The White Mountain Region of New Hampshire



This is one of the most beautiful notches within the White mountain Region, known as Franconia Notch with some of the best hikes for the adventurous types. Lafayette, Liberty, little Haystack, the Flume, just some of the peaks within this Notch and when high above the tree’s and along the ridge of these mountains, the view will take your breathe away. Looking across to the other mountain which would be to my right as I took this picture, is Cannon mountain, lively with skiing in the winter and mostly known for the old Man of the mountain throughout my lifetime, til a few short years ago and erosion has brought him to his demise,   one of the most viewed landmarks throughout all of New England, he brought many lookers to this beautiful Notch. Now unless you are a Hiker and are hiking this beautiful Notch, the traffic just drives by without really looking deeply into what they see.

Just to the right of center in this picture within this large rock face you see, just below the top, there is a huge rock, visible to those who walk along the ridge above the tree’s, this rock is hanging almost like by a thread and it has been like this as long as I can remember, well……. if this rock someday falls as the face of the Old man of the mountain did, it would go down it’s peak, across the road below and up Cannon mountain and whatever is in its way, it will simply run it over as it is that big.  Hiking through this Notch and accomplishing each Summit, there is no better feeling in the World, especially hiking up mount Lafayette, i can remember about five false summits, every time I thought the summit was in sight and when I got to that location, there was another to reach, but even through all that the view from the summit was better than the word of ” awesome”, if you reached the summit and it was a beautiful sunny day with blue clear skies, you can see as far as your eyes will let you. There is another one of those AMC huts for the weary Hiker to rest and get a good meal, this is the Green leaf hut and when you get there, get settled in and go outside to sit on a rock, look at the scene before you, there is no better way to unwind from a days hike, let alone to clear your mind from being weary, to totally relaxed before you know it, again this hut is above the line of tree’s and you can see clearly in all directions, or whatever window you may look out from inside the hut.

Hiking is a good way to clear your mind, from the everyday crap that fills it, from wherever you may live. It is also good exercise that will keep you fit if you do a lot more than one hike a year? Hiking and meditation go hand in hand, as the hike to the summit may be strenuous and weary, but when you reach the summit, now it is time to relax and clear the mind, as meditation will do. When you sit on top of any summit, you gaze deeply into the horizon, while you breathe in and breathe out properly, which then relaxes all your muscles within your body, then you feel a sense of calm over whelm your body, this calmness helps fix yourself from whatever that is troubling you, it makes these troubles seem like they are melting away, then as we start the journey back down the mountain and back to the real World below, it is our memory of this sense of calmness, that helps us keep fixing ourselves from all our troubles, as we then get back to walking our paths of this journey through life, with the rest of Mankind around us.


” Franconis Notch to some may be a road surrounded by mountains, but to others it is a sanctuary away from reality to unwind and relax, while we get mesmerized by its beauty”

” Old Man of the Mountain was a popular man for a long time, but like anything else change comes even when you least expect it”

” Once you go to the White mountains  for the first time, you keep going back to truly look deeply into what you see”

” When you look deeply into what you see, you then see truly of all the beauty that is around you”


That is on big Bird……



This bird is known as a Herring, it is one of the biggest birds I have seen as it stands pretty tall, with a wing span just as big. You notice how it sort of blends in with it’s surroundings, at first glance it kind of looked like one of the tree stumps around it.

As we look at this bird, think about all the different kinds of birds out there, you don’t see them squawking and calling each other a ” Racist”? This is only done by us the Humans within all the other creatures that walk this planet Earth. We the people of this Society are our own worst Enemy, we would rather bicker and fight each other, instead of walking our paths of this journey through life peacefully and happily.

Simply just look at our so called Leaders of this Country, they can’t even have a friendly disagreement, without either fighting with each other, or just clamming up and doing nothing, which then the People of the Country are the ones that really hurt from their disconnect. Then because of all the troubles of our Leaders, we the People see this and continue it throughout the streets, which does nothing but create more drama and chaos around us all. When the life events happen to each of us and yes we all have these events come to us at one point or another, instead of fixing the issues ourselves from the events properly we either do nothing, or we take it to the so called Leaders and try to make them file a bill against whatever the event was that came to you, but what we should of done in the first place is, fix the issue properly ourselves, so we then can continue moving forward stronger and better than before. You also add in the Political Correction throughout this Society and the fact we are afraid to do anything properly, for fear of offending somebody, now you have some pretty ridiculous bills that are trying to be passed by these so called Leaders. With this Political Correction we are all trying to make each other happy, but the reality of it is, we are all sad and hurt very deeply inside our souls. We all should never be afraid to look each other in the eye and tell them straight up the reality of anything, instead of   tip toeing around like we are walking on eggshells. just like a movie quote from A few good men, ” You can’t handle the truth”!!! Hate to say it but in this Society of Political Correction, this quote is right on. Just like within our Leaders of our Government, when they or anyone of us disagrees with our President, now we are a ” Racist”?? Come on now People its time to grow a backbone, fix our issues properly, so we all can get back to walking our paths of this journey through life peacefully and happily.

