The beautiful sights and sounds of Mother Nature


We of this society have become so engulfed for so long, on all the Rhetoric and hate around us, we have then lost total sight of all the true beauty that is around us. We have stopped walking any and all the paths of this journey, simply because we let all the fear from all the Rhetoric control who we truly are, we let some of these so-called leader’s lead us in the wrong direction, instead of we the people taking the lead when we need be, showing them that if they can not do the job, then step aside get out of the way and let another step in and do the job that you refuse to do, so we all can prosper and get back to truly walking our paths through this journey of life.

Within this society, the biggest thing we have wrong is, Church and State are supposed to be separate? But these so-called leaders are so engulfed in the Power, Control and the Greed, they think they are our God also? A State helps us thrive to be better as we walk our paths, while a Church helps us with our faith, so we then can have hope along the path and throughout this journey, when the two become one, that is when all the issues and troubles come to us all.

Jesus Christ didn’t come to us to divide us, he came to share his love with us, to bring us together so we can move forward better and stronger. We can all make a difference on this journey, but when we do it as we are now, then what difference are we really making when we are all divided? Jesus didn’t teach us this, it is totally on we the people and we are screwing it all up Royally, the difference has been going on for a long time now, just that through all the denial, the power hungriness, the greed, and the hate, this journey has stopped for us all, for no one knows totally of how to start it back up properly for the good of us all. The ones who do not care for their fellow man, are the ones responsible for all this ugliness and are the ones that need to be stopped in their tracks, held accountable for their actions, so we all can walk our paths with confidence and dignity throughout this journey of life. God didn’t put us here to be against each other, he wants us to unite together while showing our love in our hearts, with each other, with each step along our paths, throughout this journey of life.


” Don’t let the Rhetoric and the ugliness control who we are, let Mother Nature transform you to be better and stronger”


” This ugliness is on we the people, Jesus didn’t teach us this when he walked this journey here with us”


” A picture may be worth a thousand dollars, but our actions can and will last throughout a lifetime along this journey of life”



The Majestic beauty who shares Mother nature


There is so much more to mother nature than the peace and serenity, watching the beautiful Swan glide along the water with not a care in the world. We share this beautiful planet with so much and a lot of it we never see, unless we get out and explore. There are so many different species that walk this journey through life, it is just not we the people who are here, then there is all the different kinds of plant life that, yes even they breathe the air as they live among us as well. There is so much diversity, but yet some of those among us, won’t even acknowledge all the diversity.

There are those within the big cities that never step outside of the city, they never really take time to really see what is around them, all they see is what is around them in the city and most of the time, there is nothing but ugliness, corruption, hatred and violence, they then get so caught up within all that crap, that they think that’s all this journey is about. We do not communicate as we once did anymore, for the simple fear of offending someone who is around them, this is all in part from the social media within our devices and the political correct society, for which we all live today. This political correctness around us has made us all weak and not able to look one another in the eye, so not only do we not truly communicate, but we do not trust one another anymore. Without trust we then either keep looking over our shoulders, or we just simply bury a huge part of who we are, deep within our souls, which we then lose touch with our true feelings, which we then become someone for who we are not, in order to have others see us as normal as normal can be.

Instead of hiding behind your device on your social media platform, get out and be with others, this is the only way we can truly communicate and real face to face communication, showing each other our true feelings, plus truly feeling the love of God within us and then sharing that same love with each other. When social media first came to us, it was actually a good thing and a way to keep us together, even as we went our own way with much space between us, keeping family members close even as they may have moved away and further from us. Now social media is full of the same drama, corruption and hatred we see everyday. Social media can be good, but just like anything else that comes to us, we abuse it without any ramifications of our actions.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, there is so much more to the journey, but we let so much get in our way, we let so much affect us that we then become someone for who we truly are not, we become afraid too step outside our comfort zone, that we then don’t truly see all that there is out there, as well as all that there is around us. In order to see what we normally do not see, we have to step outside our comfort zones, step out side of the big city and venture into the country and the wilderness, let our eyes go upon the beauty of the Earth, instead of viewing the ugliness and the hatred, which we then will hide within ourselves, losing touch of our true feelings and of who we truly are. There is more to life than posting a status on your wall of social media, as well as there is a lot more than being caught up in all the drama it brings as well, simply go out and explore, to truly see everything that is around you.


