The Shepard has come home

     ” Sometimes within life as we walk our paths of our journey of life, we don’t realize til it’s too late, just how much we really have touched the lives of those around us”

” Come home my Shepard, you have gathered the Herd, now it’s time to relax and relish the feeling of what hard work really is”.

Throughout our lives as we walk this journey and more so in today’s Society, we want everything now, we want people to notice who we are and what we are doing, even before we have done anything, or became anything at all, We want so bad to be noticed, that we do anything and become someone we are truly not, just so others will notice us, even if its in the wrong way.

Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us, he did so in a quiet way and like the Shepard gathering the Herd, Jesus gathered his followers one by one. Jesus wasn’t out to win any rewards like we operate today, he just very quietly spread the words of his Father, the Lord God the creator of all Mankind.

Sport’s within our Society is very much like Jesus when he came and walked his journey with us. When you play sports the right way and for the right reasons, whatever sport you play will touch your heart as well as the hearts of many, just like Jesus touched the hearts of many throughout his journey. Lasts nights induction of Brett Favre to the hall of fame within lambeau field and the way that the 70,000+ fans greeted him, shows just how special sports can be within all our lives. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place even Brett was brought to tears as the entire stadium stood as one, to show their appreciation of their Quarterback of the team the Green bay Packers. Brett played a lot of years for this team, he played hard and gave his all to the team, he even brought a Championship back to the fans, so they can celebrate Brett’s hard work with him, last night brought all that hard work back front and center, to the thousands of fans in attendance. This is what sports can truly do within our Society, just like Jesus brought us together for good, Sports can unite us as well, so we all can walk our paths along this journey through life in peace and become stronger and better from one Society to another.

Respect is never just handed to us, we have to go out and earn the respect, by doing whatever we do in the right way, when we cheat to try to get the respect and when we think respect should just be given to us, true respect will never be awarded to us.  True respect takes a lot of hard work and dedication to whatever you do, without these two respect you will never have earned. Some of the sports players think that because they are playing for a lot of money, that we all should respect them always? I got news for you, true respect does not work that way. Real sports stars like Brett Favre, Ray Bourque, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, or Micheal Jordon to name a few, received the respect for the sport they played after they retired, cause they were to busy working their tail off and giving 100% to the teams in which they played. Sports can and will be when done in the right way, a way to unite together large quantities of people to show true respect to each other, Jesus when he came to us didn’t ask to be respected by any of us, he earned that respect with his actions and his teachings to all of us. With this feeling of respect also comes the knowing that, you have become a Shepard to many, by bringing together many for the reason of good towards all and like the Shepard at the end of the day, now you to can relax truly, knowing that your job is done. There is no better feeling we will ever feel, than earning the respect of many, as we all walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Sports when played for the right reasons, will always unite many, but when done for the wrong reasons will bring great pain and hatred to all”

” The job of the Shepard wasn’t a job where glory was around you, but you did the job anyways going unannounced to those around you, but in the end you earned much respect from all those around you”

STOP!!!! Take the time to notice what’s around you

In this Society we live today, nobody actually takes the time anymore to look around and enjoy what is around you, the old expression of “dog eat dog world”, really takes on a different meaning today.
The way we as Humans have evolved over time, is the reason some individuals have gone nuts sort of speak, everyday we hear through the Media that somewhere, someone is shooting up other people, Common sense will tell you the bottom line of this, may be easier to see if we just stop and look around, to see where we have gone wrong through time.
These Distraught Individuals have become “distraught” because we have let them be this way, in this Society if you are different and confused, other’s only make fun of you to the point of, you have no choice but to pull back and isolate yourself, from the rest of the Society, any kind of isolation in any way by a Human Being, is not in any way a healthy way for us to move forward on our journey.
When we are isolated our mind then plays tricks on us and we start talking out loud to nobody, the deviant side of the mind then becomes the dominate one, as now we think deviant thoughts and ways to get back at those who have harmed us, we don’t think of the ramifications of our actions, just an action that harms those individuals that have harmed us, we don’t let any other thoughts enter our minds, other than the thoughts of evil and not good, we then enter into denial, which takes away the difference of right and wrong and helps us not to think of these actions further.
Empathy? when we are isolated we have no empathy, we have no feelings and simply objectify everything/everybody around us, the empathy is still there, we all have it, just that we suppress it so deep inside ourselves, it is like it don’t exsist, when we get to this part of isolation, is when we become a danger to ourselves and all those around us, we than will stop at nothing to make other’s feel pain, as we try to make our pain go away, we all go through troubling times, but we all don’t let our minds wander in deviant ways either, but there are Individuals that do and we need to be aware of them, instead of turning our backs and making fun of these individuals, we need to reach out to them, make them feel loved, like God does to all of us everyday, not only will this heal them, but will heal all of us, moving forward on our Journey’s through life.

” Time to take the time to notice what is around us”

” We all hurt, we all feel pain, it is what we do with it that helps us overcome with strength”