Just like the bird in this picture, we all belong to a large species, not all the members of the Species are the same, or even look the same, but yet unlike the birds we the People of our Species, do nothing but fight and disrespect each other every chance we get. Why do we keep on doing this to each other, we see that it does nothing but bring more ugliness around us, but yet we just keep on defying each other. The why we do it? Your guess is as good as mine and we all can guess just like we all have an opinion and you know what the saying is to we all have opinions? I think we all should simply just coincide with each other just like the birds around us,  fix our issues properly from the events that may come to us, so we all can walk our paths in peace, then be as happy as a bird singing each and every morning.


” The Herring bird is one big bird, there are bigger birds and they are all part of the beauty of this planet”

” Diversity is all around us it is within the animal kingdom as well as the Human kingdom”

” A true Leader just simply goes about his business, the rest think they can lead but in reality they make everything worse than it was”



Aggression……Hate……….My way or nothing???

            These words of, Aggression, Hate and My way or nothing, are simply that……just words, but these words are learned by all of us within this Society, these words are not part of who we are, from the time of our first breathe here on Earth. These words come to us from somewhere, we learn of them from someone/somewhere? These words are not part of who we are, as God did not create Mankind to be this way. We are the ones that are responsible for these words, now is the time to accept our responsibility, know who we truly are, so we can fix our issues, fix all our mistakes, so we can then walk our paths of this journey of life in peace, while we all share our love of ourselves with each other, instead of stepping on each other, just to make ourselves out to be better then all those around us.

All the drugs within this Society, whether of the illegal or legal kind, have us all medicated to the point, we have lost who we truly are. When you go to the Doctor and today there are some of them, that simply prescribe drugs to you, because they are too lazy, to find out what is truly causing your pain, so they give you a temporary fix to subside your pain, but this pain never goes away and now you are addicted to these drugs, so now you take to the illegal drugs just to keep the pain away? This is one big vicious circle that is spinning way out of control, this also could be the true answer to where we learned to Hate, show aggression towards others and it’s my way or nothing attitudes we have towards each other.

In order to truly fix and know who we are, we need first to get to the root of the problem, so we then can truly fix all our issues, then we can move forward stronger and better than we are now. We can move forward learning to love one another, have more patience of one another and be more open with one another, instead of being aggressive, hateful and it’s my way or nothing attitudes we have now. The journey of life we all travel together, but when we travel it with aggression, hate and my way or nothing attitudes, the journey than becomes a journey we all hate and we all get lost within the clouds of our judgements.

We all walk this journey of life together, the paths we take may be different, but there are no wrong paths, the only wrong part of our paths are, what we learn and take with us along our journey through life. We need to be more responsible and accept that there are bad life Teacher’s out there, who will teach us these words of Hate…aggression…and my way or nothing attitudes, simply because they have learned wrongfully also, this vicious circle has to stop somewhere? This circle has turned us all into someone we truly are not, to stop this circle and break the links of the chain, simply lies on each one of us who walk a path along this journey of life.

” We all learn what we do from somewhere we are not born to hate, show aggression, or simply my way or nothing attitude”

” We all walk this journey of life together, we may take different paths, but we all need to learn the good in each other and not exploit the bad, which does nothing but make this a broken Society”

” To truly fix any issues you first need to get to the root of the issue, then take the corrective action to make it better”

Falling Pine needles on the increase

          The season of Fall….such a beautiful time of year, some may say it is too cold, while others say it is just right. When you venture outside and go trekking through the woods, you then become engulfed in all the true and natural beauty around you, then as the leaves on the tree’s turn colors, now the same beauty can simply take your breathe away.

When you look deeply into this picture and not look just at what is in front of you, you can see that there are more than just people walking their paths along there journey of life, there are also the tree’s and plant life that live and breathe as we do. There are many kinds of plant life that come in abundance of different shapes and sizes, just as we do as Humans throughout Mankind. Then as you can see in the season of Fall, with all the different colors of the leaves, the tree’s go through changes just like we do with the difference being, we as Humans a lot of times, don’t acknowledge and resist  change when it comes before us along our paths.