” The majestic beauty of mother nature is there for us all to see and enjoy, to relax and unwind”

” Diversity is everywhere around us, we just have to acknowledge and accept”

” Social media has gone way beyond, what it was first brought to us to be”

” Posting to a status and not getting out to enjoy everything around you, will have you missing out a lot within this world”



Happy Father’s day…….especially to my Dad.

” A Father plays a very important role in the process of having and raising children”

Within this Society we live and walk, this day of Father’s day, is not looked at as a special day like Mother’s day. We tend to over look the Father, maybe because it is the Mother who carries the child for nine months?

The Father like the Mother loves their children very deeply, the problem lies within our Society today that, if a Father shows this love, than he is considered weak and should never be considered a leader of anything. I have a news flash for you!!! When a Father displays his deepest love, for his Wife and his children, he then becomes the most powerful man on Earth, by becoming the most complete man, to walk his path along his journey through life.

” We say Father to God, cause he created all of Mankind, we say Dad to our Fathers here on Earth, cause these Individuals play a big role in the day of our birth, as well as guiding and teaching us along our journey through life”

Now let’s remember there are Father’s who are not fit to be Father’s, cause they walk away from their “Responsibility” and do things not fit of a Father, but let’s also remember that those Individuals are less of than what we really hear around us, ” we always hear of the bad more than we hear of the good”, This is because of the drama around us everyday, There are a lot more great Dad’s out there, than we really see or hear, just that we don’t take the time to really look deeply of what is around us.

A Father is of the same love as our Mother’s, a Father teaches us how to be respectful of all that is around us, a Father also teaches us how to survive and be a positive productive person in our lives, a Father shows us how to show dignity of another, so we can receive the same dignity back, a Father teaches us a skill, so we can go out into the World and be a great provider as he was to us, a Father at times will be strict and firm with us and may seem to us as too demanding? But when done the right way, this shows us discipline, so we can be the very best and always strive to be the best at what ever we do, our Father’s love for us is a different kind of love than our Mother’s, a Mother”s love is more caring, as a Father’s love is more about helping us to be more respectful of ourselves and those around us, while we stay disciplined of ourselves and those around us, a Father’s love may be more overlooked than that of a Mother’s love, but as we walk our paths of our journey of life, a Father’s love should never be overlooked and it should always shine, on the exterior as bright as it does on the interior.

“Our FATHER who art in heaven, how it be thy name, let us always be respectful of ourselves and those around us, just as our Father taught us from our birth”

”   A Father’s love is deep within us, we just have to dig deep enough to let it out and let it shine brighter than the brightest star”

” Discipline is taught to us by our Father’s, it is us that puts it in action, by our actions and how we show respect and dignity towards all that is around us”

The Community within a Society that grows with togetherness and strength

        From the beginning of Mankind, when God created all living things that walk and breathe upon this planet Earth, God’s vision was for all to coincide with each other in harmony, live and walk this planet in peace while showing love for all that is around.

        We are all born into this World by two loving Individuals, showing their love of one another, as they raise their children with this same love, their children grow in a Community, then enter a Society of many Communities, it is when we enter this Society we become overwhelmed and become lost, we forget the foundation to which led us to this Society, no matter how you enter this Society of many Communities, you will have many conflicts that eventually shapes us into something we ourselves may not like? God may have created us and all that is around us, but he also gave us our own mind, soul and brain, with hopes that we will use them to make his creation even better, as each of the Societies come and pass through the years of time.

        When we are born onto this planet Earth, we have a Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters, but in God’s eyes we are all Brother’s and Sister’s within his creation, even within our own families we have conflicts, but in most cases we solve these conflicts together and become stronger and better for it, when we have conflicts in our Communities and our Societies, we then become bitter and move forward with this bitterness, which does nothing but giving in to the temptation of Satan and brings unwanted hate into our Societies of many Communities. 

        It is easier to love others in our Society of many Communities than it is to hate others, this hate only comes from the temptation of Satan which takes up more of our energy, that keeps us from walking our paths along our Journey’s of life in peace, life is not perfect as God didn’t want it to be that way, he wanted us to use our brains, minds and souls he gave us, so we as Humans can make this World a better place, for all Societies that come to walk their Journey’s, God created us similar but very unique in our own way, so we could learn from each other, work together and coincide with each other along our paths of our Journey.

