Nectar the fruit of the flower, Bread of life is the food of our soul.


“Just as the Bee’s swarm around the flowers gathering their honey, the bread of life is within our hearts as Jesus fills it with love”

Everything around us and everything within us, serves a purpose in all our lives as we walk our paths along this journey through life. It is up to each of us to find that purpose, so we all can walk this journey in peace, while we coincide with each other and not become full of the ugliness, while surrounded with hate.

Everything happens for a reason and we all have a purpose for walking our paths of this journey, God leaves it up to us to find this purpose and then we will find the reason of why everything must happen as it may. There are many Bee’s within their nest, most are the worker Bee’s, who surround their Queen and bring her the fruit of the flower in the Nectar, when the Bee brings in this Nectar they than proceed to sweeten it for the Queen, in the form of some sweet honey, as the Nectar is turned into honey, we then take it, process it and bottle this sweet creation, to sell and consume with how ever we like.

There are many ways to which we lose sight of reality, lose sight of who we truly are, lose sight of the true meaning of life and how to walk this path of this journey through life. Sometimes we think we have all the answers and then get frustrated when nothing goes the way it should, if we only took the time to stop what we are doing, so we can better understand the happenings of what is going on around us, we can focus our sights on our real issues, so we than can find our purpose, which will tell us the reason of why things happens as they do.

The Bread of life is within each of our hearts, it will never be seen or heard from, but we can feel it deeply as the warmth from it will warm our bodies, even on the coldest days. This Bread of life is what Jesus fed to his Disciples at the seating of the last supper, finished off with his blood to wash it down within them. This Bread of life is more than any kind of food, it is having complete Faith of yourself and complete Faith in Jesus Christ¬† himself. With this Faith comes Hope and when we have hope, there is nothing we can’t do no matter what may cross our paths along our journey through life.

” When we eat this bread and drink his blood, we will always have faith and hope, only we have to acknowledge it and not ignore it”

The Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ will be with us all, as we have Faith of ourselves, so we can be better and stronger moving forward in our lives. Moving forward and not backwards will always give us the confidence in all we do, when we have the confidence, we can always see clearly of everything around us, without trying to see through the clouds of our clouded judgement. This journey through life may at times seem hard to us and makes us become frustrated at everything around us? Only that we ourselves have lost the faith and the hope, which strips us of any confidence to continue moving forward and when we lose these, we then let our judgements become clouded, which has us back tracking instead of moving forward and makes our journey through life seem harder than it really is.

” The Nectar is the fruit of the flower with a sweet taste, the Bread of life is never seen or heard, only felt deep within our hearts and souls”

The fruit of the vine like the branches on the tree

We within this Society and as we walk our paths of this journey through life, have simply for gotten what the true spiritual meaning of ” the fruit of the vine, like the branches of the tree”, truly means.

Just as Jesus Christ told his Disciples, ” you are the fruit of the vine, as the Earth becomes the work of Human hands”, We the people are the fruit of the¬† branches within the vine, that spreads out and brings the love of God and ourselves, so that everything around us can be at peace and flourish, throughout all our journey’s, as we walk our paths of our lives.

” The fruit of the vine and the work of Human hands”, this is a quote within the scriptures, that we all need to look more deeply into, so that we can not only understand it better, but so we can understand better of ourselves and all those around us.

Now that we are into the season of spring, let us look deeply into what spring truly means to us all, as we all go outside into our yards and tackle the clean up of winter within our yards, let us look deeply into that clean up, as we make our yards beautiful once again. This year seems like more branches and limbs have fallen from the tree’s than years previous, we all may complain of this as we work in our yards, then try to put the blame in places it really shouldn’t be. When the fruits of the vine and the branches of these vines lose their ability to harvest beautiful fruit, then their time has come to an end, so the fruit of the vines can stay beautiful for us once again. Just as we the people along our journey comes to a close and we breathe our last breathe, the branches of the vines also take their last breathe, so new and fresh branches can be born amongst us.

We don’t understand death cause we fear it greatly, death is part of us as Individuals, as well as everything we see around us. We and everything we see around us, are the fruit that the branches of the vines carries, this fruit is what brings out the beauty, not only in ourselves, but the beauty in everything around us. Jesus taught us this and then it was written in the scriptures, but we have long since for gotten this, as we walk our paths along our journey of life, within our community of the Society we all live today.

It is never too late to regain what the meaning of ” fruits of the vine and the work of Human hands” really means, Jesus is always with us even if we don’t truly believe, he is within our hearts and that warm feeling you feel deep inside, is the love of Jesus warming our hearts with peace and goodness, so we can acknowledge it and then share it, with all those around us, as we all walk our paths of our journey through life.

” The fruit of the vine is more than the grapes we see on a grapevine, it is God guiding us along our journey, to be at peace with ourselves and all those around us”

” may the peace of God be with you all, as we all share his love within us, to each other along our paths of our journey through life”