A Society in ruin right before our eyes

With all the technology we have today, with all the Social Media sites within our reach and view, you would think we are better off than of Societies of the past? The true answer is, we are worse than all other Societies of the past, simply because we lack true communication and trust.
When you look at the history of Mankind right from the beginning, they did not have all this technology, nor did they even know what social media is? There communication was with each other, not being afraid to do something and making a mistake at first, then correcting that mistake through trial and error, as Mankind evolved through time and became more sophisticated, is when the real troubles began.
We stopped with truely communicating with each other, cause we thought we ourselves were better then the other, when your view didn’t match mine, well then I won’t associate with you which than stopped true communication in it’s tracks.
When you don’t have true communication , now you have a Society of Individuals that are living in their own little fantasy world.
With all the crap we have right here in the United States and throughout the World, only proves that our true communication towards each other is gone, we need to look deep within ourselves, fix all our negitives, so we than can take it into Society, so Society can fix itself of all it’s troubles.
God’s vision of a peaceful Society, was not for us to stop truely communicating with each other, was not about guys like Reggie Jackson and Al Sharpton, to say they are God willing, then play the race card, to get their point across, the race card doesn’t even exsist in God’s peaceful Society, as all of us as Humans are equal, no matter of your color of skin, this is just fuel to the fire by two Individuals trying to play God. The race card is just an excuse to try to put yourself above all others.
There is communication, then there is true communication, with true communication we all work together to fix ourselves, so our Society will fix itself and we all can walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace, while we are better and stronger moving forward.
With all the crap going on in Ferguson, MO. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri state police has a great message and that is of true communication of each other, plus he himself walked through the communities down their as a person and not an officer of the law, to try to instill the trust and confidence of each other once again, we should all listen to him throughout the World and not people out for their own agandas, that do nothing but try to put themselves above everybody else.
We all walk a path, not every path is perfect, we may be in a different part of the World, we may not all look the same, but in the end and with true communication and all of us as Humans working together on our paths, all our Journey’s of life will be in peace, which will help us all be stronger and better moving forward.

” Without true communication, now you have a Society of Individuals, that lack trust of each other and live within their own little fantasy World”

” No matter the color of your skin, where you are from, we all are God’s children, we are all Humans that walk a path along a Journey of life”

The Treasures of our lives as we walk our Journey’s of life

We all dream of one day finding a buried treasure, or maybe winning a lottery jackpot, so we can be rich and everything will be okay?
These things of a treasure and a lottery jackpot are just material, they don’t bring true happiness to our lives and in most cases they bring more sorrow and pain, they may bring short term happiness and a superficial feeling of good, as for a moment we forget about what really troubles us, we fall off the track of what life really means and become someone/something we are not, as we start building this fake reality and start living in a fantasy world, instead of the real world.
As much as we don’t want to admit, these treasures will change us and for the worse if we let it, we become disrespectful towards everything, as we think we can just throw these riches into it and the bad will disappear, we purchase everything we see, cause we always wanted and couldn’t have it before, the only thought we have is, ” I just have to have it”, then before we know it our sudden riches are gone and we are right back to where we were at the beginning of our Journey.
The riches of these treasures would be nice, only if we used them in the right way, a way that would keep us on the path of rightousness, throughout our Journey of life, this is the path to true happiness in all our lives, a path that not only gives us a good feeling, but also the confidence to be better and stronger along our Journey.
The real and true treasure of all our lives, is acknowledgeing the feeling of God deep within our hearts and our souls, with this feeling we all feel and when we truely acknowledge it, it won’t only help ourselves be better and stronger, but also help others around us and within our Society as well, can you imagine if we all in this Society acknowledge this feeling of God, deep within our hearts and souls? All this crap we have throughout the World will cease to exsist, we all would be free to travel anywhere on this Planet, without having the fear to do so as we do now, the true treasures of all our lives, lies deep within our hearts and souls, it is the feeling of God and when we acknowledge this feeling, it is the most powerful feeling we will ever feel, a feeling that keeps us strong with confidence, so we can walk our path of rightousness, along our Journey of life and a feeling that will make us feel richer, than any material treasure can makes us feel, a treasure we find is only a material thing, a treasure we feel deep within our hearts and souls, is a true treasure we all have already inside us, we just have to acknowledge it and unleash it’s true power.

” A treasure we find is only a material thing, a treasure we feel deep within our hearts and souls is the true treasure to happiness for all”

” A material treasure will change us for the worse, a true treasure deep within our hearts and souls, will only make us better and stronger, to walk our path on our journey of life, with confidence and happiness”