      Over the years throughout the history of Mankind, we all have lost the way away from God, we think he does not exist? On the contrary he does exist and he is within the hearts of all of us as Humans, all we need to do is let go of this temptation of Satan and feel God’s warmth within our hearts and souls, he gave us the power to change ourselves and all we encounter on our paths, this power comes from our brains and our minds, but when we let the temptation of Satan into our lives, this power becomes lost within ourselves, as temptation is now controlling and consuming our bodies, when this temptation controls us, we let this feeling of hate use up our energy, which drains us from walking our paths in peace, it also brings more conflicts to our lives, to which we don’t have the energy to fight it, so we give in and become something/someone we are not, when this temptation of Satan comes to us, if we just stay true to ourselves, have complete faith and believe in God, just like his son Jesus showed us when Satan confronted him, we will find this temptation will disappear for us also, through love, peace, faith in God and belief in God, we all can walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace, while showing each other, that with less energy we can love one another, making our paths a little easier along our Journey’s of life.

” Society is made up of many Communities, these Communities bring togetherness from one family to many”

” We as Humans use less energy to love one another, its the temptation of Satan that brings this hate to us, to drain us of this energy”

” It is easier to love than to hate, so common sense says, lets show more love of one another, so we all can walk our paths in peace, along our Journey’s of life”


We crave Family, we hurt inside when it’s not there

In today’s Society we have missed the boat, when taking for granted what is important and losing sight of our true priorities.
One of these priorities are, having a true Family around us, that no matter what they are there to bring support to us, which gives us the strength to achieve anything that may cross our paths.
A true definition of family is, a Mother, Father and Siblings, each one of these in their own way, teach us how to grow into a healthy person in life, while we enter the Society of our world today.
I get the fact that we all have rights as an Individual in this World, but I struggle with the fact of other’s imposing their rights on me, like their rights have precedence over mine? We are all equal as Humans in the eyes of God and it is us the people, that are killing Humanity and filling it with nothing but hatred.
With that said, the Gay rights movement is just a movement, that some are trying to impose their rights on other’s, these feelings you have for other’s the same as you, didn’t come from birth, they came from how you were raised as a young child, a child is like a sponge, even at 1 years old you soak up what is around you, even though you may not remember or aware of what you are doing, even though you may not remember at this young age, your mind always remembers and in some way shape or form, it comes out later in life.
When our Parents divorce cause they grow apart, no matter what steps are taken, the child/children always hurt, sometimes in ways we can not see, cause nobody truly knows what is going on in their minds, in Gods eyes a marrige is between a Man and a Woman for good reasons, they each bring their own skills to the child in their ways, a marrige between two Woman or two Men, can’t give the child this, no matter how hard they try, even a Mother bringing up children alone, can’t achieve this either, when a child is brought up missing a Father or a Mother, their will always be a vacancy in their lives.
With this vacancy a child grows up incomplete, sometimes just flows along just to fit in, or acts out to try to get noticed, even if a child grows up with a Mother and Father, usally a life event causes these same effects, which makes communication between the child, Mother and Father very important, to keep the child from hiding within himself, than later in life the child won’t act in ways we can’t explain, when the mind makes us do things, we normally won’t do.
God created us as a Man and a Woman for a reason, not for us to be self centered thinking that everything revovles around “me”, when we operate the way God had envisioned for us to do, it is a beautiful thing to see, but when we continue the road we are on, it will lead to more hatred and destruction of Humanity as we know it.
We are all born with this mind and brain, from as early as a year old, they are a sponge that soaks up everything around it and when bad is around the child, he/she will soak that in, they are too young to react, but later in life as our mind always remembers, it will come out whether we like it or not, the important thing to remember is, as we walk our Journey through life, always know the cycle in life, how things happen, so when they do happen we can change before things spiral out of control, part of living our life is knowing our true selves, out of love and empathy for all that is around us, so we won’t hurt ourselves and other’s around us as we walk our Journey of life and a Mother and Father teach us this in their own way, but good communication with them is the key to a good healthy life.

” what a mother and father bring to their children, there are no words to describe”

” having rights to do things in our lives is good, but not if we impose our rights on other’s”