Now as the leaves from the tree’s turn color and fall to the ground during the season of Fall, every three to four years, the Evergreen tree’s drop all their pine needles in a process called ” Natural Needle Cast”, during this season of Fall 2015, I have noticed an increase of pine needles on the ground with every time I go out with the leaf blower and blow the leaves away. ” Natural Needle Cast”? this is a process I have never heard before, so I researched it and found that not only what this process was, but also found that the tree’s also stress as we do within our lives. ” Environmental Stress”, is what makes the Pine tree’s shed their needles every three to four years and we thought it was only we the people throughout Society, that stress about anything? Environmental Stress is a process throughout Nature and is simply normal, which brings needed change to help the Plant life become stronger and better moving forward, as most of the Stress we bring on to ourselves is not normal, it brings more hurt and pain to our already struggling lives and makes us become someone we are truly not. Life can be hard enough without all this added pressure and stress, the tree’s follow a process and stick to a routine, we as Humans within this Society have no structure and the only thing routine, is the process in which we wake, to get ready for work each and every day. Stress is an invisible thing we let get to us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life, when we better understand of everything around us and why things happen, then there is nothing to stress about, with no stress we all can walk our paths through this journey, peacefully and with much happiness everyday.

” Let the Pine needles fall, as they let out a bit of stress to become better and stronger moving forward”

” Environmental stress brings no pain towards the tree’s and plant life, only helps them to grow further along their journey through life”

” The season of fall has has much beauty to show us everyday, what we don’t realize is the Environmental stress of the plants and the tree’s, that makes them better and stronger moving forward”

That was a Whale of a “tale”………….

         This journey of life for so many of us, is such a collector of many Tale’s and a lot of them over the years, get added on to little by little. Just like when a Fisherman catches a fish out at Sea, then when he returns to port the same fish he caught is a bit bigger, then as the story gets told time and time again it becomes even bigger, than the actual fish that was caught.

We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, we experience many things along the way, with these experiences comes many tales that we tell, most being true, some being made up, they usually start out in fact, then over time they go from truth to fiction, with what used to be a small story, to something full of drama, bigger than it once was, so we all can seem to each other bigger than we really are. This has been going on since before I can remember and throughout this drama ridden Society, it goes on further everywhere you turn.

We are all guilty of painting this picture of ourselves towards others, much brighter than the actual colors themselves, when we do this we don’t realize that we are becoming some one we truly are not, then find out that we can’t even live up to our own expectations. As we struggle to live up to our own expectations, we then become lost within the clouds of our judgements and everything in front of us becomes out of focus, when we make mistakes we then don’t own up to them and try to sweep them under the rug, before anybody notices them. While we struggle with our own expectations and others around us are living up to theirs, we then try to bring them down, to keep them from moving forward further than ourselves and left behind. We spread false rumors just to make it seems like others around us are doing it wrong and we ourselves are right in all we do? You see this a lot in sports also, when one team is always winning and the teams can’t beat them, they then spread false rumors, just to make it like they are cheating the system within that sport. If we only walked our paths along this journey of life in peace, without stretching the facts out to be bigger than they are, just maybe we all could be much happier and enjoy this journey everyday we wake up, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward together, instead of being against each other, causing great friction between us.

” We all have struggles in life, it is how we deal with them that keeps us moving forward in life”

” A tall tale starts out small, then over time becomes much bigger than it really is”

The Appalachian Trail

          The Appalachian Trail is one rich in history, as well as one of those hidden gems that to most, have no idea it is even there for our hiking adventure.  This Trail depending of whether you go from North to South or, South to North, Starts at Mount Katahdin in Maine and ends at Springer Mountain Georgia. Just a bit over 2100 miles and many States later and now you have succeeded with an accomplishment that nobody no where can ever take from your memory within your brain.

You have heard many people talk about a bucket list, A list that varies from Individual to Individual and a list that we each make up, as we try to accomplish this list as we walk our paths along this journey through life. The Appalachian Trail is high upon my list and has been for much of my journey here on Earth. Everybody has there own reasons for setting out to join the many before them that have Hiked this Trail, the most common reason for most that have Hiked this trail is, ones that have had suffered major trauma or a life event and are in need of finding their true selves once again. This Trail is not for the ordinary Hiker as it will test you in many ways, it builds stamina, character, as well as testing your will to achieve and finish a project that you have started. There have been a lot through the years that have set out on this Trail, only to not finish, as there also have been even more that have started and finished this journey of the Appalachian Trail.

