A little Respect goes a long way



” Respect is a two way street, when you Respect others then Karma will have the Respect come back to you”


With the Holiday season at our doors, first with Thanksgiving and then with Christmas and yes I said “Christmas”. Just maybe we can all focus on the good and leave the crap at the door and not bring it in.

Every year people get so engulfed with the Oh! I can’t say Christmas, that they forget truly of who they are, we all celebrate whatever holiday that our religions has, but we than can not truly celebrate it, for the fear of offending someone? You know what! If you can’t except me and my holiday celebrations, then why should I except yours? With this mentality then it is clear to see that, this Society not only needs to grow up, but we as a Society needs to show more empathy of each other, that is deep within the core of our being.

With another shooting and this time at a church in Texas, truly shows that there are some among us, that hurt deeply inside, but instead of reaching out and helping, we then turn our heads away like these Individuals have the plague, meanwhile they stew in their pain, til the point of breaking and bringing his hurt to us all. Unlike the left and the Media will want us to believe, the problem is not gun control, these sick Individuals will find the guns, the problems lies with our so called leaders, as when they want to cut within the budget, instead of cutting their spending or their expense accounts, they just keep cutting mental health, which leaves these sick Individuals among us, to further stew in their pain, til the day comes they snap and bring their pain to the rest of us, as we all then hurt as they do.

Thanksgiving is a time for each of us to be thankful for everything we have, thankful for all that is around us, thankful for our health and for, when we be truly of who we are, then the love and empathy within us, can then flow from us to each other. To be truly thankful for who we are, starts with us forgiving ourselves of our wrongs, so we then can move forward better and stronger, we all make mistakes it is how we learn from them as we move forward, Thanksgiving is for us to look back, see where we came, how hard we worked to get to where we are, forgive ourselves of our wrongs and forgive others as well, so we than can be truly thankful along our path of this journey through life.

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas is of family, without this family bond, then a lot of what we do, we will never see clearly among the clouds of our judgments. Christmas is about giving yourself to your family and those around you, without looking for anything in return, you give your love that is within your heart and soul, which will then not only warm you inside, but will warm everything around you, no matter of how cold it is. The spirit of giving is like when we cry real tears, they truly heal us from whatever try’s to bring us down, in this Society we are trained that being good, giving our love and crying are a sign of weakness, on the contrary…… it is just the opposite, we become stronger, so we than can walk our paths through this journey of much better then ever before.


” With a little respect given by each of us, will have us all heal together throughout this broken Society”

” The spirit of giving and the real tears we shed, will only make us all stronger moving forward”

” Empathy and Love is deep within us all, time we truly feel it once again and share them with each other”


Diversity and serenity within the city of Boston


This is a picture taken on the Boston side of the Charles river, looking towards the Cambridge side and in the direction of the famous Harvard University.

As you look out into the river, you see the boats gliding along, with other boats docked and moored along the river, you sit on a bench along a path, separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, while enjoying the peace and serenity in front of you, we in this society are so caught up in the fast paced society around us, that we simply don’t even notice all the true beauty that is around us.

Like most cities in the United States, yes you have a lot of crime and ugliness within it, then you have the media that focuses on all this ugliness, just to bring our attention to them so they can create more drama and money for a story, while we focus on the media, we simply forget all the good about the city, then get caught up in all the drama, as we try to keep up with the fast paced society of today,

The problem really lies within each of us as Humans, we don’t take the time to see the true beauty around us, there fore it must not exist? we get so engulfed in all the issues and problems of others around us, we tend to forget what is important to us as an Individual and that is to take care of our own issues and problems, instead we hide them in order to move forward and fit in, because we do this it makes it harder to love ourselves, which then makes it harder to love all that is around us, which then leads to a lot of hate and bitterness within our society.

To truly see all the true beauty around us, we first need to love ourselves, forgive ourselves when we need to the most, so we can be better and stronger moving forward on our path of our journey of life, when we do this then our society can be better and stronger moving forward, as we not only love ourselves but we love everything/everyone around us, then we can see all the true beauty around us, like looking out onto the Charles river in Boston, or places similar in these United States, plus when we love ourselves and everything around us, there is less of a chance for us to keep up with the fast paced and go no where society, as we get caught up in the moderation and the look at everything around us society, which in the long run will help all of us as Individuals and within society, move forward on our paths of our journey of life, with strength and confidence to be better with more love and happiness, instead of all the hate and bitterness that consumes us now.

” We have one shot to walk this journey, the best way is to do it right for ourselves and others around us”

” there is true beauty in everything we see, we just have to really look deeply in order to really see this beauty”

” through all life has to offer and what it throws at us, if we stay true to ourselves we will always see the beauty that life puts forth in front of us”