That was a Whale of a “tale”………….

         This journey of life for so many of us, is such a collector of many Tale’s and a lot of them over the years, get added on to little by little. Just like when a Fisherman catches a fish out at Sea, then when he returns to port the same fish he caught is a bit bigger, then as the story gets told time and time again it becomes even bigger, than the actual fish that was caught.

We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, we experience many things along the way, with these experiences comes many tales that we tell, most being true, some being made up, they usually start out in fact, then over time they go from truth to fiction, with what used to be a small story, to something full of drama, bigger than it once was, so we all can seem to each other bigger than we really are. This has been going on since before I can remember and throughout this drama ridden Society, it goes on further everywhere you turn.

We are all guilty of painting this picture of ourselves towards others, much brighter than the actual colors themselves, when we do this we don’t realize that we are becoming some one we truly are not, then find out that we can’t even live up to our own expectations. As we struggle to live up to our own expectations, we then become lost within the clouds of our judgements and everything in front of us becomes out of focus, when we make mistakes we then don’t own up to them and try to sweep them under the rug, before anybody notices them. While we struggle with our own expectations and others around us are living up to theirs, we then try to bring them down, to keep them from moving forward further than ourselves and left behind. We spread false rumors just to make it seems like others around us are doing it wrong and we ourselves are right in all we do? You see this a lot in sports also, when one team is always winning and the teams can’t beat them, they then spread false rumors, just to make it like they are cheating the system within that sport. If we only walked our paths along this journey of life in peace, without stretching the facts out to be bigger than they are, just maybe we all could be much happier and enjoy this journey everyday we wake up, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward together, instead of being against each other, causing great friction between us.

” We all have struggles in life, it is how we deal with them that keeps us moving forward in life”

” A tall tale starts out small, then over time becomes much bigger than it really is”

Last walk along the lighted path, where it goes no one knows.

Dock            The deep blue color of where the sky meets the ocean, looks like they flow smoothly into each other. The shapes of the clouds look so cool and mesmerizes us into a fog. The cloud in the middle is kind of like an opening to a tunnel, if you look closely on the right side of the opening, could this be Jesus welcoming us through the Pearly Gates? You see what is a slight impression of a face and with this lighted walk that looks like it is headed into the tunnel, just maybe this is what the entrance to Heaven is?

Death is a subject that nobody wants to bring up or chat about, but yet as we walk our paths along this journey of life, it is a subject that stares us all in the eyes sooner or later. When death happens to those close to us, whom we love dearly, it becomes a very painful subject for us all, it also brings many tears of sadness as we miss our loved ones dearly, no one wants their loved ones to die and even though we know that the day will come, we never are ready for that day.

There was a time I moved away and had a job at a resort many miles from where I was born and raised, while I was there my Papere passed away. This was a man I had total respect for, I could talk to him comfortably and he always treated me with respect back, I loved him dearly and when he passed, I didn’t have the money to come back home, so I didn’t have the proper closure. When I did come home and walked into the house in which he lived, to see his wife and my mamere, That is when it hit me and I broke down when he wasn’t sitting in his favorite chair and my mamere was there to console me. We never want our loved ones to leave us, we know some day it will come, but we are never ready for it, which it pains us greatly and why we need that proper closure, so we can keep moving forward, as our loved ones would of wanted us to.

When a person dies do they walk this lighted path into the tunnel within the clouds in the sky and where Jesus welcomes us through the Pearly Gates? Nobody can say with 100% certainty, cause if they could, this would mean they have died and came back to walk their path along this journey of life. Nobody truly knows what happens after death, we can speculate, but this is only fiction and not fact. What we do know of death is, for the ones who lose a loved, it is a very painful time to get through,  to which having proper closure is very important for each of us, so we can keep moving forward as our loved ones would of wanted us to.

There are many things that will trip us up on our paths along this journey through life and death of our loved ones is at the top of the list, we all say they are above us looking down on us and with this cool picture, just maybe they truly are? The clouds in the sky have many different shapes and sizes everyday we look at them, with this lighted path that looks like it is headed toward the opening within the sky, definitely gets our minds to wander of something like this. Death is something that will knock us down and hold us down, til we have proper closer and better deal with our pain, yes we all feel this pain deep within our hearts and souls, some may try to hide it from others, as they don’t want to be looked at as weak, but the true weak ones are the ones that don’t deal properly with death itself.

To see this lighted path for what it truly is, with the opening within the clouds in the sky, we have to have complete faith in ourselves and complete faith in Jesus Christ, as he was the one that came and walked his journey with us and taught us just how to get to the path of righteousness. The path of righteousness is the light at the end of a dark tunnel and just maybe this lighted walk way, is truly the end of the path into eternity for all?  We all walk this path along this journey through life, we need to have complete faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, so when we feel any pain deep within us, we can continue to move forward, with the confidence to be better and stronger in all we do.

The path of righteousness comes to all of us when we keep the faith and stay confident, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”

” Clouds may come in all shapes and sizes, but do we truly know why they do, or do we just look at them to interpret their shapes in our own way”

” do we walk a lighted path into a tunnel in the clouds? To have the true answer to this, we have to have complete faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ”

The Dark clouds that circle over this Society………….