This journey of the Appalachian Trail is more than just the journey itself, it takes a lot of planning even before you start the first steps along this trail, setting up drop spots for supplies as you can’t carry everything you need all at once, only because the Backpack would be too heavy and slow you down greatly each day, this journey takes approximately six months and that is if your only Hiking it in one direction, than you have too have a plan set up in advance to find a way back to the starting point. You have to plan for the weather also, as the Winter months in the North brings a big obstacle to over come, not to mention other weather events like heavy rain that will make each step you take as slippery as walking on ice in the Mountains of the North in New England. There may seem like a lot of planning ahead before you even start the hike, but once you have it all in place, it makes for a great journey and one you will never forget.

This journey of the Appalachian Trail is one that will test you in many ways, it is a journey full of serenity and peacefulness as well. This journey will definitely give you plenty of time to think and help you truly find of who you really are, some have taken to this Trail and kept a journal of their daily activities, then have turned it into a book and became an Author, which set them off and running along a new path along their journey of life, as what they thought they were doing before this journey was what they thought they were meant to do? This is what this Trail will truly do as you accomplish one step at a time. There is a lot of good books written from past Hikers of this Trail and no better to learn of this Trail, from someone that has really hiked it from start to finish. We all walk a journey through life, but this Trail from Maine to Georgia is truly a journey within the journey, as we all become stubborn and set in our ways, or suffer through a major trauma or a life event, this Trail will most definitely help you find the true person deep inside each of us, as it will change you into someone that actually cares and shows empathy for all that is around you, which is something within this Society we are all guilty of getting away from.   This journey of the Appalachian Trail is different from the journey of life, as the paths we take through life, are also different from the paths we take along this Appalachian Trail.

” The paths of the Appalachian Trail may not be the same as the paths through the journey of life, but they will help us find who we truly are along our journey through life”

” The accomplishment of the Appalachian Trail is like no other accomplishment we will ever achieve throughout our journey of life”

” One step at a time is what you do along the Appalachian Trail, the same we do through the paths of our journey of life”

Who are we truly measuring up too…………..

Creek ” The stream simply flows with no worries or cares nothing of what anything around it thinks, unlike we throughout Society that put up a front to show all is good, even when we are struggling”

The pressures within life is nothing new for any of us from one Society to another, only within today’s Society with Social Media do we get stomped on by life’s pressures. You add in the life events that happen to us throughout our journey of life, now you have a lot of hidden pressure for which we all struggle with everyday of our existence.

A Child growing up has not found their path within their journey of life, they simply are a sponge soaking in everything around them. Sometimes what a Child soaks in is all good, sometimes it is all bad, but most of the time it is a combination of both. A Child doesn’t know what the difference between right and wrong is? They learn this as they grow, a lot of times they learn the difference after some events have already happened, so now they live with a lot unnecessary pressure, that they don’t know truly of how to deal with it.

When things happen to us at a young age, we simply bury these things deep within, cause we are afraid to reach out for help when we truly need it, instead we try to move forward like there is nothing wrong? We also try to over achieve at everything we do, to simply make it like we are living up to what others expect from us? But are we truly trying to live up to others expectations, or are we just trying to simply live as others around us are living? If only we lived in a perfect World with no life events happening, we to could flow with no worries, like the stream in this picture.

When a life event happens to us and we try to suppress it deep within our core, all it truly does is fill us with much shame and guilt without any way of getting rid of it, or should I say any way for us to truly reach out for help, cause we don’t understand the reason of why this happened at all? When ever we suppress anything deep within our core, we lose a huge chunk of who we truly are, we become clouded in our own judgments, we get lost among the many others that are hiding deep within themselves also. Who ever that crosses our paths and that seems like they are living the good life? They truly are not and are also hiding deep within themselves, it is only when we learn to reach out for help the proper way, that we can finally undo all the suppression, finally forgive ourselves for not reaching out sooner and it is when we forgive ourselves that helps the pain from the events go away, Nobody lives in a perfect World, we all have our struggles, we all suffer some kind of an event? When we do struggle we then put to much pressure on ourselves, which we then get engulfed in over achieving, in order to look as normal as we possibly can. Within today’s Society and through Social Media these pressures of life become times 1,000, cause now we get bombarded from all angles and for some, these pressures become so great that we then think of an end game and we all know what that is?

