The green carpet of Mother Nature………

          It doesn’t get any prettier or greener than this, the true beauty of God’s creation, that is well taken cared for by Mother Nature.

You have all different variations of plant life all around you, from the wild flowers, to the green grass, the different types of tree’s and even a mountain in the background, God created this for us too enjoy, not to squander, take advantage of, or even destroy with our stupid selfish behaviors. There are still many places like this around for us to explore and enjoy, we just have to put aside our selfish ways, go out and explore, so we can enjoy this beauty that is around us everywhere.

Greed and our selfish ways are whats destroying all the true beauty that is around us. The Corporate companies want to keep invading these areas so they can add more buildings and make even more money, which all they are truly doing is subtracting the true beauty, then adding ugliness just to become more greedy and selfish. You also have other Individuals that are already well off, going into these places destroying the natural beauty, so they than can build it up with houses and condo’s, just too feed their greed, ego’s and selfishness even further. The bottom line of where I am going is, when you keep subtracting all the true beauty away from this planet Earth, pretty soon all that is left is, a fake reality and a beauty that isn’t real, Why do we keep letting all this go on? Because of greed #1 and the fact that we are becoming more selfish in our ways, with an ego that there is no one better than “I”.

When you look back into the history of the United States, or even the Country it is known as “North America”, there were settler’s here before the white man came to explore it, these Settler’s were known as the American Indian, they roamed this land with a simple lifestyle and there biggest worry was bringing home the meal for the Tribe to eat, it was when the explorer’s from other Countries came to this land and discovered it, then brought others here to settle and start a new, that started all the build up of this Country, to which through greed and time, we have taken the build up to a whole new level. not too mention the fact that we invaded this land and “selfishly” took it from the American Indian.

All we need to do today is, “look back into history, to see farther into the future”, so we can change our selfish ways and not only make our own lives better, but make the lives of all Society better as we all walk our paths of our journey of life. With all the negative drama that comes out of the news media today, you can see that this Society is in need of a major fix but when all the leaders of the Society act in a selfish way, you can see why everybody else has adopted their ways as their own, there is an old saying……. ” two wrongs don’t make it right”, this is a saying that we all need to adopt once again, so we all can walk our paths of our journey of life in peace, then we can see once again all the true beauty of God’s creation and not the fake beauty that man has built up, through greed and selfishness.

” God created everything around us, it is us throughout Mankind that is destroying all the true beauty of his creation”

” Greed and selfishness is not only destroying the true beauty around us, but is destroying each one of us from the core on out”

To truly understand anything, is not to pretend you know everything…

Within this Society of today, it is very easy to go with the flow and follow what we think is the normal, as we walk our paths along our journey of life, from the beginning to where ever we may be at right now, we all have these life events happen to us, whether small or life changing? we also go through many changes as we grow, sometimes some of us may endear a life altering medical issue, that may force us to change our lifestyle? Maybe you lived through a major tragedy  that has literally taken a piece of you and forced you to go through a major life change? No matter what the situation, we have all lived through something, gone through many changes, but we must never let these situations control who we really are and always simply be true to who we are, so we all can walk our paths on our journey of life in happiness, while being strong enough to handle any other situation that may come across our paths.

Life’s journey for some may end sooner than they like, while others walk a very long journey, there is nobody that can truly say they totally understand the reason why for this, but what we all must do is, live for the moment, take everything on our journey in moderation and be happy for who we are, without becoming something we are not, when something comes across our paths we don’t understand, just simply stay true to yourself while you better understand the situation, so you can stay in control of yourself, without the situation controlling who you are, staying true to yourself is really not hard at all, it is only we as Humans that put the pressure on our selves to try to be like everybody else, we think that the other person lives better than me? Does he really live better or are they putting up a front and simply being someone they are not? We don’t know for sure, but we do know for sure is, the fact if we are true to ourselves, then we can control better our lives and how we walk our paths along our journey of life.

We all have our beliefs, but the one constant belief that has stood the test of time on all the journeys of all Mankind is, God our Father, has created this planet and all Mankind, the vision he had for us is not what we in this Society are doing now, with all the hate, destruction and greed, it was for all of us to coincide with each other, show our love of selves more, while we show more love toward one another, be happy in all we do, without becoming someone we are not, coexist and work together, instead of butting heads and being bitter of one another, it is really not that hard, just that we as Humans make it hard by our actions and becoming someone we truly are not, when we stay true to ourselves, keep alive God’s true vision for his creation, we all can walk our paths along our journeys of life being happy, while sharing our love with each other.

” To truly understand is not to pretend you know everything about everything”

” to stay true to yourself is the key to being strong and happy throughout all you do”

“God created all Mankind for all to coincide with each other, not to be bitter and hate each other”

What really are the Goats and the Sheeps………

Within this World we live today, we may see these Goats and Sheep as just an animal, one being a dirty animal that will eat whatever it see’s to survive and wanders around with no sense of direction, the other may seem lazy to our eyes as it wanders through the pasture, eating all the grass it see’s, we only see what we want to see, we don’t look deep enough at what we are really seeing.

In God’s eyes he see’s both these of the Goat and the Sheep, in so many ways different than you and I, cause he the Lord God himself, the one who created all Mankind and all that is on this planet Earth, looks at everything very deeply, as they all serve a purpose here on his creation, even us as Humans have these animalistic traits to us and have a special purpose here on God’s creation, just that God left it up to ourselves to find this purpose, so we can be truly free and happy throughout our journey here on Earth.

In God’s eyes the Sheep are known as the provider, as with the fur of the Sheep that keeps us clothed throughout our journey and warm in the colder months, the Sheep without complaint does this to share with all, then grows back more fur for others to be clothed and warm, when you compare the sheep to us as Humans, they are the ones that are better off than most and with more resources to give at their disposal, these are the ones that care for all that is around them and don’t seek anything in return, they just go about their business of providing, as they themselves along with others around them can be happy throughout their journey here on Earth.

In God’s eyes the Goats were the ones that were less fortunate, these are the ones that Jesus mixed with the most on his journey here on Earth, they scrounged for every meal and had nothing showing their existence here on Earth, they were at the mercy of everything around them, the Goat itself is always very dirty looking, as it is always going into dirty places looking for something to eat, much like the poorest of the poor in us as Humans, they to will go into places just for their next meal, not to mention that they don’t even know where that next meal will come from or even when it will come.

The Sheep and the Goats are more than just an animal if you look deeply into what you see, when you compare them with us as Humans, which one are you the Sheep or the Goat? God doesn’t care which one you are, as he loves us all the same, when Jesus came to us and walked his journey here on Earth, he did so with the poorest of the poor, the ones that were like the Goat searching for their next meal, so he could show everybody that, God don’t discriminate anybody or anything, we are all equal in his eyes and that we all as Humans should do as him and his son Jesus, there is no ” I am better than you” in the eyes of God, we are all on a journey through life and we all need to show God and Jesus, that we can walk this journey together, while being happy of one another and sharing instead of being angry, or treating each other with disrespect, while we walk this journey, we can either be the sheep, or we can be the Goat, but what we all will be, is the child of God that treats each other with respect, so we all can walk our journey in peace, with true happiness throughout.

” in God’s eyes there is no I am better than you, only togetherness while showing respect of each other”

” the goats and the sheep are more than just an animal only if we look deeply into what we see, we will all be happy throughout our journey”