In Death comes an ending to this journey of life……..

” In Death may sound really permanent, but how do we really know, until the day the journey ends”                What a beautiful Funeral for A great man in George HW Bush, he may of been our President for only one term, but he truly made that term count, with his actions throughout that entire term. A man from the ” Greatest Generation”, a generation that we of today owe a huge debt of gratitude to, simply because, they fought the good fight, so we today wouldn’t have to, plus………….. They fought the good fight, so we of today can be free to do all we do, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.                   What President Bush brought more of to the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was, Faith. The Faith in God our father, as well as Jesus Christ his son and our brother. He and his wife Barbara together brought love, respect, dignity, honor, class and the fact of them being good Human beings that, never became to big and always cared deeply for all those around them. President George HW Bush was as solid as they come, he knew just how to be stern, but yet do it in a way that, he never came across as stern, he knew just of how to motivate those around him and never once has anybody ever had an ounce of madness toward him. Now irregardless of which side of the aisle you were from him, he didn’t care, as he had a great gift that brought people to the table in comprimize, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward.                        Death is that something that scares us all deeply, as we will always have a fear for the unknown. Death is that thing we think of as dark, but is it really dark? Or is it really full of the brightest light, just we as Humans making it dark with our fear. We look at Death as being permanent, but just how permanent is it really? As with the Faith in God our father, then truly there is a Heaven, so we than can walk in the valley of heaven in the peace and happiness, that we miss so dearly here on Earth, throughout this journey of life. Our souls rise to Heaven, with our bodies staying put within the coffin, this is where the eternal life comes, that Jesus talks to us about, when he came and walked this journey here with us.                       With the beautiful funeral of our beloved President Bush come to a close, may the beauty never leave us moving forward, as our beloved President being finally at peace, may his family finally be at peace also, while they grieve properly, not just of the father they just lost, but for their mother, just a few short months ago also. Death will eventually come to us all, which makes it even that much more important, to walk this journey correctly, so we have no regrets and no sins, from asking for God to forgive us, as we forgive ourselves from all wrongs.  ” Is death really an ending, or do we simply fear it so, that it seems so cold and dark”  ” President Bush 41 was a great man for us all to follow and have him become a role model to us all” 

Annunciation………. Go out and announce to all around you

          There used to be four churches within my area, now they have down sized to two churches and the new name of the church is, ” Annunciation Parish”. I actually like the new name and what the word Annunciation really stands for, it truly means to go out and announce to those around you, of the new beginning and another chance to be better and stronger, moving forward on our paths of our journey of life.

With this merger of the four churches comes a lot of pain and sadness, as two of the four churches had to close, which leads to the congregation of these churches who spent their lives worshiping and praying at those churches, not too mention being baptized, first Communions, conformations,being married and even celebrating a life being taken from us at these churches, there are a lot of lives and journey’s of those lives that are being changed as we speak right now, the pain and the sadness are at the for front within these congregations, but if we all together as a community and as a new congregation of the Annunciation Parish can work together, we can see past what we look at as an ending and truly see that we are blessed by God himself,  to truly start a new beginning and announce to the Community and the World, that we can start a new, to be better and stronger a long our paths of our journey of life.

Everything around us in our lives, including we the people of Mankind go through many changes as we walk our journey”s, some of these changes are simple and easy to adapt to, but there are many changes that come with much pain and sadness, the magic word to us all is ” adapt”, when we adapt correctly these changes, then the sadness and pain will flow into healthy and happy. Healthy doesn’t just mean being in good physical condition, being healthy in our minds brings goodness and the ability to share this goodness to all those around you, when we are healthy in our minds, body and soul, than the sadness will go away and turn to much happiness, which helps us share this happiness with all those around us. The new Annunciation Parish is a chance for all within it’s new Congregation, to announce to all within the Community and the World, that even in sadness with what we see as an ending, there truly can be a new beginning and a chance to be better and stronger as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

The formation of Annunciation Parish is a chance for the new Congregation, to go out and Announce to the Community and the World, that even through the sadness and the pain of an ending, can come healthy and happiness of a new beginning. There will be many endings as well as many beginnings a long our journey”s of life, when we approach them with true healthiness and happiness, we can adapt to them and be better and stronger no matter what may cross our paths, may the Peace of God be with all at the new Annunciation Parish and may the new Congregation, truly go out and announce to the Community and the World, that through the sadness and pain of an ending, can come good health and happiness to all, so they can be better and stronger a long their paths of their journey of life.

