When you love yourself, you like who you are and all that is around you………

Our lives along our paths of our Journey of life, will never be perfect nor will we as Humans as well, we all suffer some kind of life event and we all have been bullied at some point in our lives also, being bullied doesn’t only mean to be physically attacked,, as the worst kind of bullying happens mentally, with the scars lasting the rest of our journey of our lives.

Bullying is more common than we want to believe, only because the ones that have been the victim, hide deep within themselves in order to minimize the pain and harm that has come to them, as the victim hides their true feelings and emotions, they become isolated from everything around them, they lose their feeling of self worth and their self esteem seems like it was never there, they don’t want to admit to anybody of their weakness, so they than live a fantasy world and become something that they truly are not, being a victim is the saddest thing we as Humans will ever have to entail, but the scary thing is, there are a lot more victims than Bullies out there, just that the victim stays within themselves with no signs of reaching out to anybody for help.

Reaching out to anybody for help is easier said than done, cause in this Society where weakness is ridiculed and frowned upon, plus the victim of the abuse or Bullying are suffering from low self esteem and self worth, their trust in everything around them has been taken from them, when your trust is taken from you, it is very hard to get it back, yes it can come back, but you need trust in yourself to truly love yourself, so you then can be truly happy with who you are, the Human body and the Human spirit are so complex, only we don’t take the time to understand them and we take action, before we think of the ramifications of our actions.

The Bully always takes action without thinking of the ramifications of his/her actions, they have no feelings of remorse or empathy, or otherwise they wouldn’t try to control whatever they are trying to control, all they think about is the power they try to achieve, by Bullying their victim, the Bully thinks that the more victims they have, the more powerful they are? A Bully can only operate when the victim shows fear for the Bully, fear is another powerful feeling within us all, but the Bully uses this fear to his/her advantage, fear can only be used effectively when you have no feeling of remorse or empathy, a good percentage of the Bullies out there, have been bullied themselves, this is their way of trying to make sense of their own victimization.

For the Victim, being bullied is never easy, for the Bully it is about inflicting fear to achieve power, either way it shows nothing but, we as a Society need to better understand the Human body and the Human spirit, so we all can walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace while we all love ourselves deeply, so we can truly love one another and all this hate in our Society will disappear once and for all, true love of ourselves and of each other, is what God wanted for us when he created us and to show him we appreciate his creation, we all need to work together to achieve this true love, so we all can walk our Journey’s of life in peace.

” A Bully is nothing more than someone who is hurting deeply inside and even more than the Victim that he/she has victimized”

” Being a victim of a Bully is never easy, so we need to stand up to the Bully, so the fear factor will never come into play”

” To truly love yourself, means you totally love who you are and all that is around you”


Human Spirit isn’t made to be Isolated with no Social skills

         We as Human Beings were created by God not to be alone, but to coincide with other Humans as we walk our paths along our Journey of life. 

          When the Human Being is left alone with no interaction with others around them, they begin to pull back from what is around them and distort everything that they may come across, with no social skills they have no idea on how to react around others, so then they are looked at different and ridiculed by all others around them, even back in the caveman days they couldn’t speak, but they knew how to act around others, in order to survive in their world and help each other with whatever they needed help with, which led to them becoming better as their Society grew stronger with great courage. 

         In today’s Society we have gone backwards instead of forward with all the technology around us, with social media everybody hides behind their computers and not learning the face to face contact we need, in order to survive with the power of social skills, these social skills are important for us as Humans, to coincide with each other, so we can grow as a better Human Being, when we are better and stronger, then our Society is better and stronger and we all have the courage to over come anything that comes across our path, as we walk our Journey of life.

        We as Human Beings are the smartest of God’s creation, but with our actions and isolation, we have become the dumbest within this society, when we hide within ourselves and within social media, our thinking becomes distorted, as we think we are better and smarter than everybody around us, we than proceed to shut out others around us and not listen to anything that is said to us, as others look at us as different and mock or make fun of us, we then distort our thoughts further, with anger and revenge thoughts, then stop at nothing to take our pain of isolation and turn it on those around us, with isolation we become something/someone we are truly not, then with our thinking being distorted and as we act in ways we usually would not, we start to enter denial and not accepting responsibility of our actions, through all this we then suppress our true feelings and show no Empathy towards anything/anybody around us.

        With all the crap going on around the World and all the Terrorist Groups inflicting fear in all of us, is proof that this social isolation and the lack of true face to face confrontation, is hurting all of us in ways we can’t explain, cause we don’t truly understand what Social media is doing to us, sometimes in life when you don’t understand something, you take a step back to move forward stronger and better, the Human Being is the most complexed of all the creatures of God’s creation, there are so many elements that make up the Human body, that we get so overwhelmed we don’t want to truly understand it, when we are made out as different and made fun of by others around us, instead of hiding within ourselves, we need to communicate better to truly understand what is happening, show more true feelings and empathy towards each other, so we as Humans can fix ourselves to be better and stronger on our path along our Journey of life, when we fix ourselves and show more empathy of each other, then our Society will then become better and stronger and we all can walk our paths along our Journey’s of life in peace, just as God envisioned when he created us and all that is around us.

” to truly understand what you don’t understand, you need to not hide within yourself and communicate better, so we all can understand and be at peace along our Journey of life”

” Social Media is not Social interaction whether you think so or not, so you need to come out from behind the computer and interact with others, so we all can walk our Journeys in peace”

” Life is hard enough for all of us, without true face to face interaction, life becomes much harder then it really needs to be”