           We the People throughout this Society and throughout all of Mankind, are the biggest problem of what this Society is turning into. All the drama and troubles that come before us at the cross roads, along our paths of this journey through life are first and for most, the fault and responsibility of each and every one of us.

” The dark clouds that loom over head, can disappear when we all acknowledge our faults and take responsibility of our actions”

We all dream and want that perfect wedding, we want this so bad that we enter a chapter into our lives, without really knowing of the one we enter it with? This is exactly why the Divorce rate is so high and the days of “til death do you part”, are gone from all our lives. We the People dream of that fairy tale wedding so much, we then become clouded by the dark clouds within our judgements. True that when we meet someone and date each other to learn of each other and as we  get involved in that person, then we think that this is the one? But do we really know the true person deep inside, or is this the fake front they perceive on the exterior? Then instead of basing our judgement of each other on becoming friends first to build a solid foundation in a Friendship, we first base it on is this person good enough in bed to satisfy my needs? A good solid foundation of a relationship, starts first with solid foundation of a friendship, a man and a Woman having a clear judgement, so they can become one with each other, not living with each other so they can look good to those around them, or a feeling they get when they spend the night in the bed with each other. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert entered this chapter of the fairy tale wedding, everybody around them thought they were meant to be? But now as we hear of their Divorce, we learn that one cheated on the other, just for that cheap and brief feeling we get from from the bed that really doesn’t last all that long. We are driven by this short lived feeling within this Society, instead of being driven by our true feelings, that will last for as long as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

This dark cloud that looms over our heads is simply the clouded judgements we make, because we don’t truly understand how do deal with all the issues we face everyday of our journey through life, life will always throw us a curve ball and we will always have these life events that try to throw us off our game, when we don’t handle these events correctly and truly understand why these events have happened? We will never hit the curve ball out of the park, so we than can be on top of our game, nor will these dark clouds of our judgements disappear from above our heads. A lot of times through the darkness of the clouds, we get caught up in the feelings of loneliness, that further our true feelings deeper inside us, then forming these fake feelings so others will think we are okay? When we get too close to others around us, or what we may think as that special person for us? We then enter into a chapter of our lives, that we end up getting out of at a later time in our lives, because we learn later that we have entered the wrong chapter at the wrong time.

We all have our issues, we all suffer through these life events that come to us even when we don’t want them to, but what we don’t do is, fix these events before the black clouds of our judgements, circle over our heads and trap us into becoming someone we truly are not. Then as we enter into a new chapter in our lives with someone who we think is right for us, or anything we may set out to do? We can make better judgements with our true feelings, instead of the fake feelings we portray so we can try to live a happy and healthy life. Marriage between a Man and a Woman is the most beautiful thing we will ever do as we walk our paths of our journey through life. when we enter into this chapter not only will we feel feelings like no other, but we will also live as one “til death do us part”,  then we all can walk our paths of our journey through life in peace and the darkness of the clouds will turn to brightness and happiness.

” The dark cloud that circles above us, will always disappear when we all fix our issues correctly and walk our journey through life being happy and true to ourselves and those around us”

” Dark clouds are not only in the sky above us, they also consume our judgements when we don’t fix our issues correctly and bury our true feelings deep within”

The World in which we live

The World in which we live, if you look at it from the exterior, you will see beauty all around you, the mountains, the oceans, the wildlife running around and enjoying life, all these things and many many more are what brings the beauty to our so precious World, if you see the World from afar and the exterior, yes you can see the beauty, but in order to see the true beauty of our World, you have to see what it holds inside on the interior, see what makes it spin in the blackness of space, the inner beauty of everything is so much more beautiful, then the exterior can ever show you.
With all the crap within our Society today, it is very hard to look at the interior of anything, all the killings, the hatred, all the different views and the people who think their view, is more important than the others, when a mentally deranged Individual takes someones life or the lives of many, the media makes this “breaking news” for a week, or even months? They even say things of the victim/victims and don’t give a chance for the families to grieve and heal properly, just for a story and to make money? The grieving process is different as we all grieve differently, some want to be left alone and we should respect that, but it is hard when all the media outlets are chatting about it, it is this process that heals us, so we can be stronger and better on our paths along our Journey of life.
Yes there are Mentally Distraught Individuals out there, but if we all had true Empathy, we will see that something/someone have aided them to being what they are. you are not born into being what you have become, we all suffer some kind of life event, it is these events that shape us into what we have become, some where or some how something has influenced you, now whether that influence is positive or negitive, will always show as you grow into Society whether you realize it or not, we never want to admit to the bad influences in our lives, cause we don’t want others to view us as “different”, but we are only different cause we did’t turn these negitives into a positive, instead we suppressed them deep inside, to hide our true pain from all that is around us.
Robin Williams took to entertaining us all, so his inner demon wouldn’t show to any of us, all the Terrorists of the World take to inflicting fear on all of us, to hide their true fears from us, while they live in their fantasy World, everything we do within Society and all that happens to us, is so we can learn from it, fix what is wrong and walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace, while being better and stronger, than of Societies past.
The bottom line is, we the people together are responsible for all the crap within our Society, instead of pointing the finger at who the Media tells us to point it at, stop the blame game and simply look into the mirror, look deep within ourselves, fix all the negitive life events that has happened to us, so not only we as an Individual can be at peace, but the whole Society of this World can be at peace, when we do this we will find that all of us, will be better and stronger, as we walk our paths along our Journey of life.

