Human Behavior, as complexing as it gets here on Earth

Since the beginning of Mankind, when Humans first set out to walk their path along this journey of life, Human Behavior was then and still is now, the most complexing thing that we will ever try to figure out.

There has been many Individuals that have come and walked their paths along this journey of life, these Individuals have been special in their lives and what they have left for many yet to come along this journey, still stands tall through the test of time. No matter who you are, or where you are? Look around and really look at what you see, everything even us as Humans come from somewhere and have been born into this World.

Things within the past have been invented to make our lives easier, with these inventions there is a lot of change happening around us, with each passing year, there are four seasons that give us different weather conditions, there is winter that brings cold and snow, then there is spring that brings us warmth and new growth and a freshness within the air, next is summer for some it is too hot, yet to others it isn’t hot enough, then you have fall which brings the nip back into the air, before entering back into winter, with fall you also have nice vibrant colors, that soon follows not so vibrant dull and gloomy everywhere around us. You see the trend here? Change is the common denominator, change is something we as Humans and everything around us goes through, then why do we all fear this change? This is a very good question and a question that even the smartest of minds still can’t answer 100%.

Change is it’s own entity and comes to us in many ways. Change can bring great pain if we don’t handle or see the change correctly, all change is good when we do it correctly and for all the right reasons. When change happens to us and our behavior is affected by it in a negative way, this is what creates chaos and hatred of all those around us, including ourselves.

Human Behavior is very different of each other, just as we are unique to each other, our behavior shares that same uniqueness, as much as we try to be like certain others around us, this is impossible as their behavior varies very differently than that of ourselves. Behavior is one of those things we can’t see or feel, but yet we do it unconsciously? We don’t think of this behavior, but yet we do it everyday of our lives, Bingo!!! Behavior is how we act here on Earth, as we walk our paths along this journey of life.

When I say Act, I don’t mean the Hollywood Actors, I totally mean our actions, or how we act as we walk this journey. Hollywood Actors are not what reality is, even though there may be some that think they are really like that in real life, or try to be like that in real life? When I say act, I truly mean our actions within our lives, everyday of our lives as we walk our paths. Some may want to blame others for their actions and they made them do whatever they did? This is because our first instinct is to point the blame away from us and in another direction, cause this may change our behavior and bring pain into our lives? Human Behavior is a very touchy and sensitive subject to each of us, even the smartest of minds have trouble figuring it out, as their own behavior will get in their way at times and shows why ” we think we are smarter than each other, instead of working together for the good of all Mankind”.

When we stay true to ourselves, stay true to Jesus Christ our Savior and the one that died on a cross for us, to show us the true path of righteousness and that this path will lead us to true peace, so we all can be better and stronger in our behavior as we walk our paths along our journey through life.

” Human behavior will always be the most complex thing we deal with, as we all walk our paths along our journey of life”

” With our behavior comes much change, just like all other things around us goes through much change as well”

Another Christmas that has come and gone along our journey

Now that Christmas has come and gone and is another memory in our past, let us not forget the other 364 days within the year til the next Christmas, let us not forget what Christmas really means to each of us as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also we as Humans sharing our love of selves with each other, it is being with family over all the commercialization hype that surrounds each Christmas season, but more important it is us as Humans excepting Jesus Christ in our lives, so he can guide us to the true path of righteousness, the path that is full of good and love, all paths throughout our journey have their own twists and turns, but the true path of righteousness when followed correctly and believe in Jesus Christ will always lead us to good, while the love of ourselves flows from us and spreads throughout all Society.

A lot of times we get caught up in the flow of society and what we think is the normal, just because those around us may be doing what they think is right, don’t really mean it is truly right, some may look at those who except Jesus and look at them as weird,  but the really weird ones are the ones that don’t truly believe in Jesus Christ, Jesus is the son of God, who created this planet and all of Mankind, Jesus came to us and walked his path of his journey, just like all of us do in our lives, the difference is that he showed us just what the path of righteousness is all about, he showed us just how our love of ourselves can spread the good throughout any Society and those who rebelled against this love, are the ones that bring this hatred and evil to any Society.