We all go through these life events, we all struggle at times within our lives, instead of trying to hide within ourselves, just maybe we all should just simply flow within life like the stream in an open prairie,   As a Child when we soak everything in, just maybe we could soak in of how to forgive ourselves more, so we don’t have to try to live up to anything, or maybe get lost within the clouds of our judgements, life isn’t as easy for anybody even if they make it seem to be easy, we all have to learn to adapt to everything around us, or whatever that may cross our paths, We simply have to learn to adjust, learn to reach out for help instead of living with shame and guilt, so we can truly walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while we all become stronger and better moving forward.

” When life’s pressures seem to over come you, learn to reach out for help instead of suppressing things, to make ourselves seem to be issue free from all others”

” Life events will bring shame and guilt to our lives, we need to better understand this so we can forgive ourselves more, to rid all the shame and guilt from our lives”

” Life along our journeys comes with much pressure, we need to learn better of how to understand these pressures, so we can deal better with our lives along this journey”

Change is everywhere along the journey of life

“Change is everywhere around you and nothing ever stays the same, you just have to adjust to it in order to have change go as smooth as possible?.

We as Humans go through many changes from the time of our first breathe here on Earth to our last breathe, some change comes real easy and smooth, while some change comes with much resistance and more pain then we know how too handle it. Our bodies go through much change like, we grow taller, or maybe a bit more plump or skinny, our hair goes from our natural color, to a grey or silver color as we get older and some may lose their hair all together. Our blood may get thinner as we grow old, not too mention the other internal changes of our bodies, our voices will change also as we grow older, then there is the natural changes to our appearance, or the changes we do to our appearance as we go to the gym and bulk up with larger muscle mass, As we change throughout our lives along this journey of life, so does everything else around us as well.

The Tree’s in this picture go through many changes also like we do as Human Beings, They start out as a little seedling and grow quite big, depending on the kind of tree. The green leaves on the branches of the tree’s change colors depending on the kind of tree, or even which season we are in, during the fall months these tree’s exhale, which turns the leaves a bright vibrant color, til the leaves fall to the ground as the tree gets ready for the winter months. then in the winter the tree becomes bare during the cold dark days of winter, as the spring months come, these same tree’s inhale and grow more buds on their branches, which grows more green leaves for the warmer months to come. Tree’s come in all shapes and sizes, the leaves change colors depending on the seasons we enter, With the different shapes and sizes of the tree’s and the colors of their leaves, shows us the change they go through throughout our journey’s along our paths we walk.

The deep blue color of the sky in this picture, shows us, just how beautiful all is beneath the sky. It brings out the color of the green tree’s, not too mention the rays of sunlight beaming down upon us, The sky also comes with different colors depending if the sky is angry or happy? When the sky is angry it gets filled with clouds and turns the color to dark grey, depending just how angry it is? The clouds themselves also come in different shapes, sizes, or colors, as these clouds become filled with moisture, then drop raindrops upon our heads. When the sky is full of clouds and dropping raindrops upon us, now you have we as Humans becoming gloomy or depressed, which is another change we go through with all the other changes we go through.

With all these changes to ourselves and all that is around us, it is very easy to overlook change and become lost along our paths of our journey through life. We need to better understand these changes, so we can adjust to and except these changes as they come to us along our paths. Now sometimes these changes will come to us unexpectedly and from another along our journey through life, but when we have faith in and are confident in ourselves, understand better of the change that is happening, then change won’t be so hard for us as we walk our paths. Just as the change in the seasons happen smoothly year after year for all the tree’s around us, then real change can go smoothly for us as well, as we walk our paths along our journey through life.

” the four seasons change the Tree’s around us smoothly and with beauty So can change to us as Humans go smoothly, with no resistance, as we adapt moving forward along our journey through life”

” Change happens in many ways whether internal or external, change does not have to be hard as we except and adjust to all the changes that may come to us

” the sky is blue and the tree’s are green, showing us true happiness throughout the different changes, when the sky is grey and soaking the tree”s with water, makes for difficult change through anger, as all sways in the wind with chaos and disarray”

Trekking through the Wilderness and exploring what we normally don’t see

          Throughout our Society of today and as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we all get caught up in the everyday living, the going to work to earn money needed, in order to provide for ourselves and our families, we also get caught into our comfort zones to try to stay safe, without any unnecessary harm coming to us. When we are in these comfort zones we don’t look at what is all around us, as we only see what we want to see, without exploring and learning more so we can be better and stronger along this journey through life.

