Learn History to be better moving forward

Our memories throughout the journey we walk, plus learning the history of others before us that also walked this journey before us, this is how we grow to move forward better and stronger with each step throughout this journey of life. It is pretty cool knowing those who walked before us and what they did,

The story within the story…aka History

  There are many stories within the story, with the biggest story of them all being, the one we gather while we walk this journey through life. There is so much history throughout and not just of this country of America, but all the other countries as well, the history is how we grow together

Change a few words, for a new spin…….

    ” You walk this journey of life, by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live” *** BowlingChef/Stuart Scott***     This quote by the late Stuart Scott is such a great quote, as you can change a few words, to have it spin a whole new

Looking out into the true beauty that is around us………..

                   There was once a time throughout the history of Mankind, that all of the Earth looked as green as this meadow, a time when Man actually respected the land that God created, now within our Society a beautiful meadow as in this picture, are in danger of being ripped of it’s beauty and built

The City of Boston

Boston the city of many cultures with much true history of it’s existence, Boston the littlest city with a huge heart that thrives for all within, Boston may be old in age, but is very new with ideas and richness, Some cities may thrive on its surroundings, Boston thrives on the people that make up

Is it Science… or is it God/religion…….

When you look back throughout the existence and the history of all Mankind, we have had many Individuals that have changed the course, of how we have survived here on Earth. You have Individuals that are on the side of Science and you have other Individuals that are on the side of Religion, yet there

Oh Christmas Tree how fine art though………..

The Christmas tree has been a symbol of a lot of Christmas’s throughout the history of Mankind, because of a few that say the word Christmas offends them, the rest of us have to change what we call the Christmas tree, to Holiday tree? We in this Society and how we perceive everything around us,

The differences may be different, but the Journey is still the same

Throughout the history of the planet Earth, all of Mankind comes to this planet in very much the same way, we may be born into different situations, but the Journey on the path we chose, is all the same. Some of us may be fortunate enough to be born into money and power, yet the

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