The power of the Holy Spirit

” But when he comes, the spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth, he will not speak on his own, but he will speak what he hears, and will declare to you the things that are coming” JN 16:13 The Holy Spirit is a very powerful force, this force is within us all, as it guides us like Jesus does, to walk this journey in peace and as we strive for the path of Righteousness. Today is Pentecostal Sunday, this is the celebration of the finding of the Catholic Church, the very place we enter into the house of God. This is also the day that Jesus came to his Disciples and spoke to them, giving them their direction for which to travel, from here the Disciples went each their own way and gathering others, to speak the true words of Jesus Christ, these gathering places are what we know today as the house of God, or the Catholic Church, where we go today to pray and ask for his forgiveness of our sins. The power of the Holy Spirit operates totally on trust, the trust we have of ourselves and all those around us, in a perfect world the power of the Holy Spirit is alive and well within our souls, when we trust in our selves and trust each other always, but unfortunately within this society of distrust, the Holy Spirit lies dormant within us, as we never give it a chance to shine within us. Trust within this society is our biggest disconnect, without the trust we struggle to move forward with confidence. We become so lost within the clouds of our judgments, we then try to move forward with no direction, with no trust we then become defiant and let the power of denial enter within us, as the Holy Spirit lies dormant within us, through denial we then lose all sight of what reality is, to which we then try to make up our own, which a lot of times, has us wandering this journey, instead of truly walking this journey with confidence. Pentecostal Sunday is a celebration of life for each of us as we walk our paths through this journey of life, it is a time for us to rediscover Jesus Christ, as we get back to truly feeling that Holy Spirit that is within us. When we think we can’t do something and like a miracle, we suddenly are doing what we thought we couldn’t, that is the power of the Holy Spirit, through the trust of ourselves and the Holy spirit, Jesus speaks to us without talking, as then what we thought was impossible, suddenly becomes very possible and now, we walk with confidence on our paths of this journey through life. The trust goes both ways between us and Jesus, just as the trust goes both ways between us and all those around us. The Holy Spirit may seem like a Magician doing his magic, but it is more like when we have that AH HA!!! moment, when one minute we seem like we can’t do something, than the next minute we are doing it with confidence, as all comes together in harmony, so we than can walk our paths of this journey, not just with confidence, but in peace and happiness always. ” The power of the Holy Spirit is deep within all our souls, we just have to acknowledge it to truly feel it’s true power” ” Pentecostal Sunday is the birthday of the Catholic Church, where we all gather to listen as Jesus speaks to us and guides us to the path of righteousness” ” The Holy Spirit is the magician of our souls and with it’s power we can do anything we want to do” ” With the trust of ourselves and of each other, the power of the Holy Spirit will always be there with it’s magic, as we do anything we want to do”

The Pentecost brings the HOLY Spirit

This weekend we celebrate Memorial day and we all have an extra day to relax and reflect, for our fallen Hero’s and those that serve today, so we can be free and feel safe along our paths of our journey of life.

Today we celebrate through the church of Jesus Christ the Pentecost, which is the Holy Spirit, the power of God, our Creator of all Mankind. At a time after Jesus had risen and his Disciples were in limbo as to which direction to go? The Disciples all gathered under one roof, that today is known as the church we visit on Sundays, while the Disciples were gathered, a dark cloud with strong winds surrounded the building in which they were, this was the Holy Spirit coming to empower them, fill their hearts and souls with the love of God, so they can go out and spread this love throughout the Society and continue the journey, that Jesus had embarked them on. This was what we call the Pentecost and to what we celebrate today, the power of the Holy Spirit, for all of us to feel deep within our souls, so we to can spread the love of God, the Creator of all Mankind.

Some of us today may not believe in God, or a person who created all Mankind, only because they don’t let themselves feel this Holy Spirit within them, in today’s Society we think it revolves around “me” and that everything around me, is created by me? The power of the Holy Spirit comes to us from within and we have to acknowledge it, to unleash it’s full potential.

The power of the Holy Spirit when we acknowledge it, fills our hearts with the warmth of God’s love, brings joy to our lives, gives us the wisdom to move forward along our paths of our journey, so we all can be better and stronger in our lives and when we are better and stronger, than all of Society benefits from this, as we spread with each other, the true power of the Holy Spirit.

The day of the Pentecost was when the power of the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples, so they can go out and spread the love of God, continue the journey of Jesus Christ and creating what we know now, being the church or the house of God.

There may be many different kinds of churches and even many different faiths under the roofs of the church, but just like God does not discriminate, the Holy Spirit does not discriminate and is open to all, who acknowledge the true power of the Holy Spirit, so we all can feel this warmth of the love of God within us all. With this love that fills our hearts and as we spread it with each other, then we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, just as God envisioned when he created all of Mankind.