Trekking through the Wilderness will get us outdoors to explore and see what is around us within places we normally wouldn’t go, We totally see that there is a beautiful side to our journey through life, instead of the grind of work to make ends meet, we also find it relaxing to get outside and see the true beauty of the Wilderness and all the different kinds of animal life, as well as all the different varieties of plant life, that we don’t see within the thickly settled civilization in which we live. The great outdoors is also a way for us to take a deep breathe of the clean fresh air, without all the smog of the city life in our everyday lives,

We throughout Mankind are explorers and exploring is what we have done through many years from the start of our existence, without the exploring than our lives become dull and ordinary, we don’t learn and understand new things, so we can become better and stronger along our paths of our journey through life. We don’t have to go hike up any big mountains, just a simple nature trek along some little trail that we would never of even known it was there, unless we go explore it. When we trek through the Wilderness not only does it relax and let us breathe in clean fresh air, it also gets us in touch with our other senses that we forget we have, living within our comfort zones of our everyday living. Some may not like the idea of doing something new and different but this is how we grow in our lives, this is how we better understand everything around us and this is how we learn of everything around us.

A trail like this one in the picture you can see has a dense amount of plant life, some of these plants we never see in our everyday lives, which makes it fun to learn of them so we can have fun along this trail, this trail will also hold something different at every turn along our way through it, just as our path we take through this journey of life. While we walk along this trail the other sense we take for granted, is our keen sense of hearing, as the quietness of the trail, has us hear everything that is around us, like the beautiful sound of the Birds chirping and singing through their lives, as they to walk or fly their paths along their journey through life. There are many paths through the journey of life and for us the fun part is exploring them, so we can learn to be better and stronger, while we step outside our comfort zones, to truly be who we really are and that is an explorer, like the many before us throughout mankind.

” To step outside our comfort zone may be hard for some to do, but when we do it we find that there is a lot more beauty around us, than we thought there ever was”

” In the beginning of Mankind we were all explorers, we still are just that we have gotten away from it and stopped  learning of whats around us, so we can truly be who we are”

” Comfort zones keep us from any harm that may come to us, but we do need to step outside them to be better and stronger as we walk our paths of this journey through life and truly be who we are”

A hardened exterior covers a softer, brittle interior.

         Each path through the journey of life, may be similar in where they bring us, but they are very different in what each holds for us, as we walk through along this journey of life. Each path has it’s struggles and has us at times taking the round about way, instead of the direct and quicker route, they also have us twisting and turning as well, with the many hurdles and life events that come before us on these paths, it is the life events that come to us and most of them are brought on by others, that have us forming this hardened exterior, which then has us forgetting about the softer and more brittle interior.

When the events come to us, they also bring us great pain and forces us to do anything in order to rid ourselves of this pain. we try to move forward but the pain becomes so great, that we forget our true selves, bury deep within who we truly are, form this hardened shell around us, which hides our true identity and protects us from further harm that may bring more pain. We may not look like this rock in the picture, but this rock is exactly what we would look like, if the hardened shell we put up around us, was visible to each of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

There are some who will come to us along our paths and shame us in many ways, without showing any empathy or remorse for who they are shaming and when they are finished shaming one, they than move on to the next victim in which to shame. We all in one way or another have been shamed and victimized at some point throughout this journey, It’s when the victim is of a young child, now you may be looking at a whole lifetime of heart-ache and pain, for which the hardened shell, really hides the softer more brittle side that is deep within each of us. Sometimes that young child gets taken from us, as they then are not aware of any kind of shell or anything around them. Just like Martin Richards, who was 8 years old and taken from us way too early, by two sick Individuals that wanted nothing but create fear all around us, at a happy celebration of the Boston Marathon. Then there is little Bella Bond, taken from us by her very own Mom and her Boyfriend? First she was beaten, tortured and ridiculed, before her demise and dropped in the ocean by her mom and boyfriend.  From the acts of these Deranged Individuals you now have two young victims, stripped of their lives and the chance to grow in their lives like you and me throughout Society, The sad thing is, the fact there are many more children like them and a whole lot more living with the pain from the abuse they are receiving which has a huge part of Society with a hardened exterior, without being in touch with their softer more brittle side. Unfortunately these victims suffer through their lives, cause they don’t reach out in their time of need, but the shame of the event makes it harder to reach out, for which they never are relieved of the pain, which forms the hardened exterior, that covers up the true person within us all.

” A hardened exterior is not just seen and felt on the rock, it is also seen and felt on each of us, at different times along our journey”

” We may not look like a rock, but we put forth the same hardened exterior at one point or another, within our lives along our journey of life”