Early winter has sprung here in New England…….

early winter

Winter officially may not be here for about another three weeks, but Mother Nature has seemed to be preparing us for another run at this white stuff for another winter season, this is fine as you can’t totally predict what Mother will do and you can’t change the seasons, even though some may even try?

Winter is one of the four seasons, in order to get another crack at the summer season, you have to go through the winter season, some may say they don’t like winter and want it to go away, well if you don’t like it that bad, than go to a warmer climate and stop being so bitter of it, true the snow may inconvenience us, but it is only for a short time and if you take it in stride and moderation, than before you know it, summer will be back with us again.

We all walk a path along our journey of life, we all have to accept the bad to get to the good, when we do this it makes us not take for granted the good when it comes to us, the same goes for the seasons of the calendar year, we have to learn to accept the winter so we don’t take for granted the season of summer and we fully enjoy it when it is upon us, instead of feeling down and getting moody when it snows, let the snow get you upbeat while you go out and find ways to enjoy the beauty of the winter, yes I said beauty of winter, all the seasons have their own distinct beauty within them, much like we all as Humans that walk this Earth, after a nice fresh snowfall, it is a good time to go out and take some good pictures as this is when winter is so beautiful, even if your not a photography buff, it is a good hobby to learn for all seasons and especially the winter, as this will help your winter blues and keep you from going into hibernation, while all the rest of us pass you by. winter is like everything else as you have to look past what you don’t like, so you can see the true beauty deep within the core of what you are looking at.

Winter may be cold and have its moments like shoveling out after a storm, true that is a lot of work, but a little work should never stop you from truly enjoying what winter really is, the white snow that covers the ground, is God’s way of putting a blanket on the Earth, so as the season of spring comes to us, we see with our eyes Earth rejuvenating itself and becoming beautiful with new growth, like a new born baby to its new Mom and Dad, the seasons are part of our journey as we walk it, we just have to accept them all, to truly see the true beauty each one holds, like we all as Humans, walking our paths along our journey of life.

” let the seasons change and truly see the beauty each one offers us”

” the snow is a blanket to the Earth, like a new born baby is to the new Mom and Dad”

” Winter may be cold, so let the beauty warm your heart and body as you enjoy for a few months”

The four Seasons of the year

The four seasons throughout our Planet, are a way of nature to rejuvinate itself, while it also cleanses our Planet of all the crap we do to it.
We within this Society we live today, have become so arrogant and full of our self’s, we do not realize what we are doing, by constantly complaining about the weather of the seasons, we want nice sunny days every day we wake up, just because the weather might affect “my” plans? the weather don’t affect just you, it affects everybody within that region of that weather.
When it comes to the fall, there is a reason the trees and plant life die, the leaves fall to the ground for us to rake, this reason is the fact that all the plant life exhale all the CO2 inside them, which is why they die and then winter is created, cause with all the CO2 out of the plant life, it causes everything else around to become cold, then in the spring, with all the plant life being reborn, with fresh green sprouts and greener grasses, cause now the plants are inhaling back all the CO2, now making the air around us warmer, as the air becomes warmer, now the sun warms up the Earth even more, which is the season of summer.
The Earth takes care of itself naturally, without us having to do anything, but throughout the history of Mankind, it is us and our greed that is speeding up the destruction of this planet, by the Factories burning up the fossil fuels and even each time we start our cars and our toys we all want to have fun with, like atv’s, boats etc… Back around 1916, there was a man that created a way to use solar from the sun and naturally bring energy for us to use, for a very minimal price, this idea was scrapped because of the greed of all the petroleum companies coming about, CO2 that the Earth creates naturally is totally healthy, but all the CO2 that we have put into the Earth because of our greed, is not good for the Earth and is what will destruct this Planet.
All the Scientists have been studying the planet Venus for decades, they landed a spaceship on it to take pictures, from these pictures it has looked like Venus has self destructed, much like we are doing on this planet, with all the unwanted CO2 we are putting into it, by our selfish ways and our greed.
The time to act is now, but first we need to change ourselves, our ways, so we then can help Society change, so we can have love of everything and everyone around us, instead of all this hate and greed, which will do nothing but destroy not only ourselves, but the planet Earth as we see it now.

” the seasons require change, for earth to be better each year”

” hate and greed destroy, love brings happiness and togetherness”

” look back throughout Mankind, so we can improve and be better moving forward”