The Grass may not be greener elsewhere

Migrants, part of a caravan of thousands from Central America trying to reach the United States, walk towards the U.S. Consulate during a demonstration in Tijuana, Mexico, December 11, 2018.
” Immigration done the correct way can be a beautiful thing, but to force yourself upon others, only breeds ugliness and hatred ‘.                                                                                 *** BowlingChef ***                  I totally get the fact that some of the legit Immigrants are looking for a place better than their current residence, as some of the smaller countries either just can’t handle taking care of their people, or just quite simply…….. Are taking complete advantage of them, to the point that they are just a pawn on the chess board of their country. Now with that said, we all here on this planet called Earth, walk our paths through this journey of life. With this journey comes struggles and their is no one exempt from these struggles, just that we as an Individual, have to figure out for ourselves  how to over come the struggles, so we can move forward better and stronger and to do this, we simply can not force ourselves on others and then expect them to foot the bill of our struggles.                   When we work hard and really achieve good things in our lives, it is not about these things we have, as it is all about the work and just how good we feel deep inside ourselves, when we achieve all that we have. That special feeling deep within, when we achieve success, really means a lot more to us, the problem is that, we within this Society have taken on this me against the World attitude and have lost all the feelings that are deep within ourselves.                     We all start out and end this journey the same way, even though some may think they are more special than another? The only thing that differs along this journey is the path we each take, sometimes we get led down a path and sometimes we blaze our own path, either way we are suppose to make the path we choose, as simple as we can and as beautiful as we can, so we can make this journey enjoyable and full of peace and happiness. Now the peace and the happiness may be our goal, but there is this thing called ” Life Events” that will if we let them, control totally of who we truly are. These life events may come to us from our actions as we walk our paths, but for the most part, these events come to us from those around us. The facts are the facts and there are some that, will go out of their way to control all those around them, just so they can seem to all as the most powerful of us all.                       Not everybody can achieve top positions within the company that they work, but we all can achieve greatness throughout this journey of life. just by how we walk our paths with our actions, walk our paths with much respect, love and dignity of each other, as we honor each other always. Life is funny in the way that, we get back for what we put into it, like if we don’t put in anything, then we get back nothing, leaving us to struggle, when we try to be very controlling of all that is around us, then all we get is, never to be satisfied of anything, with zero substance of anything in our lives, we are never truly satisfied with our non actions, as this breeds great inactivity, even if we think our actions are second to none, with no care for those around us.                        Now a lot of these Immigrants that are trying to come to America just might be legit, but a good majority just want to come here to sponge off of us Americans, to bring great chaos, hatred and ugliness and do not care of who they hurt with real pain? There are some of these Refugee’s that, just want to come here to disrupt, they do not want to be better moving forward and you have them becoming lazy, while they do nothing but bring the hurt of real pain, to all those around them.  ” The green grass of the pasture, just might be green where you are, but not as green where you want to be”  ” This journey of life may be all the same to us all, it is our paths that differ with none being greater than the other”  ”  ” There is a big difference between “ILLEGAL” Immigration and Immigration done the correct way” 

we are all immigrants walking a path

story idea


Before America received the name of the United States of America. It was a Continent known as North America. The only true Citizen of this Continent was the Native American. These Natives moved freely on their journey. before others came here looking for a better way to walk their journeys and when they came here to start a new, they immigrated here, they explored what was to be their new home. America was built on Immigration, but Immigration done the right way. The group known as the Pilgrims, sailing on three ships and charting a course to explore this Continent of America, eventually settled here and made friends with the Native Americans, they did it the right way and didn’t come here to make waves or force themselves on the Natives that were here.

Over time the Pilgrims and the Natives became good friends and helped each other improve this land of America, they shared and bartered with each other for all their needs, they simply got along great, because they didn’t sneak in here and try to force themselves or take advantage of the Natives that were already here. This would be what we know today as the legal way to do something, unlike what is happening within our Society of today. Today we have what we know as ” Illegal” Immigrants and when the word ” Illegal” is before anything, Common sense should tell you that you are doing something wrong. These Individuals are sneaking across the borders of America, stealing what they can to survive, killing whatever gets in their way and simply invading a space for which they are not welcome. Then once they are here they will do anything, like stealing the identity of another to stay here and as they live under a false name, they then receive free money by the Leaders of America, with the hopes that they then follow the process of becoming a Citizen, but never really follow anything, as all they want is to do whatever they want.

