The shame of life, even when we think we are normal……

“Mankind……. There is so much we have learned, but yet so much more for us to understand and still learn further”.

We all come to this Earth very much in the same way, our innocence and fragile bodies as a young baby soaking everything in along the beginning of our journey. We are so eager to learn and grow into life, that we forget to stop and simply enjoy what is around us. Then we get so caught up with things around us, we forget about truly seeing who we really are, then you add in the fact that some will take advantage of you at a young age, also the life events that happen to all of us, now you have a recipe for disaster.

We are most vulnerable when we are at a young age, cause we want so much to just fit in, we forget about just being ourselves. We do things on the outside, that truly isn’t who we really are on the inside. Most of what we do on the outside, comes from something we don’t take the time to understand and it comes from someone else taking advantage of us, at a time of our vulnerability, it also has to do with some sort of life event, that because of the pain and shame it brings us, we want nothing but rid ourselves from this shame/pain. We then try to move forward by suppressing all the pain and shame away, then we become someone we are not, as we hide the true child within us and not let that child grow within ourselves, so he/she can grow into their full potential.

Shame will come to us in many ways, it will also bring great pain to us as well, shame will make us do things we normally would not and it will change us for the worse if we let it, when we are shamed we will suppress everything deep within, which includes who we truly are, our true feelings and our true emotions, shame will also make it easy for us to numb ourselves from everything around, whether the pain is mental or physical, we will feel nothing cause the shame is controlling who we truly are.

Our journey of life can be so overwhelming from a young age, when you throw in life events and others that will take advantage, this makes the journey that much harder, but if we take everything in moderation, understand better of who we are and knowing better of who we are as a child. We don’t think like this, simply cause we on the outside and that little child within, are learning and absorbing everything around us, when someone takes advantage and because we don’t understand, we think maybe either this is suppose to be, or maybe there is something wrong with me? Now you add shame to this equation and the pain we feel inside from the shame, there is no way we communicate with anybody, so we suppress everything we can to try to make the pain go away, not to mention of the numbing of all our feelings, so we feel nothing throughout our lives, whether physical or mental. When we all truly grow from our young age in a healthy way, that little boy/girl within all of us will fully grow and prosper into their full potential, as we all walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Life is a journey we all walk throughout Mankind, when our inner child doesn’t grow inside to it’s full potential, then we as an Individual don’t grow to our full potential as well”

Betrayal and Trustworthyness

These are two words within our dictionary that have different meanings, but yet bring strong feelings of emotion to each one of us, as we walk our Journey of life.
Both of these words can also be tied together, as they both lead into each other, Betrayal is when someone you have a trust for, goes behind your back and does things that affect you emotionally in every way, or even when you confide in someone and say things you trust they won’t repeat, but yet they go ahead and chat behind your back, even when you go for employment, you trust in that company to find you work, than they go and hire someone else for that position in place of you, in this Society both these words affect each one of us everyday.
It sucks that in today’s Society, you can’t develop a trust with anybody anymore, cause you just don’t know if you will be betrayed and left in an emotional wreck? So instead of facing it, we then hide this pain and build an invisible wall around us, to help protect ourselves from any of this distrust/betrayal, which is a big reason why, we in this Society have become so full of ourselves and a very lonely Society.
The best and healthiest way to combat these two words are, face them head on, confront these people whether a company, or a so called freind, don’t confront in a violent way, but a smart way that makes them out to who they really are and you yourself, come out smelling like a rose, so we don’t have to hide away our true feelings and be the true person we really are, we as Individuals have created all this crap of these words, so we as Individuals can end this crap, then all of us can walk our Journey’s in life, in happiness while our Society can grow further in the same happiness, without any idea of what being betrayed is, as we all know what true trustworthyness really is.
Trust is a word that we all take for granted, it is a word that we also have forgotten it’s true meaning, cause we only use it for personal gain and could give two cents on the feelings of those around us, trust may be a word, but it is a word with more than a meaning, as this word affects the true feelings of each and every one of us as a Human Being, when we get back to the true meaning of this word, than maybe we will see all this hatred in our Society disappear, so we all can walk our journey’s in happiness and strength, it is up to each one of us as Individuals, that determine how our Society grows, when done correctly our Society will grow with strength and happiness.

” trust and betrayal may have different meanings, but they both are intertwined with each other”

” being betrayed is a feeling that hurts deep inside each of us”

” trusting in someone is the same sacredness than, having a believe in our Lord God and his son Jesus Christ”