Change a few words, for a new spin…….

    ” You walk this journey of life, by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live” *** BowlingChef/Stuart Scott***     This quote by the late Stuart Scott is such a great quote, as you can change a few words, to have it spin a whole new

Take a knee…… make that two and pray for forgiveness

  ” The crown of Jesus Christ is everywhere, we just have to look more deeply into what we see, to truly see it” ***Bowlingchef***   Let’s think about this for a minute, time to end all the crap, end all the unnecessary drama, stop this epidemic within the NFL of taking a knee, especially

Just pause and simply be kind!!!

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, he never got caught up in all the hatred, he never had bad words of who was around him, when others around him took to this practices, all he did was to pray as he showed nothing but love for them and all else around them.

Re-focus on what is out of focus……….

                    ” To focus on what is in front of you, puts other things out of focus when we don’t pay attention” With this picture and the flowers in the foreground, you can clearly see where the focus is, but to focus on whats in front, puts the background out of focus and hard to

The reality of life as we walk our paths along this journey

” The words of little Martin Richards as he was tragically taken from this Society, in a senseless act” We within this Society of today are so consumed with hatred, that we totally have forgotten just how to truly love anything anymore. We all have our issues and we all have these life events that

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