That was a Whale of a “tale”………….

         This journey of life for so many of us, is such a collector of many Tale’s and a lot of them over the years, get added on to little by little. Just like when a Fisherman catches a fish out at Sea, then when he returns to port the same fish he caught is

Last walk along the lighted path, where it goes no one knows.

            The deep blue color of where the sky meets the ocean, looks like they flow smoothly into each other. The shapes of the clouds look so cool and mesmerizes us into a fog. The cloud in the middle is kind of like an opening to a tunnel, if you look closely on the right

The Dark clouds that circle over this Society………….

           We the People throughout this Society and throughout all of Mankind, are the biggest problem of what this Society is turning into. All the drama and troubles that come before us at the cross roads, along our paths of this journey through life are first and for most, the fault and responsibility of each

The World in which we live

The World in which we live, if you look at it from the exterior, you will see beauty all around you, the mountains, the oceans, the wildlife running around and enjoying life, all these things and many many more are what brings the beauty to our so precious World, if you see the World from

Depression an Illness that does not discriminate

Depression is an Illness that does not discriminate, it is an Illness that all of us who walk this Earth can suffer from, it is a Chemical imbalence within our brains, that deep inside our own bodies can hurt with so much pain, it eats us from the inside out. Depression is the “silent killer”,

The Hollywood influence

We in this Society have become all about big Drama, Hollywood with all their TV shows and movies, have steered us in a direction that isn’t a true picture of what reality really is, you can say we have bought into their crap, we have bought in so much that we don’t even realize they

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