” The day of the Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples and empowered them to go out and spread the love of God with all of us and continue the journey of Jesus Christ”

” The love of God is within us all, it is the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit by all of us, that helps us spread this love with each other”

” The Society of today is in major chaos, cause we don’t acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, which keeps us from feeling and spreading the love of God with each other”

Let this Christmas season bring more love to all of us around this Planet……

Christmas is not just the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is for us to let our love of one another shine brighter than any gift we give, or even the brightest star that guided the three kings, to the stables of Jesus birth. When we do this for the spirit of Christmas, there is no reason we can’t do this everyday of the year.

Where ever you look throughout this planet Earth, there is a lot of anger, innocent killings of our fellow man, people taking to the streets to make their voice heard and causing unwanted destruction of everything in their way, leaders of the countries thinking their agendas, are the most important agendas throughout this planet? We the people of this society are all to blame for this chaos we see everyday around us, cause none of us are showing our true love of each other, instead we do nothing but become bitter and angry of each other, for the reason that we don’t want others to think we are weak.

To show our true love of one another, does not show how weak we are, it only shows how strong we really are, cause it takes a lot more work to show this true love, than to show our bitterness and anger towards one another, when we show this anger and bitterness, all we are doing is taking the lazy way to walking our path along our journey of life.

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, Christmas day is for us to remember his journey, seeing the true love he shared with everybody along his path, while showing all of us that, when we show this true love ourselves, we to can walk our paths of our journey, in happiness while we become stronger and share our love with each other, instead of all the death and destruction that is around us.

When Jesus walked his journey, he did so with only the clothes on his back, showing that when we show our true love of each other, we don’t need all of life’s extras to be happy and that these extras along with greed, is what breeds all this death and destruction around us, when we show this true love of ourselves to each other, there is no room for any hate, bitterness or destruction on all our paths of our journey of life.

The true meaning of the Christmas spirit, is always inside each of us, in the form of the Holy Spirit, this Holy Spirit only shines the brightest, when we love ourselves and take this same love and share it with each other, no matter who you are on this planet, this Holy Spirit is inside you, just that we have to acknowledge it, so we can let it shine throughout all our paths along our journey’s of life.

Now as we celebrate Jesus birthday this Christmas season, let us all acknowledge this Holy Spirit and let it shine the brightest it has ever shined, as we share our love of ourselves, to each other, so all our paths along our journey of life, will have happiness out weigh all the hatred and bitterness that surrounds us now, Merry Christmas to all, as we all love each other and as we love ourselves, on our paths of our journey of life.

” the true Christmas season lets our love of one another, out shine any gift we may buy for each other”

” to celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas, is to also celebrate our true love of selves and each other”

” the Christmas season shouldn’t just be one time of year, it should last every day of the year, every year of our existence, on our journey of life”

The Pentacost brings the Holy Spirit

The Pentacost is to bring awareness of something, that we have gotten away from over time.
To believe in God with your heart and soul, is to truely believe in yourself, with the confidence to overcome anything, that may come before us on our paths, as we walk our Journey of life.
The Holy Spirit has always lived inside us and will never leave us empty, God created this Planet along with us as Humans and to make his job easy and fun moving forward, he gave us this Holy Spirit, in the name of our “Higher Power”.
This Higher Power is a way for God to guide us, as we walk our journey and find the true path of rightousness, what has happened to this “higher Power” over time is, us as Humans and the way we have evolved, we basically have evolved into a being who thinks, there is no one smarter than “me”, with this “me” attitude we then forget that there is true power in numbers and “unity” is the key to our success on all our journey’s.
This Higher Power within all of us, only works when we stay true to ourselves and the Lord God and truely believe in him and ourselves, without this believe, we are not complete and will always feel empty, with incompleteness, we may not see God, or hear him speak, but he is there as we are his investment on this Planet, deep within our souls, is this higher power, called the Holy Spirit, just waiting for us to unleash it and forever be happy.
Within our Society of today, if we really look at it, it shows just how shallow we have become, very few of us really dig down deep to find this higher power, to get in touch with this Holy Spirit, cause if we did we would find that, yes there is strength in numbers with this unity and that being all about me, only breeds lonliness, hatred and weakness, with the Holy Spirit we can achieve anything we set out to do, no matter what hurdle is put in our way.
God created us here on Earth, with this Holy Spirit or higher power, for us to be unique of all the creatures, with a free spirit to think and act, by being safe and making good decisions, he put this higher power/holy spirit within us, so when we stay true to ourselves and believe in him and ourselves, he sends us messages for us to see, that will guide us to the path of rightousness, as we walk our Journey in Life and we can only see these messages, when we dig deep and truely feel the power of the Holy Spirit/higher power, then we can unleash it and live in unity instead of isolation, with happiness and strength.

” being safe and making good decision, keeps us in touch with our higher power”

” we all have this higher power/holy spirit, we just have to look deep within our souls”