There is no ” I” in Team……..

Boston Bruins right wing David Backes (42) celebrates after a shot by teammate Marcus Johansson, not shown, got past St. Louis Blues goaltender Jake Allen (34) for a score during the third period of Game 3 of the NHL hockey Stanley Cup Final Saturday, June 1, 2019, in St. Louis. The Bruins won 7-2 and lead the series 2-1. At left is Blues' defenseman Joel Edmundson (6). (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

To be a Champion in any team sport, comes down to the fact that, it’s not about one or two guys, it is totally a team effort and the Boston Bruins have proved that with the great season they are having. On the verge of yet another Stanley cup victory and the way they as a team rebounded from a lack luster performance in game two, they go two games to one in game three, in the best of a seven game series. Game three wasn’t just a win for the Bruins, they did so in the house of the St. Louis blues and in a dominating way, final score was seven to two, while going four for four on the power play also. This team has a good mix of veteran players, as well as great young talent, with a coach that has his finger on the pulse of each game. Chemistry is another part of being a true champion, it is how you are respected by your teammates, knowing your teammates so you can move as one on the ice with pin point passing, as you gain control of the puck away from the other team. The team whether on the ice or off the ice, has to bond together and be ready to battle for each other, like being a family, with the coaches being the parents of the family. These Boston Bruins are a special group, that have come together in harmony, as they put aside the ego’s to work hard at achieving the most prestigious trophy in all of sports…………….. Lord’s Stanley cup.

The Bruins might of dominated in last nights game three match up, but let’s not forget the St. Louis Blues, this team is built very similar to the Bruins, I am sure game four these Blues will be ready to battle once again, the Bruins will have to be ready for the fight and respond as they did in game three. To get this far and be the last two teams standing within the league, with a chance of being the champions of the hockey world, says a lot of both these teams, now with these Bruins being two wins away from the coveted prize, is no time to become comfortable, as the last two wins are just as hard as the last fourteen. For those true fans of the game of hockey, you have basically two seasons in one and we the fans are blessed with such a great game, now through the years the game has had some changes to it, like being a much faster game then years before, but the basics of the game stay in tact, like the first season being the regular season and the second season being the playoffs. With the playoffs there is a slogan we call ” Mission sixteen”, basically we call it that because it takes sixteen wins to win the playoffs and become the keeper of Lord’s Stanley’s cup.

My earliest memory of these Bruins was also against the St. Louis Blues, with the now famous greatest player to ever lace up the skates………… He is Bobby Orr and with an assist from Derek Sanderson, the rest is history with Bobby flying through the air in front of the goalie, for the goal and the winner of Lord’s Stanley’s cup. The Boston Bruins have a rich history and being one of the six original teams within the National Hockey League, not too mention some of the great hockey talent to wear the spoke “B” on their chest, is the reason why I myself Bleed black and gold. With two more wins this special team of the Boston Bruins can cement their names within the rich history of the organization.

Like Tom Brady has become the G. O. A. T. of the football world, we here in the city of Boston has witnessed two G. O. A. T’s of their sports, with Tom Brady and Bobby Orr. There is a lot of sports history here in the city of Boston and with the Bruins on the brink of winning a championship, along with the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots all in the same season, which hasn’t been done since the season of 1935/1936, truly gives this city of Boston the title of ” Titletown U. S. A.”.

I love the game of hockey, played the game when I was younger and with my favorite team so deep in the playoffs, like two wins away from winning Lord’s Stanley’s cup deep, it is very exciting right now, with all eyes on this special team. A team that has battled adversity all season, a team that has bonded together more than a team, they have bonded like a family on and off the ice and has been fun too watch this bonding all season. This team has been resilient all season and watching them in game two and game three, proves just how resilient they are, with an ugly performance in two, and a great performance in three. Would love to see this team finish mission sixteen, as not just for the reward for the players on a great season, but for the third time in the same season, the city of Boston can cue the Duck boats once again, for this type of celebration will never get old, especially with my favorite team.