There is a process to becoming a Citizen of any Country anywhere and if you don’t want to follow that process, then quite simply stay wherever that it was you came from. There are too many Citizens of a Country that do it correctly, work very hard, in order for not only making themselves better, but help make their Native Country better as well. It takes a lot of hard work to make a Country great for it’s true Citizen’s, ¬†you have to make a plan, then work that plan, so we all can walk our paths along this journey, not only to be better and stronger, but to make an entire Country better and stronger, with no “I” in the team of life.

Within this Society of today you have people that work very hard for everything they have. Work very hard to be better and stronger moving forward. Then there are People that won’t think twice at stealing everything you have worked hard at achieving. These People have no Respect or even an ounce of responsibility for anything that crosses their paths. They don’t want to work for anything, but think that everything should be given to them now and if it is not, than they will just take, no matter of how they take it. Now it is not just Immigrants that come here Illegally, that try to take from the ones that work hard, as there are some that are legal that are lazy and have no clue, as to what the meaning of hard work really is. This shows just how out of touch we have all become, from the days that built America into a great Country and renamed it to be, the United States of America.


” To be great at anything first you need to make a plan then work the plan as hard as you can, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward”

” Immigration done the right way is the best thing for all involved, as it keeps us all moving forward in all we do”

” The word Illegal means you are doing something wrong and you need to change what you are doing”


To truely know ourselves, will help us understand everything around us

Within this Society we have totally lost sight of who we are, we have become so engulfed in our own little “All about me” world, we don’t know what or who is around us.
We focus on what Society can do for me, that we are out of focus on what I can do to help Society, A Society can only flourish, when we as Individuals truely know who we are and have strength and confidence, to walk our paths along our journey of life, along side one another.
Our Elected Officials and Public Leaders, will stop at nothing to be elected to their post, so they can proceed to work on their agaendas and forget about the real reason why they are there, Corporations and their Board of Directors, are so focused on their bottom line so they themselves can live their exotic lifestyles, that they are out of focus to reality and treat the everyday employee as a number, because of all this unclearity of focus, it forces us as everyday Human Beings to be out of focus and become someone we are not.
There is so much hatred and so much ugliness out there within Society, we have lost sight of true trust, not knowing who we can trust anymore, has led us into a Society of uncertainity, with all the groups and gangs out there doing whatever it takes to increase their turf, has led us into a Society of fear, which forces us to stay close to self, instead of being strong to fix ourselves and help others in need, there is a gang called MS-13(Mara Salvatrucha 13) who is quickly becoming one of the most ruthless and dangorous Gangs out there, they where formed in the 1980’s by some youths with El Salvadorian ties, this group is using our Immigration and Border problems, as their chance to increase membership and exsistence in the United States, with all this fear and distrust in our Society, we have opened our doors to anybody that wants nothing but kill, in order to increase their supreme all over the world, the way we fix this problem, is to fix ourselves be stronger and better with confidence, so we can walk our paths in happiness, along our journey of life we all walk together.

” Trust is something earned by all that keeps us happy, distrust is a word that brings feelings of hurt and sadness, that consume us all with hatred”

” Being true to ourselves will help a Society grow, when we use distrust it only kills ourselves inside and our Society becomes full of hatred”

