Aggression……Hate……….My way or nothing???

            These words of, Aggression, Hate and My way or nothing, are simply that……just words, but these words are learned by all of us within this Society, these words are not part of who we are, from the time of our first breathe here on Earth. These words come to us from somewhere, we learn

Family…The true secret to the Journey of life.

Family is the bond within us as Individuals that brings us together, so we can walk our paths along our journey of life, to be better and stronger within peace, while we share our love of self’s with those around us. Within each Family you have a Mother and Father, these two Individuals don’t go

The true meaning of Marriage…….

Marriage of today has changed and not what it truly is, or what God has showed us what it is supposed to be, Marriage is the joining of a Man and a Woman that love each other and also have become one, from this marriage you have two loving Individuals that show their love of

The fire that burns throughout Mankind…….

Just as this fire has many components to its existence and needs constant maintenance to keep it burning, we to as Human beings have a fire that burns deep within the core of our existence and it also has many components that needs much maintenance to keep it burning. We all as Mankind are born

The close tight knit feelings of Family

Families are our foundation in our lives, as we walk our paths on our Journey’s of life. Those of us growing up today, do not remember the TV show the Walton’s, or even know who the Walton’s were? This is everything that is wrong with our Society of today. The Walton’s were everything a Family

A Family’s bond equals a solid foundation

As we live and survive within today’s Society, there is one important factor we all are guilty of taking for granted and that factor is quite simple, the fact that we all take advantage of our own families. Each one of us are born into a family, it is here we learn the fundamentals of

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