As Jesus walked this journey, so do we

” How can you say to your brother, Brother let me remove that splinter in your eye, when you do not even notice the wooden beam in your own eye?

*** LK 6:42a***

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and as we enter into the forty day journey of Lent, let us remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us, showing just how deeply he loved us, while he to walked this journey, showing us all that yes, we to can share our love within, with each other.

Basically this quote talks of, before we can reach out to help another, we first need to help ourselves and over come all that we may be going through and struggling through. If you want to pull that splinter out of your brothers eye, then first clear the obstruction from your own, so you than can see clearly of what you are doing and as you see clearly, then the clouds of your judgments, will then be gone as the love within you, will then not only comfort you, but comfort your brother, as you remove the splinter, so he to can see clearly along this journey of life.

We all have our issues as we walk our paths of this journey, but yet we always see the faults of others and never see any faults of our own, we are always quick to point the finger towards others, but never point the finger at ourselves and accept any blame for whatever we do, others will surely pick up on our faults before we even recognize them ourselves. We are all guilty of this behavior, but we will never admit to any faults we may have.

A lot of times these faults will bring us great shame, shame that brings us great pain and when we hurt deeply inside, we then bury these faults deep within, so we than can try to move forward like there is nothing holding us back. So as we do this, we than never look at our own faults, instead we point out the faults of others, which then will stop us from truly getting to know one another, only forcing us to look at each other superficially, without truly looking deeply at what we see. There is always more than what we may see initially, just that we don’t truly want to see, cause then it will make us look deeper into ourselves.

Jesus as he walked this journey with us, showed us all that when we stay true to ourselves, truly feel our feelings within and feel the warmth of his love within us, then we to can not only love ourselves, but love all those around us, without any evil or unwanted thoughts. Nobody ever wants to show any fault, as this will bring out weakness and within a broken society as we are currently in, then any weakness will bring us more shame and pain, which we then will be open to becoming a victim of any kind, furthering the pain for which we already have.

Weakness brings pain and in a society of fakness, weakness makes you vulnerable over those who pretend to be strong, as they then seem to be more powerful than they really are. We never want to admit to our faults, so we than can bury them and seem strong to those around us, while we then point the finger of fault on those around us. We are all guilty of pointing the finger of blame, which does nothing but deflect any blame from ourselves, so we then never fix what we need to fix, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

So as we walk yet another Lenten journey, let us do so as Jesus did these next forty days, let us sacrifice as Jesus did for us, as we truly get back in touch with our true feelings, unbury those faults as we work to fix what we need to fix, then we can truly move forward better and stronger and treat each other with respect, to keep our dignity, showing our true love for each other, then we can walk confidently on our paths, through this journey of life.

” Lets walk this journey of lent and sacrifice as Jesus did for us, to be better and stronger moving forward”

” Faults can only be fixed when we stay true to who we are, without burying them like they are nothing but dirty laundry”

” The journey of lent is a forty day journey, to get back to who we truly are, to become better and stronger moving forward”

” Our issues do not have to define us on our paths, they should help us to be better and stronger moving forward”

The Journey through the Advent season.

The Advent is for all Christians to ready themselves for the coming of Jesus Christ, it is a season that lasts four weeks, with the fifth week being Christ (Christmas day).

There are a lot of others who have different faiths and that is totally okay, cause God don’t discriminate as they take different paths of their journeys of life, we are all on a journey in our lives, the paths we take may be different, but the journey is the same, God looks at all of us as equals and never judges who you are, this is only done by we the people of God’s creation.

The season of Advent is a four week journey, with the fifth week being Christmas day and the birth of Jesus Christ, the first week or station on the Advent Wreath is Hope, without Hope all things seem lost, Hope is what gives us the drive to walk our paths of our journey of life, when we have hope then anything that comes to us on our paths is possible.

The second week or station on the Advent wreath is Faith, hope and faith go hand in hand as they both feed off of each other, you can’t have hope without faith, as you can’t have faith without hope, Faith is the belief with all your heart that anything is possible, just as you have faith in yourself, you can also have faith in your favorite sports team, this same faith is also our faith in God and Jesus, with the belief they are real and guide us to the path of righteousness, for all of us to be happy with peace along our Journeys.

The third week or station on the Advent wreath is Rejoice, this is a time of fasting and a time to repent, so we can ask forgiveness of the Lord, then we can heal and move forward on our paths of our journey of life, in order to be able to achieve this week, we have to have complete faith and hope in the Lord God and for him to be able to forgive us, we must first forgive ourselves, we all sin and to forgive is the hardest thing we will ever do, with complete faith and hope in the Lord God, we then can unload our sins, have forgiveness of ourselves as well as others, then as Jesus comes to us on Christmas day, we can rejoice and be filled with happiness.

The fourth week or the station on the Advent wreath is Love, this week is so crucial to all of us, walking our paths along our journey of life with happiness and in peace. When we have complete hope and faith in the Lord God and rejoice all our sins, so we can forgive ourselves as well as others, then God will always forgive us and when God forgives us all, that warm feeling within your heart, that is the feeling of love warming your soul from God himself, we all can share this love with each other, but first we have to love ourselves, so we than can spread this love to each other, on our paths along our journey of life.

The fifth week or station on the Advent wreath is Christ, this station is in the center of the wreath, because now we are ready to see the Jesus birth and to accept him in our lives, when Christ is at the center of all our lives, then anything is possible for all of us, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

The season of Advent may be for the Christian faith, as all the other faiths have their way of accepting Christ in their lives, God never discriminates as well as judge anybody, no matter how you accept Christ within you, the message of Hope, Faith, rejoice, Love and Christ is all the same, with each Faith having their own way of accepting Christ is fine with God, as we all have that warm feeling within us, which is Christ’s love filling our hearts, so we than can share this love with each other, when we love ourselves and share this love with others, all our paths along this journey of life, will be in happiness and peace always.

” Hope, Faith, rejoice love and Christ are all within us, we just have to accept and share with all throughout our journey”

” God always forgives no matter who you are, we as Humans only struggle with forgiveness because we lack the hope, faith, rejoice and love”