” In team sports there is never an I, as it takes the whole team to work as one and become a true champion”

” The Stanley cup is the most prestigious and hardest trophy to win of all the sports, which makes hockey the coolest game on ice”

” To be a G. O. A. T. of your sport means that you are the Greatest Of All Time”

” Mission 16 in the game of hockey starts with the playoffs as you are on a mission to win 16 more games to be a true champion of the sport you play and love”

The 2015 Boston Bruins

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA          The Boston Bruins are a hockey team within the National Hockey League (NHL), they are also my favorite sports team and always have been throughout my life. Win, lose or draw, I will always bleed the black and gold, the greatest hockey talent ever to lace up the skates played for these Bruins and brought two Stanley cups to the city of Boston, his name is Bobby Orr and I idolized him as I played the game growing up. I have been fortunate enough to witness these Bruins going to five Stanley cup final, winning three and losing two. This team has always been competitive each season, with only a few seasons falling short of expectations, the thing most about this team is, throughout the years they have made the playoffs with lesser named players than other teams, could the Ownership maybe change their philosophy of this team a bit and actually spend for the bigger named talent of the league, possibly? But throughout my time as a true Boston Bruins fan, it surely looks like they are more about putting the profits in their pockets, instead of rewarding the true fans with some great talent, for more chances of bringing Lord Stanley back to Boston, where it belongs.

With that said……. My thoughts of Claude Julien is, he is a great coach with a great system of play, with his system he needs all the players on the roster to buy into the the system and execute the system perfectly and in 2011 they all bought in with the result being, they brought Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston where it truly belongs. After winning the Stanley cup (which is hardest trophy to win in all sports), the team got into salary cap issues and had to let go some of the key players that brought the identity to the team, with the result since has been a team in need of an identity. Identity in hockey goes way beyond the talent of the players and has everything to do with, group of players bonding together as one, taking their Individual talents, putting them together and making the entire team stronger, which makes them a difficult team to play against, for any team that they may face. When the entire roster of players bond together and play for each other, the result then becomes they win more than they lose, in 1970, 1972 and 2011 these Bruins showed just what bonding together means and what being a team family really means, these players from these Championship teams were a family on and off the ice, which they had each others backs and played hard for each other each and every game. In 2011 and with the system of Claude in place, then with all the players bonding together as a family and buying into the system, is the biggest reason why they brought Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston and why each and every game of that season they where a hard win for any team that they had faced. The Identity of the team in 2011 was that of, making the other team work that much harder to beat you, while the team/family of the Boston Bruins executed the system of Claude perfectly and piling up win after win. This team of 2015 definitely needs all these young players to buy into the system of Claude and bond together as one, so they to can create this Identity that the past teams of the Bruins have had, as well as the success they have had also, I will always bleed the black and gold of the Boston Bruins and do hope these Bruins can bond together as one, bringing Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston, where the true home of this most prestigious trophy truly is.

” The Identity of any team, starts with all the players of that team bonding together and bringing all their Individual talents together, making them a hard team for any other team to play against”

” when a sports team bonds together they become a family on and off the field/ice”

” Championships don’t always have to be won with the best of talent, they can also be won with a team who has the strongest Identity and who bonds together stronger than the opponent”