We all suffer a loss and grieve in our own way, we also suffer different life events that come to us along our paths, when these things happen to us, we then pray to Jesus to help us through these tough times, but when he doesn’t communicate back with us, we then lose this faith and belief in him and God, what we don’t realize is that Jesus doesn’t talk directly with us, he sends these signs for us to see, but we never look for these signs cause we don’t understand of what to truly see, cause these events have clouded our minds in ways we don’t understand, we then try to move forward on our paths in ways we think is the right way, but what we are really doing is becoming someone we truly are not, only because we have lost that true connection of Jesus Christ and what the path of righteousness really is.

When we have total faith and belief in Jesus Christ, understand what to see when he sends us these signs, we will always know where this path of righteousness is, it is not just any path of which we choose, it is a path that keeps us in touch with our true selves, lets us feel the warmth of Jesus within our hearts and souls, which is his love filling our bodies, so we than can love ourselves correctly, when we love ourselves then this same love spreads throughout our Society and all the good flows through the Society, like a mountain stream flows down a mountain constantly and fluently, we all have certain events happen to us along our journey, when we understand better of the why and never lose the faith and belief in Jesus, we will always know where to find the path of righteousness, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace and love of one another.

” Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, being with our families, so this love of selves can then spread throughout Society, with all the good coming to each of us”

” With true faith and belief in Jesus Christ, we will always see his signs he sends us from our prayers”

” Christmas is the birth of Jesus and doesn’t end in one day, it is a journey like all our journeys through life”

We are all Humans within this Society…….


To set the scene, this picture is of the Charles river in Boston, ma. Overlooking the dome at MIT college in Cambridge, this picture was taken on a happy night with 1000’s of other Humans coming together, for the fourth of July fireworks, people along the shores and people out on their boats, none the less, many people coming together to enjoy a great show.

This is what “Freedom” is all about, being free to do, enjoy and have great fun as you wish, this freedom came with a great price and this price was what we celebrate and the meaning of what the fourth of July really stands for, the ones that fought for this freedom,  were not just someones brother, sister, son, or daughter, they to were Humans like the rest of us, they were also very brave for standing up to other Humans, that were trying to take this freedom from us, without reservation they left their loved ones, so the rest of us can enjoy the freedom’s we have today.

There may be some on this Planet that may try to disrupt this freedom and will stop at nothing to keep us from enjoying what ever we want to enjoy, these Individuals are either within a group, or are operating solely on their own, but what they have in common are, they are all Terrorists and will do anything to have the rest of us show the feeling of fear, these Terrorists may be within a group or operate as an Individual, but what they all are equally, is ” Mentally Deranged Individuals”, that will do what ever they have to in order to create this fear in all of us, so they can have a feeling of power, hiding their true pains and harms that have hurt them in their past.

Whether you want to use the word Terrorist, or the word Bully? They are both the same and will do what ever they have to, in order to create this fear in the rest of us, so they can have a feeling of power over all, no matter how you look at it, we are all Humans living on this God created planet Earth, we all suffer some sort of “life event” along our path of our journey in life, just that the Bully or the Terrorist, bury all their true feelings and emotions and lash out on the rest of us, to try to keep us from enjoying our freedoms, that we worked very hard to achieve.

This group called ISIS that we all hear about through the news, is a whole different breed of Bully/Terrorist, they are using social media to recruit, prey and brainwash the weak within our Society, they are so radical, that all their views have become so distorted, that they don’t believe in anything except killing everything that don’t buy into their ways and creating so much fear in us, that we are afraid to enjoy our freedoms, as bad as this group is, they are Humans within this Society just as we all are, if you look back in a time before Jesus walked his Journey, there have been plenty of radicals like ISIS that stop at nothing to create fear in others, so they can get all the power, their views were also distorted in ways we can’t explain, well it’s time to understand this distorted way of these Bullies/Terrorists, so we can all get back to walking our paths along our journey of life, in peace, love and be free to enjoy the freedom that our brave Individuals, fought for throughout all Mankind.