” Within all the endings we encounter in life there always comes a new beginning, we just have to look deep within ourselves to truly see this new beginning”

” Annunciation is another way of saying, go out and announce to all those around you, the true beauty that is around us”

” May the peace of God be with Annunciation Parish and may they all announce to the Community and the World, the good and the true spirit of Jesus Christ”

To look forward as we see the new beginning from what we think is an ending…

                         ” What we see as an ending, is really a new beginning, we just don’t see it at the time”

You see in this picture the different changes within it, the what seems to be lifeless trees in the background, yet the vibrant bright green color of the tree in the foreground making this picture look a bit three dimensional? To some they may overlook this at first glance, yet to others it will be clear as day, everything around us including we ourselves, will go through many changes, these changes will always bring an ending that we need to accept and acknowledge, so we can truly see them as a new beginning and begin a new path along our journey through life we all walk together.

God puts forth these changes to us in the form of an ending, so we can truly see the new beginning, to truly be stronger and better along our paths of our journey through life. God also puts everything in our lives at play here, even the churches in which we frequent, to pray and ask for his forgiveness. Each one of these churches with their congregation, will go through these changes cause it brings us closer to God, so we can find and have complete Faith in him, the power of this Faith is much greater than we really know, cause we don’t truly acknowledge it and feel it within us. The power of Faith is within us all, just as God’s love for us is within our hearts always, God doesn’t put forth these changes to us to punish us, he only does so to make us better and stronger moving forward.

True when a church is forced to close, there then comes much pain, grief and sadness. These churches have become great inspirations to us all, we have been Baptized, made first communions, been confirmed and even married at our churches, we even come to celebrate a life that has been taken from us within these churches, these churches have been a huge part of our lives and who we have become as we grow into this Society, that unless we look deeply into what we see, we will never see that ” from all endings, will always come a new beginning”, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while we all become better and stronger moving forward.

There is no textbook for us to study about walking a path along this journey of life, like we study our textbooks in our schools, the only book we have to look at is the “Holy Bible”, a lot of us just simply don’t take the time to read it, so we can understand better this journey through life, instead we make up our own version of this journey and then let ourselves feel the wrong feelings, which does nothing but bring us more pain than we really need to feel, Jesus didn’t come to us and form his disciples, just so we could do things against what he taught us along his journey, Jesus came to us to teach the goodness of the true path of righteousness to his Disciples, which they in turn spread their knowledge to us, as well as the love of Jesus Christ to all of us who walk their paths along this journey of life. During the time of the journey of Jesus Christ, they didn’t have many places of worship like we do today, they had one to which we all had to travel to, in order to seek his help in forgiveness, but what we tend to forget even back then was, the power of prayer and faith which is always there for each of us, no matter where you are along your journey, the power of this Faith and Prayer is within each of us, we just have to feel it within us to unleash it’s true power, then as we feel it’s true power, we all can walk our paths in peace, as our journey through life becomes better and we become stronger.

” there is only one true book of this journey through life, it is known to us all as the Holy Bible and we all need to take the time to read it and understand better the journey of life”

” change is always difficult but when done correctly will always help us be better and stronger”

“Everything around us may close at some point, but never see it as an ending, always look at it as a new beginning”

The Journey we walk throughout our lives

The Journey we walk throughout life can be whatever we as Individuals make of it?
Each of our Journey’s start from birth. they end who knows? nor do we know what happens at the end, some argue we go into after-life? other’s may argue we just lay in state within our wooden box? Some say we go to Heaven and meet God, to become a Saint? There is no concrete evidence to what happens at the end, but with true faith and hope. the end isn’t just an ending, it is the start of a new beginning.
When we all start out our Journey’s, we find there are many paths to chose from, but what we don’t know are the unknowns and where these paths take us? it is okay to fear the unknown, as long as you never let the unknown fear control your destiny, or who you become.
With all these many paths in which to chose, there are also many elements for us to explore, these elements help shape us into an Individual and keeps us strong, as we get better on walking our path.
These paths have many ups and downs, we meet many other Humans along these paths and as we learn of everything/everything around us, it can get a little overwhelming, to which we then get lost in these fears, lost in our direction and lost in how we percieve all that is around us.
Perception is a huge part of everything we do as Humans, as we walk a path along our Journey of life. This perception is alot deeper, than just looking in front of you, as you put one foot in front of the other, each one of us can look at one thing and have many different perceptions of what we just looked at, this is the real true beauty of God when he created us and shows how true beauty is within each one of us and is felt within our hearts and souls, never can this beauty be bought, touched, or even exchanged for something better, perception is unique to each of us and is how we grow with strength, while being better along our paths, perception is the way we look at everything around us and should never be pushed on to others as they walk their paths, it is these different perceptions, when seen correctly, that help all of us walk our paths along our Journey’s of life, in peace while we all stay stronger and better without conflict or hatred, which only make our Journey’s harder, when we are in peace, with faith and hope, than there isn’t anything that will stop us on our paths along our Journey’s of life.

” The Journey we walk in life, may have hurdles to conquer, but with faith and hope anything can be conquered”

” We may get lost along our Journey’s from time to time, but with true faith and hope, we will always find our way and unlock our GPS deep within our hearts and souls”

” The end is not really the ending of anything, it is the start of a new beginning”