” The World in which we live may seem large, but if we truely look at the interior, we will find it is quite small”

” We all have our troubles within our lives, it is these troubles that are brought to a Society, whether we realize it or not”

Depression an Illness that does not discriminate

Depression is an Illness that does not discriminate, it is an Illness that all of us who walk this Earth can suffer from, it is a Chemical imbalence within our brains, that deep inside our own bodies can hurt with so much pain, it eats us from the inside out.
Depression is the “silent killer”, because those that suffer from it don’t talk about it, Depression also makes you pull back from reality, as well as others around you, it also makes you put up these invisable walls, in order to try to ease the pain, when these walls are in place, you than become absorbed in your own little fantasy world.
Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves when this Depression has it’s hold on us til it’s too late, we try to move forward in our lives, while putting up this fake potrayal of ourselves, so others around us won’t see us in a state of pain, we may smile on the outside, but deep on the inside, we hurt so bad we will try anything to stop the pain.
Depression in today’s Society is not taken as a serious Illness, when you suffer through it, you hide it so others won’t look at you as “Mentally Challenged”, there is nothing wrong mentally, just this chemical imbalence being triggered and making everything you do seem out of balence, this chemical imbalence can happen to anybody from, a leader of a free world, a rock star, a hollywood star, or simply someone that is homeless living on the street, this Illness shows no discrimination and can affect anybody that walks this Earth.
When suffering from this Illness, you want nothing to do with the outside world, cause you don’t want them to see your pain, so you stay within your own little fantasy world and shut yourself off from all that is around you, with Robin Williams he used his Hollyood life to show everybody he was happy, then as he went home to a lonely house, is when the pain of the Illness took it’s toll on him.
Depression is a serious Illness that we all need to take seriously, we need to understand better of the Ilness, so we all can be better and stronger, as we walk our paths along our Journey of life, not just talking for a short time about it, cause one of our most beloved actors/comedians just past from it, I am saying real true communications of the Ilness, not just to understand it better, but those who suffer from it, need to truely trust in others, so they can communicate about the pain, reach down deep inside to pull out this Demon, so they can get back to being truely happy as they walk their paths along their Journey of life.

” Depression is an Illness that does not discriminate, it will affect all of us if we let it”

” Depression is an Illness that makes you shut down from reality, live within your own little fantasy world, to try to ease the pain, it’s time to take it serious and understand it, before it consumes everything about us”

” Depression the silent killer, time to break the silence, so we can stop the killing of this Illness, by communicating openly and having true trust in each other, before the Illness destroyes everything about us”

The Hollywood influence

We in this Society have become all about big Drama, Hollywood with all their TV shows and movies, have steered us in a direction that isn’t a true picture of what reality really is, you can say we have bought into their crap, we have bought in so much that we don’t even realize they are taking our money, just so all in Hollywood can live their plush lifestyles.
There is some good of Hollywood, don’t get me wrong, but the percent is very low, most of Hollywood is just there for us to pay for their exoticness, most of your reality shows isn’t reality at all, it is what Hollywood wants us to believe is reality, we the normal everyday folk, are what reality really is and Hollywood will never write, or make a movie of this, cause it won’t sell and make them money.
Then we have a President of the United States, who thinks the Presidency is all about being a Celebrity, newsflash…… President’s job is alot more than being a Celebrity, it’s a much harder job than you think and if you want to be a Celebrity, go to Hollywood and live in Fantasy World. This is whats wrong with Hollywood and our Society, as we have bought into this Drama and think we all can live like this.
Reality and Drama are two very different things, reality is our lives as we walk our Journey of Life and Drama is something none of us need and does nothing but create a Society of hate and fantasy, We are all guilty of creating some sort of Drama in our everyday lives and if it wasn’t there, our lives would be much better, but the way it is thrown at us by Hollywood, we can’t ignore it so we then proceed to join it, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, this quote is engrained in our brains, even without us realizing it, the way for us to change Hollywood, is to first change ourselves and how we look at everything around us, not just looking at the surface of things, but to really look at whats inside and what makes it tick, this is true for things as well as people around us.
God didn’t create this Planet and all it’s species, to be creating drama and a Society of hate, he created everything to coincide with each other, out of love, so we all can be happy and walk our Journey’s of life with strength, making each Society better along the Journey of Earth. Everything that is happening right now and all the tradgedies, are because God is not happy with us and what we are becoming, these are signs by him, for each of us to change, so his vision of his creation, can once again be a reality of the Planet Earth.

“If you can’t beat them, join them”
“creating drama is a fantasy, living our lives is true reality”