” A Terrorist is the same as a Bully in that they inflict fear in all of us, so they can have more power”

” No matter who you are, we are all Humans on this God created planet, that need to coincide with each other, to live in peace while showing love of one another”

” Freedom is never free, it always comes with a great price”

We are Human, we are strong

There is a song out there called “Human” by Christine Perry, not to be confused with Katie Perry, Christine has this song Human and it is a very inspiring song, unlike some songs out there, you can actually listen and understand the words and really get a feeling of the message of the song.
Christine has a very strong and powerful voice and sings with plenty of confidence, love the fact she writes her own songs and plays the piano, never heard of her til a few weeks ago, but I strongly like her songs and singing.
This song called Human, is a very inspiring song with a strong message we all need throughout this Society, basically the song talks about us as Humans, yes we all make mistakes, yes we all have life events happen to us, whether large or small, but no matter the size of the mistake or the seriousness of the event and what’s put forth in front of us, we are Human and we can overcome anything that trys to take us down, all we need to do is want it bad enough, work hard at overcoming the situation and we will overcome anything.
We in this Society of “all about me” we are in now, has clouded us to the point of, we make dumb decisions and hide our true feelings and emotions, in order to portray to others we are strong and not weak, it is actually harder to live life with hidden feelings and emotions, cause they will come back to haunt us one day, which then makes our journey and lives much harder than they really need to be, when we stay true to ourselves, don’t hide our true feelings and emotions, our journey and lives will be full of happiness and love, which makes for an easier life moving forward.
We are Human, we are the most intelligent and smartest of the species on this planet Earth, but sometimes with our actions, we are the dumbest cause we don’t think things through, instead we react without thinking of the ramifications of our actions, we in this Society aren’t afraid of others, only we are afraid of ourselves and what others may think of us, when we stay true to ourselves, full of feelings and emotions, all the love we have will then be shared, which will make all the hate we see now, disappear from our exsistence, as there will be no more room for it.

” We react without thinking through the ramifications of our actions”

” We aren’t afraid of others, only we are afraid of ourselves and what others may think”

Do we truely know ourselves or one another

                Life as we see it isn’t really as easy as we think it is, there are many components that even today we take for granted.

       From a young Toddler we are brought up with high expectations, nobody wants to see their children, let alone themselves get left behind, simply because they don’t measure up, we set goals sometimes so high, we never achieve them then live with regret for not accomplishing them, some may take on tasks even when they know nothing of that task, than live a lie to others to try to fit in with the normal people, “normal people”? what exactly is this? There is no such thing, as we are all Humans and are unique in our own way, some may take a lifetime to find this uniqueness, while others just simply fall into it, the Journey of life is full of different paths, that test us to see if we see the signs of life, this is God’s way of helping us to build our character and to just simply be ourselves, not something/someone we are not.

     In this Society when someone is looked at by other’s as different, we then look at them as outkasts, without understanding of how they really feel and who they are on the inside, we then make fun of them and simply ignore them, just to try to show other’s we are “normal”? All we are really doing is pushing our own hurt deeper inside ourselves, so we can move forward on our journey and keeping the lie of who we really are going.

     While we walk our Journey of Life, we get caught up in what other’s think we are, instead of who we really are? this has been going on since the beginning of Mankind, we may never be able to control it, but what we can do is, just simply understand it, so we can all be happier on our Journey’s.

     We all have a purpose in life, it is up to ourselves to find that purpose and to see the signs of life, that God has put before us, these signs are right in front of us, we just have to take the time to acknowledge them, so we can truely see what we are looking for, God created this planet and all it’s creatures, not for us to fail but to succeed in everything, it is us as Humans that are twisting God’s vision the wrong way, which does nothing but force us into being something/someone we are not.

      The Journey of Life to some is longer than other’s, it is us as Humans that make it harder than it has to, just be yourself, find your purpose and meaning in life, so the journey will be meaningful and not full of sorrow or regret.


“Life should be fun, not of sorrow and regret”