The 2014 Boston Bruins

I would like to start out by saying, thank you to the Bruins players, coaches, the front office staff and the management, for a great and exciting season, with a few player’s up for an award, as well as the organization for winning the President’s trophy.
This season like all others had it’s ups and downs, but when push came to shove the team achieved high honors, I have been a Bruins fan for my lifetime, I have also played the game and understand the ins and outs of the game, as well as the other side of the game, being the business side, to be able to compete in this NHL of today, you must evolve and by evolve I mean change as well as adapt like all the other teams.
My earliest memory of the Bruins, was Bobby Orr flying through the air, on a pass from Derek “Turk” Sanderson, for the winning goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup finals, I have been a true fan since and have seen many stars wear the spoked “B”, the Bruins have seen it’s share of NHL stars to wear the B and I am sure they will see many more in the future.
Now as these 2014 playoffs come to a close for the organization, of which I was very excited to see another Stanley cup come to Boston, as this team was good enough to do this, I am also disapointed on how they came to a close, in my opinion this team just simply imploded at the wrong time, letting the other team get in their heads and taking bad penelties, even though the officiating was fair at best, I do feel very bad for Iggy as this was his best shot at a Championship and do hope he comes back for another run with the Bruins, this team is well coached has it’s good core group of player’s starting with Patrice Bergeron, but does need to change some ingrediants, in order to make the product a gourmet delight once again.
With change comes some resistence, but it is change well worth making to be better and stronger moving forward, first I would start with Brad Marchand as his reputation has gone sour and hurts his team with bad penelties, on defense with a healthy Seidenberg, I would take Mcquaid, Bartkowski and Mezarros, trade them for stronger and better “D” men, that can handle the puck and quarterback the powerplay very much like a Ray Bourque, with Chara getting older, start thinking about making Patrice the captain and using Chara in key situations, which will bring down his minuates on the ice, Chara still has some to give, just not what a younger Chara would give, build the “D” around Boychuk, Hamilton Krug and Seidenberg.
For Marchand, I would add Caron to the mix and go after younger seasoned veterns, that would fit the system and the team mentality attitude and know how to find the back of the net, Lootch is a great power forward that plays with an edge, I just think that he went over that edge and wasn’t effective like he usally is, can he still be that guy? Yes he can play with that edge without going over the edge and Lootch will once again be a true power forward, 3rd line was awesome to watch and with Kelly back will make them better, just have Fraser waiting in Providence and let Caron go with Marchand trade, these ideas of mine sound good and will make the team better moving forward, change sometimes is difficult, but when done correctly, is the best for everybody moving forward,

” Boston Bruins are a great team and organization, that helps a community heal at troubled times”

Hockey playoffs in 7th Heaven

Playoffs in any sport has it’s own persona about them, Hockey playoffs and a game 7 winner take all game, is like no other sport on the planet.
Hockey is so fast paced and full of action, that to some of the watcher’s, they just can’t follow the game and chose a less action kind of sport like Baseball, but to those who know the game of Hockey, this is the most exciting part of the season.
The NHL player’s who have the chance to take part in these playoffs and experience a game 7, gives them all a sense of pride and a shot of adreniline, none of them want to loss this game, but unfortunatly there has to be a winner and a loser, the Coaches of these teams coach their players to be ready and follow the game plan for a win, it is ultimitly up to the players to execute the the game plan, stay true to the system and play to their strengths, to give themselves and their teammates a chance to win this game 7, than move on to the next round.
Each round of the playoffs becomes more and more intense, as it is a step closer to the Holy Grail of Hockey, Lord’s Stanley Cup. Not only is this trophy the Holy Grail of Hockey, it is also the most convenant of all trophies in all sports, for one big reason, it is the hardest to win.
You have four 7 game series, which the goal on “mission sixteen” is, to win 16 times, the team that does this will win Lord’s Stanley Cup, but along the journey of “mission 16” you have 16 other teams all playing for this goal, unlike Football where it’s one and done, you have to win 4 out of 7, to advance to next round, with the hardest win of each series, being the 4th win, cause the other team will leave everything on the ice, just to stop you from winning it.
Hockey playoffs for those true diehard fans, is the best time of the season, for the player’s it’s about taking what you learned through the regular season, with your teammates that have become like family and applying all the good, to be the best each and every game through the playoffs, for the Coaches it’s about keeping the team focused, while playing to the system and their strengths, picking apart the other teams weaknesses and showing the team where to excel, plus for the Coaches it is exciting watching their player’s execute and excel, on the journey of “mission 16”.
Hockey is the coolest game on ice, with the playoffs being nail biting intense action for all the fans, yes like all sports, you have that bandwagon fan that thinks they know the game, or worse create a feeling of uneasy throughout the sport, that leads to negativity, it happens and we can’t control that, but what we can control is ourselves the true fan, as we watch this great game, the way it is suppose to be watched, we route for our favorite teams and mine happens to be the Boston Bruins, so as I watch game 7 between the Bruins and Canadiens, I watch as a true Hockey fan and a person that “Bleeds Black and Gold”.

” Go Bruins on your journey of mission 16″
” Let the Canadiens go back to doubting themselves”