with our families, so this love of selves can then spread throughout Society, with all the good coming to each of us”

” With true faith and belief in Jesus Christ, we will always see his signs he sends us from our prayers”

” Christmas is the birth of Jesus and doesn’t end in one day, it is a journey like all our journeys through life”