The reality of life as we walk our paths along this journey

” The words of little Martin Richards as he was tragically taken from this Society, in a senseless act” We within this Society of today are so consumed with hatred, that we totally have forgotten just how to truly love anything anymore. We all have our issues and we all have these life events that

Throw the curve ball………

Just as in Baseball when the Pitcher throws a curve ball to get the Batter to swing and miss, Life also throws a curve ball at us from time to time. This curve ball comes to us at every cross road we come to at our paths of our journey of life. When we come

Long term -vs- short term in today’s Society

” We within this this Society of today, have gone the other way in the form of attachment to anything/ anyone, cause we try to protect ourselves from any harm that may come to us”. Let’s look at relationships of a man and a woman, back in the day of our forefathers and theirs before

The Weather events in our lives

We all have been seeing alot of Weather events all around us lately no matter where you live, severe flooding, thunderstorms tornados and tropical storms, these are all weather events that can affect each and every one of us. When you research back in time even before Mankind, these events have been happening all over

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