The Border Patrol

Our Border Patrol’s down along the Mexico border, are so overwhelmed from families in Mexico dumping their children on to our soil, but yet our elected officials are doing nothing but playing games with it all, than sending help to our Border Patrol officer’s.
I get the fact that Mexico has it’s issues down there, but right here in the United States, we also have alot of issues that our officials are just simply ignoring, cause it doesn’t affect their agenda’s.
The families in Mexico cause they are trying to make their childrens lives better, are flooding our border down their, so their children can be here in America, Mexico’s goverment is doing the same thing as our government and pointing the finger at each other, playing games with peoples lives, instead of taking action and helping their citizens.
I am not against Immigration, as we are all decendants of immigrants here in America, this is how America has grown throughout the history of America, but at some point you have to close the border, fix all the issues we have now, to keep America strong moving forward, so one day we can re-open the borders and help others have a chance, as they may not have where they are, just as America has to fix itself, other countries have to do the same and you can’t do that by pointing the finger, or playing games with the lives of it’s people.
Immigration is a touchy topic, as this form down on the Mexico/America border deals with children, but at some point you have to look at reality and ask these families, why are you still having children, if you can’t handle/take care of them? These families that are sending their children across the border, are now pointing their finger to America and saying, “here you take care of them”, if you can’t handle the responsibility of having children, than stop having them.
I get the fact of the Mexican government isn’t helping their people, as the drug cartel has them in their pockets, if thats the case then you think the drug Lords need to be addressed? Just as Mexico has their issues, America has it’s own issues and it’s time that actions out weigh the chit chat, the finger pointing stops, to which we need to fix our situations, so both countries can move forward stronger and better, for the good of the people.
The time is now, to help our Border Patrol here in America, close the Borders so we here in America can fix our own situations, to help America be stronger and better, the game playing, or the finger pointing by our elected officials stops, take more action and be accountable for them, so we than can re-open our borders, to help others have a chance, that they may not get in their current location, everything gets spun by our officials in a political way, that will only benefit themselves and their agenda’s, it’s time to get off your “HIGH HORSE”, take action that helps everybody throughout this great country of America and those Immigrants that want to do it correctly, so they to can have a better life.

“America was built by Immigrants, so other Immigrants can have a better life”

“When you want a better life in a different country, do it correctly to gain respect and acceptence, by the Citizens there now”

Earth……The land of Immigrants

It is true that everything that walks this Earth, whether on four legs or two, is an Immigrant of this planet.
We are also all creatures of this planet, with the Human being the smartest of the creatures, just as the Lion or the Bear’s of the Animal kingdom mark their territory, we as Humans also mark our territory, except our’s are in the form of a Country, which we the people elect Individuals to lead us and help us grow further.
Mankind was never as we see it today, as the beginning of Mankind was a time we had to find our way, learn everything as we did it, which led to alot of mistakes, we had to get used to our surroundings and learn of everything around us, Mankind didn’t even know how to feel, let alone survive in this new territory, there were other creatures here first and we had to learn to adapt and know what was their territory, we did so through alot pain sufferings, which helped us later on our Journey through our life.
During the formation of the countries, along the journey of Mankind, we have always been an immigrant and had to obide by all the rules put in place by each country, Mankind has always been an explorer and liked to explore new territory’s, so when Columbus came to America and found this place, he to was an Immigrant and had to learn everything about this place, before he went back to report of his findings, when you move to another place you are an immigrant of that place and need to do it the right way, so you can be respected and accepted into the place you are going.
When you come to another territory unannounced and try to blend in, cause you want a better place, that is fine as we are all immigrants, but when you don’t follow the proper channels, you have now crossed into the world of Illegal Immigrant, when you see the word “illegal”, that should be a sign of, you are doing something wrong and you need to correct your mistake, very much like Mankind had to correct their mistakes from the begininning, when you learn from your mistakes and walk your journey correctly, we all as Mankind benefit with a Society of happiness, we as Humans who are suppose to be the smartest of the creatures, have not learned from our mistakes, instead we have compounded them by, sweeping them under the rug to try to forget them, so we can move forward and keep going about things the wrong way, eventually this method will catch up to you and the problems only get worse with time, we are all Immigrants and we need to respect each other, as well as their territory, if you want to move to their space, do it the right way, so we all as Mankind can be happy, as we all walk our Journey’s together.

” We are all Immigrants, we need to respect each other and their space”

” mistakes are a part of life, we need to learn from them to be better moving forward”