The true Christmas Spirit we share………

Jesus Christ our Savior who came to us on Christmas day,

Jesus the only son of our father the Lord God himself,

that same God who created all Mankind and the planet Earth,

Jesus was a humble man, with just the clothes on his back,

he to walked a journey like all of us throughout Mankind,

Jesus chose the path of righteousness to spread his love,

his love was strong, with nothing able to penetrate it,

when Jesus was born all came to see while bearing gifts,

this was the birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas day we know,

Jesus love and the Christmas spirit is here to stay,

Jesus came to us with love, with nothing on his shelf,

the Christmas spirit will never die, with each and every birth,

Jesus was born in a stable and had not even a shack,

Jesus along his journey would heal the sick and make sight for the blind,

Jesus showed us the path of righteousness, complete with a white dove,

Jesus was love, he was strong and kind, he was also legit,

Jesus journey is there still for all, he would never lead us to the cliffs,

we can all still follow in the path of Jesus, with anybody in tow,

the journey is all love and peace when we do it right without Frey,

the Christmas spirit is the belief in Jesus, within us all without hack,

Jesus Christ we may not see, but he never leaves us a stray and the true Christmas spirit is our belief in him, while we show our love of one another, not just on Christmas day, but throughout all our paths along our journey of life.

” Christmas spirit is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it and share the love that is the message of the spirit”

Jesus walked a journey here on Earth with us, the journey he walked is still available for all of us to follow, we just have to truly want it and follow with our hearts”

True Faith is felt within, it’s never seen or heard, but yet it’s power is great

Throughout our paths along our Journey of life, we get tempted by many things, we have many life events happen to us, that change us in many ways, we feel many things and doubt even enters onto our paths, they say don’t sweat the little things? It’s these little things that are more important, which allows us to have Faith, as we walk our paths along our Journey of Life.
True Faith is having the confidence in ourselves, to overcome anything that may cross our paths, this Faith is deep within all of us and is the spirit of God, that is within our hearts and souls.
Sometimes we can’t feel this faith, cause we chose not to acknowledge it, simply because we can’t see or touch it, when we are troubled, we further this pain of the trouble, cause we lack the faith in ourselves, to have the confidence in ourselves to work our way out of our troubles, when we feel the true faith deep within ourselves, is when we truely have the faith in the Lord God himself and with the faith in God, is when he guides us to feel this true faith deep within us, so we can work through our troubles and find the path of rightousness, as we walk our paths along our Journey of Life.
The little things along our paths, are what makes us strong, so we can feel the true faith deep within us, when we feel this true faith, we will find the confidence to overcome anything that may cross our paths, we will also find that no matter what, God will always forgive us, which then we will find that forgiving ourselves of our troubles, will lead us to forgiving anything and anyone on our path along our Journey of Life, with this forgivness, we will truely feel the faith in ourselves, the faith in our Lord God, the confidence with no doubt, to be better and stronger as we walk our paths along our Journey of Life.
God will never leave us in our troubled state, as he created us and wants us always to be strong along our paths, all we need to do is, have this true faith and trust in him, so we can feel this faith within us, then we can have faith in ourselves, to overcome anything that may cross our paths, as we feel this faith, we will also feel God’s hands reach down to us and pick us up out of our troubles, much like Jesus did to his Disciples, as they had faith in him, to pick them up out of their troubles, so they can walk their paths along their Journey’s of their lives, with the confidence in themselves to overcome everything along their paths.

” having true Faith may not be seen or heard, but it is always felt deep within our hearts and souls”

” True faith in ourselves and true faith in the Lord God, is always there within us, we just have to acknowledge it, to unleash it’s true power”