Change happens everywhere around us all the time.

          These tools in this picture are just a few tools that our for-Fathers used to turn the soil and cultivate their crops, back within this time in history it took very long days and very hard work, just so they could survive their paths along their journey of life, very different times we live today as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

In a lot of ways with how technology has changed our lives, we have become lazy and frown at any kind of hard work in order to survive, with all the powered tools and tractors we have today, this has made farming a bit easier, true to be a Farmer, it still takes long days, but these long days are easier with the addition of all the powered tools and tractor’s.  Everything around us and even us as Humans have changed and is still changing within our society, as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

When change comes to us depending on the type of change, we resist this change and it is completely normal to resist it, only because we are afraid of the unknown and not having the control of what may happen? We in this Society are afraid of losing any control of which when we control something, our lives seem easier and more manageable, when change comes to us and we lose this control, than our lives seems to be in chaos, which forces us to do things we normally would never do.  Let us all look to South Carolina and see that when you change a way of life, with respect and dignity, then all change no matter what, will be smooth, with no recourse of any kind. The lowering of the Confederate flag today and with the way that South Carolina did it, with respect, dignity and honor, not to mention all the different races of people that were there to witness this, shows that out of change and when done correctly, all change can come to us easily, true some change may hurt more than others? But when done correctly, it will minimize the pain and help us all grow within Society, to be better and stronger as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

When you look back through time, a time of the beginning of Mankind, you will see that everything around us, even us throughout Mankind have gone through many changes and yet there are much more changes that have yet to come to us. As much as we all want everything around us to stay the course, it is naive to think that it actually will stay the same? Everything around us and we also have to change, we just have to be able to adapt and accept this change, so we can try to be as normal as we possible can? Not all change has to be hard or hurt in any way, when we adapt and accept, than all change no matter what it may be, will bring less pain and be easier for all of us to accept. Adapt, accept and then sustain, three words we need to do more of within this Society, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while we all become better and stronger for whatever that may cross our paths.

” The Confederate Flag was a time of a lot of hurt for some, it is time we all learn from this, so we can have proper change come to us, showing respect and dignity of each other”

” The tools of our for-Fathers have changed, it is time for us to take the tools of our time, so we can change to better and stronger than they were along their paths of their journey”

The Hollywood influence

We in this Society have become all about big Drama, Hollywood with all their TV shows and movies, have steered us in a direction that isn’t a true picture of what reality really is, you can say we have bought into their crap, we have bought in so much that we don’t even realize they are taking our money, just so all in Hollywood can live their plush lifestyles.
There is some good of Hollywood, don’t get me wrong, but the percent is very low, most of Hollywood is just there for us to pay for their exoticness, most of your reality shows isn’t reality at all, it is what Hollywood wants us to believe is reality, we the normal everyday folk, are what reality really is and Hollywood will never write, or make a movie of this, cause it won’t sell and make them money.
Then we have a President of the United States, who thinks the Presidency is all about being a Celebrity, newsflash…… President’s job is alot more than being a Celebrity, it’s a much harder job than you think and if you want to be a Celebrity, go to Hollywood and live in Fantasy World. This is whats wrong with Hollywood and our Society, as we have bought into this Drama and think we all can live like this.
Reality and Drama are two very different things, reality is our lives as we walk our Journey of Life and Drama is something none of us need and does nothing but create a Society of hate and fantasy, We are all guilty of creating some sort of Drama in our everyday lives and if it wasn’t there, our lives would be much better, but the way it is thrown at us by Hollywood, we can’t ignore it so we then proceed to join it, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, this quote is engrained in our brains, even without us realizing it, the way for us to change Hollywood, is to first change ourselves and how we look at everything around us, not just looking at the surface of things, but to really look at whats inside and what makes it tick, this is true for things as well as people around us.
God didn’t create this Planet and all it’s species, to be creating drama and a Society of hate, he created everything to coincide with each other, out of love, so we all can be happy and walk our Journey’s of life with strength, making each Society better along the Journey of Earth. Everything that is happening right now and all the tradgedies, are because God is not happy with us and what we are becoming, these are signs by him, for each of us to change, so his vision of his creation, can once again be a reality of the Planet Earth.

“If you can’t beat them, join them”
“creating drama is a fantasy, living our lives is true reality”